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9 Lottery Strategies That Work in 2022

For those who are looking for a lottery strategy, it’s important to think of all factors involved in coming up with your plan. Some people resort to their favorite numbers or random generators while others analyze previous drawings and other aspects before making one last decision on what number they want out of any given set.

In this article, the focus is on the most popular lottery strategies. You will also find tips and stories about jackpot winners, and discover approaches that could improve your winning odds.

Lottery Strategies List to Use Before Picking Your Numbers

Know Your Odds When Choosing the Game

An important thing to note is that you should tailor the strategy based on the lottery game you are playing. For example, one approach might be great for Powerball, but another strategy could be better for Euromillions or Megamillions.

Before you plan your strategy for a particular game, you need to know its odds. Let’s get familiar with the main lotteries throughout the world and chances of winning when playing them:

Use Statistics to Your Advantage

Many players believe that analyzing the previous lottery sessions of a lottery game improves odds for the next session. You can only analyze several last drawing sessions, or go back for years to get more reliable data. These are the numbers to pay attention to when analyzing previous draws!

Hot Numbers

Hot numbers are the ones that most frequently appear in the analyzed draws. When it comes to hot numbers, it is all about the current trend. If a number was drawn five times over the last couple of months, you could consider it “hot.”

Apart from the current trend, you can also check out the entire history of the game. That way, you will know which numbers appear the most frequently, and use that to your advantage.

Cold Numbers

Unlike hot numbers, cold numbers involve playing “against the statistics.” Instead of focusing on numbers that appear most frequently, you look for those that are rarely drawn. You can also focus on recent weeks or months, or analyze the entire game’s history.

Overdue Numbers

Overdue numbers are those that haven’t been drawn in a while. The rule is the further you go back in time, the “more overdue” a number is. It is also a way of playing “against the drawn numbers.” But then again, isn’t it fairly probable for a number that hasn’t appeared for a year to finally be drawn this week?

You can also mix and match overdue with cold and hot numbers. It is all about striking the right balance.

When Was the Jackpot Won Last Time?

Here is another statistical data that can help. In some games, jackpots are drawn at fairly regular intervals. For example, every couple of months, a single or two persons get the grand prize.

However, you noticed that it’d been three months since the jackpot was the last time. The law of probability indicates the grand prize might be given in the next drawing session. So, why not try your luck then?

Mix the Numbers

Have you ever seen that a jackpot winner played a “1, 2, 3, 4, 5” combination? The answer is no, and there is a good reason for that. Although each number had the same odds of getting drawn, rules are different for a sequence of numbers. That is why the odds change with every number drawn.

It is also why you should consider mixing the numbers from different groups in every combination. These can be low and high, odd or even, or any other groups you think of for your strategy. It is all about balancing things out on your ticket.

Odd and Even Numbers

It is hard to believe that all six numbers in a lottery draw will be odd. That is why most players choose to play at least a single even number. You can consider mixing various approaches, such as 4 odd + 1 even, or 2 even + 3 odd numbers.

Low and High Numbers

Most players divide low and high numbers by dividing the total number of balls in the drum by two. If you have 50 numbers in the drum, those from a to 25 will be low, and 26 to 50 high.

It is important that you include both low and high numbers evenly. You can also go with 4 + 2, or even 5 + 1 tactic, but it rarely happens that all numbers are low, or all of them are high.

Many players use the total sum as a rule when balancing things out with low and high numbers. In a 6/50 game, take the six middle numbers (23+24+25+26+27+28), and their sum would be 153. That means the acceptable sum of the numbers of your ticket is from 138 to 168 (within 10% of the middle sum). Feel free to adjust the total sum rule to your lottery rules or strategy preferences.

Wheeling System

A wheeling system is a lottery strategy that focuses on using mathematics to increase your chances of winning. Although it is a complex strategy, it is easy to understand and offers a lot of variety. The main advantage of a wheeling system is that it increases the odds of winning prizes in multiple tiers.

Wheeling System

The basic idea is to boost your chances by enhancing the coverage of your desired numbers. For example, if you have a set of lucky numbers that exceed the numbers required for the jackpot, a wheeling system takes care of including all available permutations.

How Does It Work?

A wheeling system involves picking the desired amount of numbers and playing all possible combinations of those numbers. It is up to you to choose the numbers you want to play, as well as their quantity.

For example, you could pick six numbers and mix them into a maximum of 28 combinations. If that seems too much, use an abbreviated approach, or choose a key digit. Let’s explain that below.

