Best Online Lottery Sites in Germany 2024

Germany has a population of over 80 million, and the statistics indicate millions of players enjoy the lottery regularly. Apart from purchasing tickets at local vendors, you can also buy them at online lottery sites. It’s crucial to pick reliable platforms with secure servers and guaranteed payouts.

Our experts analyzed the existing market and listed the best online lottery sites in Germany. Don’t hesitate to check out our list and discover the best vendors for regular play, lotto betting, syndicates, and much more!

Best Online Lottery Sites in Germany — Highlights:

  1. TheLotter – The choice of most of the players in Germany!
  2. LottoAgent – New players will appreciate the available bonuses.
  3. WinTrillionsIt supports syndicate play and has a great loyalty program.
  4. LottoGoThe gaming options go beyond the lottery.
  5. Jackpot.comYou can try the special lotto only available on this site.
  6. LottoKingsNew players will appreciate the low deposit limit.
  7. LottoLandThe jackpot boosters can increase your grand prize.
Germany Lottery Sites

TheLotter – The German’s Players Choice


You can play over 35 games on TheLotter. The platform has been around for over two decades. It paid millions to players, which makes it trustworthy.

Why Play with TheLotter?
The platform does all things right, ranging from available games to licensing and ease of use.


  • The best reputation among the players
  • All the popular lotteries are there
  • Apps for iOS and Android


  • Bank transfers come with fees

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LottoAgent – Year-Round Discounts


LottoAgent has year-round discounts for new and loyal players. You can play on the go with an Android app or via a mobile-friendly site. The platform offers 15 payment methods and reliable customer service.

Why Play with LottoAgent?
You get a lower price for the first ticket, and there are referrals and other bonuses, too.


  • Attractive promotions for everyone
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Around the clock customer support


  • It lacks an iOS app

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WinTrillions – Thousands of Players from Europe


The platform attracts thousands of players from Europe and the UK. The major European lotteries, such as EuroMillions, are there. If you like syndicate play, you’ll appreciate the combo options offered.

Why Play with WinTrillions?
It offers daily deals and regular promotions for loyal players.


  • No cost of contacting the support over the phone
  • You can also try raffles and syndicate play
  • The website available in multiple languages


  • It could use more lotteries

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LottoGo – The Synonym for Cross-Platform Support


LottoGo has around 18 games for regular play, and some are also available for syndicates. It comes with a free mobile app to ensure an optimal experience on portable gadgets. The payments are fast, and deposits come without any fees.

Why Play with LottoGo?
It’s excellent for playing on the go on Android or iOS devices.


  • You receive winnings up to €50K directly to your balance
  • A decent lottery selection
  • Suitable for syndicate play


  • The customer support can take time to answer

Full LottoGo review – More Than a Lottery Site has a fine lottery selection with games from various continents available. It has a simple registration process and a fast deposit system. You can also enjoy slots, scratch cards, and other games.

Why Play with
While waiting for your lottery draw, you can enjoy hundreds of other games.


  • An all-around gaming site
  • All the major lotteries are available
  • Deposits are instant and free from fees


  • It doesn’t have a long tradition

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LottoKings – Perfect for Playing in Advance


If you want to buy lottery tickets for multiple draws of a single game, LottoKings is your perfect platform. You can use the subscription and multi-draw option to ensure you don’t miss a session of your favorite lotto.

Why Play with LottoKings?
Beginners will appreciate that they only need to deposit $5 to start playing.


  • More than a dozen of games are available
  • You can also try scratch cards and slots
  • An intuitive website design


  • Identity checks necessary for big wins

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LottoLand – A Jackpot Booster Is a Smart Idea


Lottoland offers a so-called jackpot booster. That means it will increase the potential grand prize sum when you play. The website looks nice, and cross-platform support is available.

Why Play with LottoLand?
It’s a licensed platform with an intriguing selection of lottery games that’s somewhat different than other platforms.


  • Some lotteries are only available at this site
  • The bonus deals and promotions are tempting
  • A simple registration process


  • Doesn’t have a generous range of payment methods

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How We Rate the Best Lottery Sites for Germany

Our experts have a clear methodology that they follow when reviewing lottery sites. Here are the main factors we focus on when ranking online lotto platforms:
  • Legitimacy. The first thing we check is if they have the necessary licenses to operate in Germany.
  • Security. Encrypted transactions and secure servers are mandatory because you want your personal and financial info protected.
  • Lotto selection. Most users look for Powerball and other major lotteries. We make sure that the platform includes the biggest worldwide, continental, and national lotto games.
  • Payment methods and fees. Our experts look at the available deposit and withdrawal options, and fees included.
  • Playing on the go. The increasing number of those who use mobile phones on the go makes cross-platform support an integral feature.
  • Customer support. The staff should be reliable if you have a problem with how the website works.
  • Interface. The entire layout should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Lottery Site?

Now that you have the list of top lottery sites in Germany, you can easily start from the top of the list. However, it’s all about finding a platform that meets your preferences. Here are some questions that might help you with the selection:
  • Does it have your favorite games? It’s nice to try new lotteries, but most players want their favorites included in the selection.
  • Do the payment methods suit you? You might plan on using a credit card, so you need a platform that offers it. The same applies if you use any other payment method.
  • Do they have a mobile app? Mobile-friendly websites are the standard, but if you want a premium experience, a mobile app is recommended. That’s why you should pick TheLotter or other platforms with mobile apps.

Are German Lotteries Legit and Safe to Play?

