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Superena Lotto Review

Superena Lotto is an Italian lottery, and one of the most popular lotto games in this country and beyond. It is famous for offering huge jackpots, but also unfavorable odds of winning them. Our Superena Lotto review focuses on details related to this game and argues whether you should give it a shot. Keep reading to learn more about how to play this lottery from anywhere in the world.

When Did Superena Lotto Start?

Superenna Lotto has a rich history. It has been more than two decades since the first drawing in 1997. However, if you go further back, you will find that this game is a successor of the Enalotto, which has been around since the 1950s. The current organizer purchased the rights for the lotto in 1996 and decided to rebrand it.

The game has great success from day one. Over time, it becomes famous for its huge jackpots, especially for a lottery that isn’t transnational. Superena Lotto went through some format changes, but the current setup has been around for over a decade, and the players seem to like it.

Superena Lotto Rules – How to Play

Participating in Superena Lotto requires you to purchase a ticket. The cost of the ticket is €1, and that hasn’t changed for a while now. The important thing to note is that you can also buy a SuperStar number, which is a bonus feature that costs an extra €0.50. The bonus will increase your lottery winning odds, but also potential prize sums.

Superena Lotto features a main drum with 90 balls and numbers from 1 to 90. When you are purchasing a ticket, you need to pick six numbers in that range. That is your main combination when playing this lottery. During a drawing session, the organizer will draw six main numbers from the drum, as well as a single “Jolly” number. That Jolly number might also grant you some prizes, but you can learn more about that in our jackpot section.

The prizes in Superena Lotto are extremely tempting. If you guess all six numbers in your main combination correctly, you can win a life-changing jackpot. At this moment, the jackpot is at an average of €75 million, with the highest ever prize being over €209 million. The main game has six prize tiers, and other sums are quite tempting, too.

SuperStar Option

If you choose to play the SuperStar feature, you should pick another number from the SuperStar drum. That is a separate drum that also contains balls marked with numbers from 1 to 90. The machine will only draw a single number, and it is vital to note that it could be identical to one of those pulled from the main drum.

The SuperStar feature increases the average jackpot to €77 million, and the biggest sum won was €211 million. The bonus brings eight winning tiers with tempting prizes.

Instant Win

Superena Lotto offers you an additional chance for a prize, and that is the Instant Win option. That feature is not directly related to the drawing, but you play it as soon as you purchase the ticket.

Whether you are buying a ticket online or at your retailers, you will notice a Quadrato Magico (Magix Square) on the slip. The square contains four numbers, and the goal is to match those numbers with your selected main combination (the SuperStar number doesn’t count). If you match all four numbers, you immediately win €25, and the organizer puts the odds for the prize at 1:500.

It is crucial to note that Instant Win doesn’t affect the lottery drawing, whether you are a lucky winner or not.

Who Can Play Superena Lotto?

According to the rules specified on the official website, anyone who is at least 18 years old can take part in Superena Lotto. The game has no other restrictions, which is important for tourists and non-residents. If you are passing through Italy, you can stop by at a local retailer and purchase a lottery ticket. The same applies if you don’t have Italian citizenship. Players of any nationality are eligible to play and win prizes.

What Is the Drawing Time for Superena Lotto?

Superena Lotto offers three drawings weekly, which means you have plenty of chances to win. The default drawing session days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and the drawings are held at 20:00 (8 PM) CET. However, if there is a public holiday or another valid reason, the organizers might change the drawing time or day. That is why it is important to keep up with the information posted on their official website.

You don’t have an option to watch the draws on TV. However, the organizers publish recordings of the draw, and you can watch it online shortly after the drawing sessions are completed.

It is important to note that the deadline for purchasing tickets is 30 minutes before the draw (19:30 or 7:30 PM CET). That gives you plenty of time to buy Superena Lotto tickets and get ready for the draw.

Where Can You Buy Superena Lotto Tickets?

If you have ever played a lottery, you know how this works. You can find one of the 39,000 retailers throughout Italy to purchase a ticket offline. Alternatively, you can also head online and buy a ticket via official or independent websites.

Would you like to try your luck at Superena Lotto now? In that case, click on the “Play” button below to play through our trusted providers. You can also take a look at the vendor list and pick your preferred seller.

What Time Can You Buy Italy SuperEnaLotto Tickets Until?

You can buy the Italy SuperEnalotto tickets until 19:30 CET on the draw day. So you have until 30 minutes before the draw to buy your ticket, choose your lottery numbers, and make your entry into the draw. The ticket sale will continue shortly after the draw. We recommend that you purchase your ticket early to avoid a late rush into the draw.

How to Play Superena Lotto from Outside Italy? Is It Legal?

It is legal to play Superena Lotto from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the official lottery website allows you to purchase tickets via their concierge service. You are eligible to win regardless of your location and nationality.

The important thing to mention is that Superena Lotto requires players to meet the age requirement, which is 18 years old if you are in Italy.  Players younger than that won’t be able to purchase tickets or claim the prizes in case of winning.