Now, let’s say you played the 28 available combinations by mixing six numbers. In a lottery that involves drawing six numbers, all of them will be required for a jackpot. But if you win the jackpot, you will also have 11 combinations for the second-tier prize, and 16 for the third-tier prize.

Those who guess given of six chosen numbers right will have two combinations for the second-tier award, 11 for the third-tier, and 15 for the fourth-tier.

Types of Wheeling Systems

You are free to design a unique wheeling system that will fit your needs. However, lottery players throughout the world use one of these three approaches – full, abbreviated, and key number wheeling system.

Full Wheel System

The idea of this system is to include EVERY potential combination with the chosen numbers. The biggest advantage is that it increases your chances of winning prizes and boosts income if your numbers are drawn. Let’s put it bluntly – you are lucky enough to win a jackpot with this system. Since you got all the numbers right, you will also win second and third-tier awards, and maybe even more.

The downside is that a full wheel might require a bigger number of combinations. If you include 15 numbers in your system, more than 5,000 combinations are necessary to cover them all. The good news is that you can be modest and keep it at nine (84 combinations) or ten numbers (210 combinations).

Abbreviated Wheel System

As the name suggests, this is an approach that reduces the number of combinations required compared to the full wheel. That means playing this system can be more affordable than using the previous strategy. The problem is that you only pick certain combinations, which lowers your chances of a jackpot. For example, you can guess all the numbers, but if you don’t pick the right mixture, the grand prize won’t go in your hands.

It is best to explain the basics of an abbreviated wheel by posting an example. Let’s say that you picked eight numbers for the wheel, and you decided to choose only seven combinations involving those numbers. Including each of the numbers (A-H) in the selected combination EXACTLY five times means that you will have at least a single winning ticket if you guess four numbers right.

Key Digit Wheel System

If you go with a key wheel, you will need to choose a number to include in all potential combinations. For example, let’s say you choose eight numbers (A-H), but you mark them as your key digit.

The key digit will appear in all combinations, and the other numbers will be included 3-4 times. That allows you to play a wheeling system of eight numbers by using only five combinations.

While it is the most affordable wheeling option, it comes with an important downside. If you are aiming for a jackpot, you need to guess the key number right, so choose wisely!

Pick 3 System

A Pick 3 system is a strategy that focuses on using three numbers per combination. The key thing to note here is whether you need to guess the numbers in the right order. If you do, that will increase the potential number of combinations to include. Fortunately, most lotteries don’t require that, which makes a Pick 3 system tempting for those afraid of overinvesting.

The simplest example of the Pick 3 system is going with nine numbers from A to I and applying every possible combination of three numbers. The experts indicate that it could end up costing a lot since it involves hundreds of combinations.

That is why most beginners choose a key digit for the Pick 3 system. Let’s say you have nine numbers from A to I, and your key digit is A. The combinations would be ABC, ABD, ABE, ABF, ABG, ABH, ABI, ACD, ACE, ACF, ACG, ACH, ACI, ADE, ADF, ADG, ADH, ADI, AEF, AEG, AEH, AEI, AFG, AFH, AFI, AGH, AGI, and AHI. That makes 28 combinations, and good chances of winning something if you guess the key digit right.

You can reduce the number of combinations further by choosing two key digits. ABC, ABD, ABE, ABF, ABG, ABH, ABI is a Pick 3 system that involves two key digits and nine numbers.

Pick 4 Strategy

The Pick 4 strategy uses a similar approach to the Pick 3 system. The only difference is that you need to add four numbers in each combination.

Here is a basic example – you pick five numbers for the Pick 4 system. These are numbers A to E, and you can put them in these mixes – ABCD, ABCE, ABDE, ACDE. Assuming the order is not important, you can have a system by playing only four combinations.

It is hard to guess four out of five numbers right, which is why advanced players increase the numbers to include in the Pick 4 system. One of the basic approaches is using digits 0-9 to assign the numbers chosen.

Here, you have 220 possible combinations, which is a lot. That is why people choose one or more key digits.

Take a look at an overview of the Pick 4 strategy when playing with ten numbers, and numbers can repeat but combinations cannot:

Single key digit 84 possible combinations (for example, 1 is always a part of the combination)
Two key digits 108 double mixes (for example, 1 and 2 are always a part of the combination)
Three key digits 18 combinations (for example, 1, 2, and 3 are always a part of the combination)
Two pairs of key digits Combo 9 combinations (for example, you only combine 1 and 2 with 3 and 4)

The number of combinations reduces if the digits cannot repeat themselves in the mixture.

You have plenty of variations to play a Pick 4 system. That is why you can apply some tricks to reduce the number of combinations.

