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Is It Legal to Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

Online lottery has attracted millions worldwide. It offers many advantages to players, including a better game selection and the chance to play from any location. But before you buy tickets, you need to confirm it’s legal to perform these transactions online.

The lottery legality varies on location. Depending on the country, it could be 100% legal, available in only some areas, or outlawed completely. Our experts designed a detailed guide that will tell you everything about the legality of buying lottery tickets online. Here’s what you should know about playing the lotto over the internet!

In Which Countries Is It Legal to Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

For a long time, the legislation in the United States made selling lotteries online illegal. However, the crucial event occurred in 2011. Up until then, the federal authority required following the 1961 Wire Act for online lotteries. The act considered gambling-related electronic transactions illegal.

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The US Department of Justice revealed that their professional opinion is this only applies to sports betting. Thanks to that, individual states could start legalizing internet lottery sales.

As for other countries, the situation varies significantly. Some outlaw the lottery completely, and that includes online sales. Others have implemented a legal framework that legalizes online lotto, and some countries still don’t have regulations for this type of sales.

Here’s a quick check of countries where the online lottery is legal and popular!

Can I Play Lottery from Other Countries?

If you are from a country that’s not on the list above, we strongly suggest check consulting the local laws. Some countries don’t have a legal framework for online lotteries. Others allow foreign-based lotto sites to offer services to their citizens. It all depends on the location, so it’s best to consult the authorities or law experts in your region before playing the lottery online.

Which States Allow You to Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

Although most states in the US consider lottery legal, purchasing tickets online isn’t available everywhere. Local regulations vary, so you can only buy lottery tickets at offline vendors in some areas. But if you want to purchase Powerball or MegaMillions tickets online, that’s possible in the following states!

States Can You Buy Powerball Online? Can You Buy MegaMillions Online?
New Hampshire Yes Yes
Minnesota Yes Yes
Kentucky Yes Yes
New York No Yes
North Carolina Yes Yes
Georgia Yes Yes
Illinois  Yes Yes
Virginia Yes Yes
Pennsylvania Yes Yes
Michigan Yes Yes
North Dakota Yes Yes
Washington DC Yes Yes
Texas Yes Yes
Oregon Yes Yes
Ohio Yes Yes
New Jersey Yes Yes
Colorado Yes Yes
Arkansas Yes Yes

Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Online from Another State?

US states often change their framework, so the availability of online lotteries might change. Apart from visiting official lotto sites, you can also use the JackPocket app. This app aims to offer a simple way to play the online lottery from multiple US states. It simplifies the purchasing process by gathering several lotteries on a single platform.

Will I Pay Tax if I Win the Lottery Online In Another State?

If you’re a US resident and you win the lottery in another state, that state will deduct both the federal and state tax. So, the location of where you buy your ticket is very important.

While it’s good to try the lottery in other states to increase your chances of winning, it’s also advisable to check all the laws, especially the ones relating to lottery tax payment. You should also note that you’ll pay a different tax rate since you don’t live in the state.

Do Foreigners Pay Tax If They Win A Lottery In The US?

Foreigners are not exempt from the 30% federal tax in the United States after winning the lottery. But, depending on the treaty your home country has with the US, you may be exempt from tax payment.

Countries Exempt from Tax Withholding

Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Finland Denmark Czech Republic
France Germany Hungary
Italy Ireland Iceland
Japan Latvia Lithuania 
Russia Netherlands Luxembourg
Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa
Tunisia Sweden Spain
Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom

Which Countries Have Banned Online Lottery?

It’s worth noting that the online lottery is unregulated in many markets worldwide. That means the operator activities remain in the gray area. On the other hand, some countries are clear about outlawing the internet lottery. Some require a special local license, and others strictly ban this method of playing. Here’s an overview of some countries that banned online lotteries!