What Are the Odds of Winning a Jackpot?

Superena Lotto is famous as a game that offers extremely tempting jackpots, but also incredibly low odds of winning them. If you compare the jackpot odds offered by this lottery to other European games, such as EuroMillions or EuroJackpot, you discover that this lottery offers worse odds than them. However, the grand prize you can win is extremely tempting, which is the reason why people love to play this game, and explore ways on how to win the lottery.

The main Superena Lotto game only contains six prize tiers. The jackpot is at an average amount of €75 million, and it is transitional, which means it rolls over to the next round if not won.

Here is an overview of the entire prize structure with the odds and requirements to win:

PrizeOdds of WinningHow to Win It
Jackpot1: 622,614,6306
€137,956.681: 103,769,1055 + Jolly
€4,313.291: 1,250,2305
€88.851: 11,9074
€11.211: 3273
€4.51: 222

The odds change if you decide to play the Superena Lotto SuperStar feature. To be precise, they don’t change, but the bonus option brings eight additional prize tiers. The average jackpot amount doesn’t vary a lot from the grand prize in the main game.

However, the SuperStar number is an important booster of other prizes. For example, the second prize tier is far bigger with the SuperStar then when only playing the main game.

Here is an overview of the prizes offered when you play the SuperStar feature:

PrizeOdds of WinningHow to Win It (Main + SuperStar Numbers)
Jackpot1: 56,035,316,7006 + 1
€1,595,393.801: 9,339,219,4505 + 1 + Jolly
€1,003,913.271: 112,520,7165 + 1
€34,978.671: 1,071,6264 + 1
€2,715.011: 29,4044 + 1
€1001: 1,9362 + 1
€101: 3031 + 1
€51: 1380 + 1

Please note that we based the sums of prizes listed on the average amount of that prize throughout the history of the game. The actual sums for all tiers might vary significantly depending on the drawing session.

The Biggest Prizes in the History of Superena Lotto

Did you know that the highest prize ever won in a European lottery was given to a player of Superena Lotto? The lucky player bought the ticket in Lombardy and won €209.1 million in August 2019. The highest jackpot awarded to a single player before that was €163.5 million in October 2016.

When it comes to split prizes, a lottery syndicate of winners won €177.7 million in 2010. It was earlier that year when two lucky players split €139 million after purchasing their tickets in Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.

What Are Your Payout Options If You Win at Superena Lotto?

The payout options vary for playing online and purchasing tickets at a local retailer. If you play online, you will receive all prizes up to €5,200 to your lottery account. However, you will need to claim your winnings in person for sums above €5,200. To do that, you should first receive a unique ticket code from the organizer, and you should also take your tax code and ID with you. You can claim a prize up to €52,000 in a dedicated payment center, but winnings above that sum require visiting a SISAL office.

As for purchasing tickets at the local retailer, you can claim up to €520 at any vendor throughout the country, and up to €5,200 at the shop where you bought the ticket. Dedicated payment centers and SISAL offices are in charge of bigger prizes.

The organizer mentions you will receive prizes up to €1 million within 30 days, and sums larger than that 91 days from the drawing.

Are Superena Lotto Winnings Subject to Taxes?

Superena Lotto follows the laws of Italy, which is why local tax laws apply to your winnings. The Italian Government doesn’t tax any lottery winnings up to €500. That means you can head to the local retailer and claim your prize without worrying that you will have to pay a tax.

However, all prizes above €500 come with a 12% tax. It is interesting to note that the Italian Government doubled the taxes in 2017.

Superena Lotto FAQ

What are the most frequently played numbers in Superena Lotto?

There have been more than 3,000 draws of this lottery up until this point. It is interesting to mention that the most frequently drawn number is 85, which was drawn 238 times. Other common numbers are 55, 77, 82, and 90.

As for the least frequent numbers, 60 is at the bottom of the list, as it was drawn only 170 times. Other cold numbers include 5, 18, 50, and 53.

The most common SuperStart number is 49, and the least frequent is 72.

What percentage of sales goes into the prize pool?

According to the official website, 60% of the revenue goes into the prize pool and back to players. That puts this lottery among those that are considered generous to players when it comes to revenue distribution.

How long do you have to claim a prize in Superena Lotto?

The organizer pinpoints that you have 90 days from the drawing date specified on the ticket to claim any prizes that you might have won in that session. You can also check how long after winning the lottery do you get the money.

What is the longest period without a jackpot winner?

From July 2015 to December 2016, it was 67 weeks without anyone winning a jackpot in Superena Lotto. However, the lucky player eventually won €165.5 million, which is quite a tempting sum.

Superena Lotto – Final Thoughts

Superena Lotto is a very addictive game with a transitional jackpot that can raise to amazing sums. It might seem complicated at first, but the truth is that the lottery rules are extremely simple. The game has been around for a long time, and its popularity spreads beyond Italy and to the entire world. That is why you should consider giving it a shot to find out why the lottery has such a large base of regular players!