For example, the statistics say that it rarely happens that all four numbers drawn are odd, or all of them are lower than 20. That is why you might add a rule to your Pick 4 strategy. It might be a condition that it least one number should be odd (or even), or that you need to include at least one number over 20. This element requires a bit of luck, but you rely on probability while reducing the number of combinations required to design a strategy.

Pick 5 Strategy

You probably understand the pattern of picking numbers by now. However, let’s also present the Pick 5 strategy because many popular lottery games, such as Powerball and EuroMillions, require guessing five numbers in the main drum.

Since this is a Pick 5 strategy, it will involve choosing at least six numbers. Let’s imagine that is the approach you went with, and that will give you these combinations of five numbers – ABCDE, ACDEF, ABCEF, ABDEF, BCDEF, and ABCDF. That means you will have six combinations, which is quite economical.

By increasing the numbers included in the system, the combinations you have to play to cover every possible variation increase. It is up to you to find the right balance between the investing sum and the odds of winning.

Use the Quick Pick Feature – Leave It to Lady Luck

It is hard to say that the Quick Pick feature is an actual lottery strategy. However, nobody can deny that you can’t win a lottery jackpot without relying on a certain degree of luck. If that is the case, how about resting your chances on the luck factor completely?

Many lottery providers allow you to use a Quick Pick feature where the machine picks a combination for your ticket. You press a single button, and the software does its magic. In most cases, the software is programmed to include a variety of numbers. That means the ticket will be a mixture of odd, even, low, and high numbers.

The Quick Pick feature is also great if you are in a rush. Perhaps there is only a couple of minutes until the time for purchasing the tickets expires. Maybe you don’t have enough time to analyze the numbers and come up with a strategy. In those cases, you can use the random factor and participate in the draw. That will give you at least some odds compared to not playing at all.

Go with Your Intuition (and stick to it)

You know when you feel like something is going to happen, and it does? People say that means your intuition is well-developed. Although analyzing is the foundation of every lottery strategy, try not to undermine intuition. If you have a good feeling about playing a particular number, go with it.

Most of us have our lucky numbers. Perhaps it is a date when your child was born, or you have another reason to love a particular number. If you feel you need to include it to make sure your ticket becomes a winning one, go for it!

You can also try to mix intuition, luck, and analysis. For example, implement two lucky numbers, pick two numbers by random, and then add two numbers after a detailed analysis. From there, choose a Pick 4 or another system to apply the strategy.

Lottery Strategies to Avoid

While designing a lottery strategy, it matters what you do and what you avoid. Here are some tips and tricks on things to avoid when adjusting the playing strategy:

  1. Not all combinations have the same odds of winning – in theory, each number has the same chance of being drawn from the drum. But once the first number is drawn, the odds change. That is why it is not smart to play all consecutive, low, even, or otherwise grouped numbers. They might end up being the winning combination, but it’s the least possible option.
  2. Avoid playing when the jackpot is huge – yes, it is tempting, but most players participate in those sessions. That means you have to compete against more people than usual. You might have better odds of finding a less popular lottery. Alternatively, try not to invest too much when the jackpot is unusually high.
  3. Avoiding a number because it is “bad luck” – the common example is number 13. In reality, it has the same odds of getting drawn as any other number. That is why your analysis needs to be rational and exclude irrational factors.

Extra Tips Winning the Lottery

Apart from the strategies already presented in this article, you can also use other tips to adjust your approach.

1. Second Chance Drawings

A second chance draw gives you an additional chance to win during a lottery drawing session. These drawings involve cash prizes, but also vacation packages, gift cards, cars, etc.

Depending on the game, you might be automatically qualified for a second chance draw by purchasing a ticket. Alternatively, you might need to pay extra to become eligible for additional drawings.

2. Avoid Overspending

The biggest mistake you can make is not taking care of your lottery budget. Be cautious when determining how much you can spend on lottery tickets.

The crucial thing to ensure is that your quality of life is not compromised. If you set aside money for paying bills, don’t use it for playing the lottery. Not only that ensure you won’t get in any trouble, but it allows focusing on designing the right strategy. If you are not worried about overspending, you can think straight and come up with a smart playing approach.

3. Buy Tickets at Different Times

Do you want to increase your odds of winning? How about not purchasing all the tickets at once? Instead, buy a couple of them today, and leave the rest for tomorrow and the day after. It doesn’t have to mean anything, but the statistics show that jackpot times are random. The law of probability indicates it’s better to spread your ticket purchase than buy them all at the same time.