Germany has a national lottery, which is also famous as Lotto 6aus49. It offers a guaranteed jackpot that has 12 rollovers. That means a single jackpot will be awarded at least once in every 13 draws. EuroJackpot is a continental lottery that you can also buy in Germany. Both games are legit and safe to play. The same applies to any other lotto available on reliable internet ticket vendors mentioned on this page.

The Legal Journey of the German Lotteries

Lotteries and gaming were popular in Germany in the previous centuries. It’s interesting to note that it was in this country where the first two land-based casino facilities appeared. Casino Wiesbaden was the first gambling property, and it was opened in 1810. Although it was popular, the laws changed in 1872. The new regulations required the closing of this gambling facility. Today, it’s only a tourist attraction for those visiting the area. For a short while, the casino facilities were open in 1933. But the government wasn’t able to regulate the market because World War II was soon to come. The gambling properties closed and opened again after WWII finished. The Western states had an individual right to determine the gambling regulations. Most allowed lotteries and sports betting. It was in 1995 when the authorities recognized the revenue potential. That’s when gambling became officially legal and remains so until today.

The Governing Policies on Online Lotteries Sites for Germany

Online lottery websites can legally operate in Germany. It’s interesting that the act regulating lotteries dates back to 1922. The online component underwent some changes, primarily to regulate the internet environment and taxation for online lottery vendors. Today, players can choose from a large number of online lotto sellers.

Gambling Policy for German Lottery Sites

Germany made a huge move toward regulating the online gambling market in 2021. According to reports, the country adopted a document that allows providers to acquire licenses to operate throughout Germany. In the past, the problems were different regulations in different German states. Operators with EU licenses were allowed to do business in Germany, but this document regulated the domestic market. The Interstate Treaty on Gambling now ensures a safer environment for both players and providers.

What Are the Online Lottery Betting Options in Germany?

Some platforms won’t actually buy tickets for you. Instead, they will offer you to bet on the outcome of a particular draw. The payments are usually the same, except they would come from the vendor or their insurance agent. LottoGo and are websites that use the lottery betting concept. It’s worth noting that you can also try top lotto betting sites available in Germany. Some offer unique lotteries and different concepts that can be fun if you want to try something new.

Lottery Sites with Syndicates Options in Germany

Maybe you were a part of lottery syndicates without even knowing. A syndicate is when you join forces with others to buy lottery tickets. The usual concept is that you share any prize equally. It’s a common way to play with friends. You can also try lottery syndicates online since they are available at WinTrillions, LottoSmile, and other platforms. It will lower the money spent per ticket while increasing your odds of winning a prize. Important: The prices and lotteries available for syndicate play depend on the website you choose.

How Can I Claim Online Lottery Prizes for German Online Lotteries

It usually depends on the sum you win with the online lottery sites. If you win a small amount, the odds are the vendor will pay it directly to your website account. Once you see the funds in the balance, you can withdraw them by using any of the available payment methods. If you win a jackpot or a large prize, you might need to claim it personally. That will involve heading to the lottery headquarters. More often than not, lottery vendors can help you with organizing the ride. Some platforms will pay large sums directly to your account, but they postpone the payments slightly. Depending on the platform, you might need up to 30-40 days for jackpot payments.

Available Payment Methods at Licensed Online Lottery Websites

Germany offers a regulated financial market, which allows providers to offer many different cashless payment options. You can use Visa, MasterCard, and other debit and credit cards. PayPal, Skrill, and other wallets might also be available, as well as Paysafecard and similar prepaid vouchers. However, please note the exact methods available depend on the lottery site.
Lottery site Accepts Debit/Credit Cards Accepts E-wallets Accepts prepaid vouchers
TheLotter ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
LottoAgent ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
WinTrillions ✔️ ✔️ ❌
LottoGo ✔️ ✔️ ❌ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
LottoKings ✔️ ✔️ ❌
LottoLand ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Tax Implications for Online Lotteries in Germany

You can consider Germany true heaven when it comes to online lottery taxes. Players don’t have to pay a single cent regardless of the sum they win. Whether you win €1 or the big jackpot, you won’t have to pay taxes in Germany. However, if you are a foreigner, taxes in your home country might still apply. You can check out the lottery tax calculator to see the exact rates in different countries. Important: The jackpots advertised usually feature sums before taxation. That means your actual prize will probably be lower. That’s not the case with small sums, as you’ll probably get to keep the entire amount with those prizes.


Germany is an excellent place to play online lottery. You can pick from a huge vendor selection, but make sure to stick to reliable platforms. We hope our guide helped to determine which lottery sites you can trust. It’s up to you to choose whether you want the most extensive lottery selection, a platform that offers syndicate play, or one with the most tempting bonuses. Either way, you’ll have a great time while playing online lotto!


We only picked licensed websites for our list. That means they comply with all the laws and regulations. If we look at the website’s reputation, you can’t go wrong with TheLotter. They pay quickly and offer a safe playing environment. The paid sum to their players reached millions of euros until this day.

Yes, there are no restrictions for foreigners who want to play in Germany. You can purchase tickets for a wide range of lotteries on top lottery sites available in this country.

Yes, Germany considers purchasing online tickets for the lottery legal.

The first option is to head to a local vendor selling the tickets. It’s much better to visit online lottery sites. They offer an easier and faster way to purchase tickets while providing a bigger number of lotteries.

Yes, it’s possible to transfer lottery winnings to another country. However, please note you might have to pay applicable taxes in that country and other potential charges for the transfer itself.