Numerology Lucky Number Calculator

Numerology inspires interest in millions of people throughout the world. This discipline indicates there are lucky numbers for every person. You can calculate them by using only your name and date of birth. The tool below will do the calculations for you. Before you use our utility, check out what you should know about lucky numbers!

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How to Use the Tool?

Are you ready to discover your lucky numbers? Our tool is free, fun, and simple to use. Here are the steps to follow to try it:

  1. Enter your full name. You want to enter both the forename and the surname. It’s vital not to leave out a single letter. That will ensure the system can apply the formula accurately.
  2. Enter your date of birth. The template is mm/dd/yyyy. You enter your birth month in the “mm” section. If you were born in January, enter “01.” And if you were born in December, enter “12.” In the “dd” section, please enter your date of birth. Finally, the “yyyy” is for your year of birth (for example, “1990”).
  3. Click on Show My Lucky Numbers. After you click, your lucky numbers will appear on the screen in a second!

You’ll see six lucky numbers on the screen. Additionally, there will be a strong number. You can use this for the bonus drawing or when devising lottery strategies.

Reasons Why You Should Use Numerology

Numerology relies on utilizing the power of numbers for various purposes. It could help you to understand the purpose of your life, choose a career, assist in finding a partner, etc. But what are the reasons to use it when playing the lottery?

Here is how lotto players can benefit from numerology:

  • Using lucky numbers will inspire confidence. You’ll feel better about the lottery ticket, so you’ll be sending better vibes into space to promote your winning odds.
  • It’s a fun way of choosing lotto numbers. Nobody can deny that using numerology is a fun way of assembling a lotto ticket.
  • There are various combinations available. You can mix and match the chosen numbers based on various methods suggested.
  • It works for any lottery. You can play any game from US Powerball to Brazil Mega Sena with your lucky numbers.

How to Calculate Lucky Numbers Using Your Name

Did you know that there are two ways to calculate lucky numbers by using your name? The methods available are Chaldean and Pythagorean.

Chaldean Numerology Chart

You’ll find the tools using this one more frequently. Many believe the Chaldean numerology chart originates from ancient times. It’s interesting that there is no number “9,” but all other single digits are there.

Here is a simple table to follow Chaldean chart for each letter of someone’s name:

1A, I, J, Q, Y
2B, K, R
3C, G, L, S
4D, M, T
5E, H, N, X
6U, V, W
7O, Z
8F, P

Pythagorean Numerology Chart

As the name suggests, this method also originates in ancient times. Furthermore, we can track it to the mathematician Pythagoras who lived in the sixth century BC. Apart from being a math wizard, Pythagoras was a numerologist and astrologer.

Here is a Pythagorean chart to calculate your lucky numbers by name:

1A, J, S
2B, K, T
3C, L, U
4D, M, V
5E, N, W
6F, O, X
7G, P, Y
8H, Q, Z
9I, R

How to Calculate Lucky Numbers Based on Your Date of Birth

You have interesting approaches for using your date of birth when choosing the lucky numbers. The simplest one is to go with the actual digits in the date.

For example, you were born on 16th December 1988. That would be 12/16/1988 in the format used by our tool. If you need some lucky numbers, how about using 16 and 12?

Now, you can also calculate your life path number. Let’s use the above example:

12/16/1988 = 1+2+1+6+1+9+8+8=36=3+6=9

So, you start by dividing all numbers into single digits. You then sum them up and split the result into single digits again. That process continues until you get to the single digit. In our example, the lucky number is “9.”

Feel free to experiment with how you want to use this digit. Here are some common ways:

  • Use any number whose digits add up to that one. If your lucky number is nine, you can use 18, 27, 36, 45, etc.
  • Subtract the digits to get the number value. For example, if your lucky number is “1,” you can use 54 because 5-4=1.
  • Sum the number’s digits and reduce them to a single one. This is a complicated one. Let’s say your lucky number is “1.” You can use 65, and that’s because 6+5=11. If you lose the first number in the result, you’ll get the lucky digit.

Calculating Your Personality Numbers

Did you know that you have multiple personality numbers in numerology? We’ll discuss the main digits below, so make sure to analyze them carefully!

Destiny Number

Some also call it an “expression digit.” Everyone agrees that it’s crucial for each person because it marks your destiny.

Now, let’s say your name is Mina. In this example, we’ll use the Chaldean numerology chart:





So, 4+1+5+1=11=1+1=2

The destiny number for the name Mina Is “2.”

Heart Desire Number

You’ll find some people calling this the soul urge numbers. If you want to calculate it, you only use the vowels in the name.

In our example, we used Mina. The vowels are “I” and “A,” which means 1+1=2.

The heart desire number speaks about your individual preferences and potentials. It describes everything you tend to keep for yourself.

Dream Number

The experts say you use consonants to discover your dream digits. This number describes your impressions of others and what you present to the world. That’s why some people call this the personality number, too.

You calculate it by using the consonants in your name. So, if it’s Mina, you use 4+5=9. Your dream number would be “9.” Don’t forget to reduce it to a single digit if it contains multiple ones.

Please don’t confuse this digit with the actual lottery dream numbers. Those help you to decipher your dreams and pick numbers for your lottery combinations based on that.

How to Change the Name for the Best Result of Numerology?

Many believe that their given name is what they should use for their lucky numbers. They claim it’s how you can get the best numerology result.

However, if you still want to experiment with the name changes, how about adjusting a single letter or two? If your name is Mina, how about switching it to Meena? That opens up a whole new array of numbers to use.

However, you can’t just say you changed your name. If you want to tap into the power of your name, at least change it on messengers and social media. After keeping it on apps for several days, you’ll see if there are any positive indications. If you like the results, you can even submit a request for an official name change.


Can Numerology Secure a Lottery Win?

Numerology is fun and offers many ways to design a lottery ticket. While it’s exciting to select the numbers, there’s no guarantee you’ll win. Each lottery draw is random. Therefore, you’ll need to rely on luck to come out with a prize.

Should I Play My Lucky Numbers Regularly?

According to expert tips on how to win the lottery, you shouldn’t change numbers every week. If your digits didn’t come out as the winning ones this week, it might happen in the next draw. That’s why you should stick to a particular combination for at least a while.

Should I Use My Full Forename and Surname in Your Tool?

You will get the best results if you enter your full forename and surname. That means you should forget about using initials, nicknames, or other shortcuts. Instead, enter your full name just like it says on legal documents.

Final Thoughts

It can’t hurt to try our tool to calculate lucky numbers by name and date of birth. If you believe in the connection between the two, give a shot to our utility. It only takes seconds to get your lucky numbers because we do all the math. And the best part is that it won’t cost you a single cent because it’s completely free. So, go ahead and enter your full name to reveal those lucky digits!

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