You can do the same with the vendors. Mix and match local vendors, and why not head online and buy tickets via the internet?

4. Special Dates Are a Good Choice… Up to a Certain Extent

Special dates are important for you, and they can be your lucky numbers. The problem is that these numbers don’t go over 31, and most lotteries involve at least 40 balls. That is why you should find a way to include other numbers, too. It might be wise to save special dates for extra drums, such as the PowerBall number drawing.

Can Use Lottery Strategies Guarantee a Win?

The only strategy that guarantees a win is covering all possible combinations. However, that requires a lot of money, and you will end up losing most of it since it will go to providers and other players.

No sensible lottery strategy can guarantee a win. However, there are tips on how to win the lottery that can boost your chances of winning significantly. By making smart choices, avoiding bad moves, and implementing good ones, you increase your odds of winning.

And remember – you can win the lottery in more ways than one. Not everything is about the jackpot. What if you design a strategy that grants you a relatively steady profit every month?

The desired strategy will depend on your approach. You might want to pursue big sums, which is great. And you might want to outsmart the game and finish the drawing with more money than what you invested. If the jackpot comes your way in the process, that’s only a great bonus!

What If You Use an All or Nothing Approach When Playing Lottery?

What does it mean all or nothing? First of all, it is never smart to invest your entire salary, or money otherwise important to you, in a lottery. Your lottery budget should consist of the money you are prepared to lose.

Also, purchasing more tickets might improve your odds, but only if you play them sensibly. Playing multiple tickets with the same combination is illogical. You invest more, and you share the same prize (mostly) with yourself.

That is why you should forget about strategies that are too risky. The key is to be sensible and keep things real. You can rely on intuition but control your budget. Additionally, many players will confirm that analysis can increase your odds, and not go all-in and risk everything. The trick is in analyzing various lottery strategies and finding the right one.

What Are the Strategies of Lottery Winners?

Who better to recommend a lottery strategy than those who won large sums of money? Here are the stories of the most popular lottery winners!

1. Richard Lustig

Richard Lustig

Richard Lustig is a famous strategist in the lottery world. His winnings were over $1 million in total, but they were spread throughout at least 17 years.

Lustig’s first notable prize was in 1993 from a scratch card. He also won several times in Florida Fantasy 5, but it was Florida Mega Money, where he won $842,152.91 in 2002.

Here are some rules Lustig held on to when he played the lottery:

  • Purchasing more tickets increases your odds of winning.
  • Join with other players to make a syndicate and be able to invest in a large number of tickets.
  • Avoid picking consecutive numbers.
  • Play lottery games that are not the most popular out there. The prizes are lower, but so is the competition, and the odds of winning are better.

Lustig wrote a book explaining his strategy in detail. Unfortunately, this famous strategist passed away in 2018, but his legacy still lives.

2. Gail Howard

Gail Howard is a woman famous for writing a Lottery Master Guide. According to numerous jackpot winners, it was that guide that made it possible for them to win. There is no mention that Howard herself ever won anything big on lotteries, which is why it is important to be a bit cautious.

Among the main tips offered by Gail Howard, she believes in playing a balanced game. That means you should include a variety of numbers with different characteristics. Howard also believes it is important to know the game you are playing. Using balanced wheeling systems is a way how she made it possible for many peoples to win by using her strategies.

3. Richard Satnick

Richard Satnick won $7 million in 1999, and he doesn’t deny luck helped him to do that. It is why his tips focus on what to do after winning the prize.

Satnick immediately hired a lawyer, accountant, and financial adviser. His idea at the time was to invest and design a long-term plan. That is a smart approach, especially if you know that many jackpot winners quickly went broke.

4. Annette Baranovich

Annette Baranovich split a huge $25 million prize with 12 other players. She was a casual player but won the jackpot. However, she didn’t allow it to change her.

Baranovich pinpoints that you shouldn’t quit your day job immediately. Winning a lot of money doesn’t mean you don’t have to be smart about your future. She pinpoints that large cash is not enough to set you for life if you are not careful.

That is why Anette insists on letting the money sit for a while. That way, you can think and design a plan on how to spend it.

Final Thoughts

Yes, winning in lottery games will always take a bit of luck, especially when it comes to jackpots. However, a strategic approach can improve your odds and boost the chances of winning prizes across all tiers.

Whether you choose to rely on in-depth analysis, probability, or intuition, it is crucial to identify a playing style that suits you. Feel free to experiment with the strategies described in this comprehensive guide. Trying various approaches will ensure to find the right one. Once you do that, winning life-changing sums will be at the reach of your fingertips!

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