Country Note
Belarus Prosecuted
Cyprus Prosecuted
Czech Republic Requires a license
Brazil Requires a license
South Africa All forms
Saudi Arabia All forms
Syria All forms
Iran All forms
Iraq All forms
India Legal in some states
Indonesia All forms
Qatar All forms
Turkey Requires a license
Switzerland Requires a license
Poland Requires a license
USA Legal in some states

Dangers of Buying Tickets on the Internet

Unfortunately, the internet is full of different scams, and the online lottery world isn’t an exception. It’s important to recognize and avoid internet lottery scams, and here are the biggest dangers of purchasing tickets on the web:

  • You pick an unreliable website – This leads to a host of problems, starting from not receiving your prizes if you win them.
  • Your personal and financial information is leaking – It’s a huge danger since you risk someone stealing your funds and even identity theft.
  • Purchasing from an unprotected or a computer filled with viruses – If your device has a virus, you could risk someone intercepting information and stealing your sensitive personal and financial data.

Most Popular Lottery Tickets You Can Buy Online

You can enjoy dozens of lotteries, and it only depends on the games available on the chosen platform. Most internet lotto websites will offer games popular worldwide. Here is the list of lotteries that usually sell the most tickets per draw!

How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online

  • Find the best lottery website in your location – Many great platforms are available, so pick your favorite based on the lottery selection, bonuses, or other factors.
  • Register an account – The signing up process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. After verifying the account, access your profile.
  • Deposit funds – You need funds in your account to purchase lottery tickets. Add them by choosing your preferred deposit method from the available ones.
  • Purchase tickets – Finally, pick from the listed lotteries and buy tickets. You can choose as many tickets as you want. Complete the transaction and wait for the draw to see if you won.

How To Withdraw Lottery Winnings After Playing Online

When you play the lottery online, there are usually different ways to cash out your winnings. Online lottery platforms usually offer a wide range of payment methods. So players only have to choose the one that works best for them.

You can use PayPal, which is the most common since it’s supported in foreign countries. Another option is to connect your debit or credit card to your account, so you can withdraw directly to your bank. Here are some other payment methods you can use to withdraw your winnings.

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • E-wallets
  • Crytocurrency
  • PayPal

No matter the option you pick, you’ll have to pay whatever charges you attract. There’s no ideal payout option, you just have to pick what works for you.

Legal Online Lotteries by Country


Is it legal to sell lottery tickets online?
The legality of purchasing online lottery tickets depends on the laws in your location. Most states and countries consider purchasing lotto tickets over the internet legal.

Who regulates the sales of lottery tickets in the US?
Each state where the lottery is legal has its own lotto organization. That’s how the local governments regulate ticket sales and general lottery operations. For multi-state lottery games, you have joint authorities that help with the regulation.

What is the legal age to buy a lottery ticket?
It depends on the location, but the minimum legal age requirement to purchase a lottery ticket online is usually 18. You need to be at least 18 years old, and most websites will require confirming your identity before purchasing tickets.

Can US citizens buy lottery tickets for other countries?
If you use a legit online platform in your location, you can play lotteries organized in other countries from the United States. However, the framework is quite strict, so not many internet lottery vendors might be available from the USA.

Can non-US residents win the lottery in the US?
Yes, everyone is welcome to play US lotteries. However, non-residents might expect higher tax rates than locals. You might also need to pay double taxes if there are applicable taxes in your home country.

What makes something an illegal lottery?
If the lottery doesn’t have relevant licenses that it can operate in that location, that makes it illegal. Apart from lotteries, lotto vendors can be illegal. You should avoid vendors selling tickets where the lottery is illegal or agents that don’t have the license of that lottery to sell the tickets.

What three elements make the lottery a lottery?
The first element includes the concept of balls and drums that will be used. Depending on the lottery, this could be a single or two-drum matrix. The second element includes the tickets players can purchase to participate in the drawing. Finally, the third element is prizes that the luckiest players will win.

Is it safe to play the online lottery?
It’s 100% safe to play the online lottery if you stick to reputable platforms. You can find recommendations created by our experts on this page. You can rest assured those websites offer a 100% safe environment to play the lotto.

Is the lottery legal in India?
The national government leaves it up to individual states to decide. As a result, you have Indian states where the lottery is legal and that even allow government lotteries. However, some states outlaw all forms of lotto games and gambling.

Can I buy American lottery tickets from outside the US?
Yes, it’s possible to purchase US lottery tickets from abroad. Pick from the best lottery sites available in your location, and you can enjoy major US lotteries from (almost) anywhere.

Is online lottery legal in the USA?
It is legal on the federal level, but it’s up to individual states to decide. As a result, you can only purchase internet lottery tickets legally in certain locations.

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