Best Online Lottery Sites in the UAE 2024

The United Arab Emirates now has a population of over ten million. This country welcomes millions of tourists annually, and they can participate in local raffles with huge prizes. But what about playing the online lottery?

This guide focuses on all details regarding the best online lottery sites in UAE. Apart from listing the platforms, we’ll explain how to choose one that suits your preferences. Our experts also discuss lottery betting, the prize claiming process, and other important areas related to playing this game!

Best Online Lottery Sites in the UAE — Highlights:

  1. Lotto Agent – You’ll love the promotions and bonuses offered.
  2. theLotter – It offers all major European and US lotteries.
  3. WinTrillions – Your best choice for syndicate lottery.
  4. LottoSmile – It has a VIP program for loyal players.
  5. Lottofy – A user-friendly interface is a great option for beginners.
  6. LottoGo – It’s an excellent choice for playing on the go.
  7. – Enjoy lotteries, but also slots, and casino games.
  8. LottoKings – It has a multi-draw option to play multiple sessions in advance.
  9. LottoLand – It has original jackpot promotions for its players.
UAE Lottery Sites

How We Rate the Best Lottery Sites for UAE

First, you can read our full methodology. It’s all about estimating the overall experience a user has when playing on the site. That’s our primary priority when we visit a lottery platform. This is what we pay special attention to when testing the vendors:

  • License and security – The platform should have a valid license to offer gaming services. Apart from encryption and other safety measures, the lotto vendor’s reputation should be at a high level, too.
  • The gaming library – Most platforms will cover major lotteries like Mega Millions and EuroJackpot. We make sure to check all games offered by the vendor.
  • Interface and design – It doesn’t have to be a modern website with advanced graphics. However, its layout should be clean and beginner-friendly. The user should find it easy to use the platform.
  • Play on mobile devices – Is it possible to purchase tickets via a tablet or smartphone? Does the platform have a dedicated app, and does it work smoothly?
  • Customer support – If you have any questions or problems regarding the site, the agents should be at your service.

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Lottery Site in UAE?

You really can’t go wrong when picking any of the websites mentioned in our list. However, it’s imperative to pick the lottery vendor in UAE that suits your preference. Here are some tips that will help you when choosing!

Site Availability

The first thing to confirm is whether the lottery platform is available in the UAE. The specific laws might make some websites inaccessible. So, if you have a lotto vendor in mind, make sure you can register from this country.

How Can You Deposit and Withdraw Funds?

The good news is you can use many methods in the UAE. However, not all lottery vendors offer the same payment options for this country. Some users might prefer prepaid vouchers then credit cards. if you have a preferred payment method, confirm it’s available in this country, and then check whether you can use it on the desired lottery site.

Localized Customer Service

Each website should have reliable customer support. You should be able to get in touch with agents quickly, so live chat is a preferred option. But if you play from the UAE, you might appreciate localized customer service. That includes working hours tailored to this time zone, and even an agent speaking Arabic. You might be more comfortable talking in your native language, which can be vital for explaining and resolving the problem.

Laws in UAE about Online Lottery Sites and Gambling

Islam is the official religion in the United Arab Emirates, and it strictly prohibits gambling. However, that begs the following question – is lottery Halal or Haram?

The local and federal UAE laws both prohibit gambling, as well as its advertising. However, it’s not a secret that you can find many lotteries organized by local providers. These games often offer hefty prizes, including loads of cash and luxury cars. The explanation lies in law exceptions that exist in local regulations.

Exceptions and Warnings

UAE laws allow operators to run lotteries and other competitions within the country’s borders. However, the provider must guarantee they have the funds to pay the promised prizes. Additionally, the rules should be clear.

The public worries about gambling promotion, which is why there are standards for lottery advertisements. That includes that the content needs to be in line with public morals, and the ads mustn’t offend Islamic beliefs or other divine religions.

You won’t find offline lottery tickets everywhere in the UAE. The selling points are usually airports, so tourists are the main target audience for these games. As for online lotteries, it’s possible to use internet vendors to purchase tickets for games organized abroad.

What Are the Online Lottery Betting Options in UAE?

Lotto betting is a unique concept that doesn’t involve buying a ticket for the lotto game. Instead, you wager on the outcome of a particular session. You pick the numbers, and if you guess correctly, you win. Most lottery betting sites offer a similar selection of games and the same odds as for the actual lotto draw.

Here are the two best options available in the UAE:
LottoGoThe platform has a budget-friendly interface, which makes it suitable for beginners. This provider has a simple registration process, and you can even play a special lotto only available to platform users.

Payment Methods to Play Lottery in UAE by Sites

If you want to play the lottery online in the UAE, you’ll appreciate the generous selection of payment methods. All platforms accept Visa and MasterCard, and you’ll also find e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller available. Some websites make sure to include Paysafecard and other prepaid vouchers as payment options.

Lottery siteAccepts Debit and Credit CardsAccepts E-walletsAccepts Prepaid Vouchers

How to Claim Lottery Prizes in UAE

If you play Emirates Loto, you’ll need to complete a claim form to receive the prize. But if you play worldwide lotteries at other online lotto sites, the process depends on how much you win.

Those who win small sums will receive prizes directly to their website account. You’ll find the money in your balance shortly after the draw. But if you win a more generous sum, you need to go through the prize-claiming process. Depending on the platform, you either need to be patient for several weeks or go to the lottery office to claim the prize yourself. The online vendor should inform you about the steps for claiming the reward.

Lottery Tax in UAE

The lottery is tax-free in Dubai. That means you can keep the entire sum you win at local lotteries. However, if you are a non-resident and transfer the win to your home country, check if there are applicable taxes there. You can consult our lotto tax calculator to learn more about various rates.


Those who want to play the lottery in the UAE can purchase tickets for local raffles with generous prizes. There’s also the option of visiting abroad-based lottery sites where you can buy worldwide lotto tickets. You can access these sites via any device, including PCs and portable gadgets like smartphones. It’s imperative to stick to those platforms to remain safe while enjoying lotto games from different continents. Don’t hesitate to pick your favorite lottery vendors and give online lotto a shot!


The local laws prohibit gambling, but there are some exceptions for lotteries and raffles.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to ask for a ticket refund once you purchase a lottery slip.

Yes, non-residents can purchase lottery tickets in UAE.

Mahzooz is a new game for the Emirates Loto game, which is famous in the UAE. You can participate in Grand Weekly, and regular raffle draws.

You want to pick only the best online lottery sites for worldwide lotto games. If you play raffles organized in the UAE, make sure to check the provider’s license first.

Yes, all these three methods have UAE among serviced countries. However, you need to find an online lottery site that accepts your desired currency.

That strictly depends on the lottery site you choose. If there’s no AED as a supported currency, you can expect conversion feed before depositing funds.

The biggest lottery is undoubtedly Mahzooz (Emirates Loto). However, you’ll find that many other games are popular, including US Powerball and other worldwide lotteries.

A single ticket costs AED500, which is around $140.

The law allows running competitions, including raffles, which makes them legal.