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Pick 7 Lottery Strategy – Ultimate Guide for 2024

Picking the right lottery numbers for your favorite Pick 7 game can be daunting. It gets tricky because you must select only seven from a large pool of numbers, hoping they’ll bring you a prize. When wondering how to choose them, you can greatly improve your chances of winning the jackpot or any prizes with the right Pick 7 strategy.

At Lottery ‘N Go, we have thoroughly researched and tested various Pick 7 strategies to determine the best options for lottery players. In this article, we will explain how these strategies work and how you can use them to possibly predict a winning lottery combination. So, if you want to make more informed decisions in a Pick 7 lottery game, keep reading.

Key Takeaways

  • A Pick 7 strategy allows a more controlled and informed approach to the lottery
  • Common Pick 7 strategies include wheeling systems, odd or even number analysis, and sector analysis
  • If you want to get your lottery strategies done easier, a lottery software may prove valuable for you.
  • Choose the right Pick 7 strategy based on the lottery number pool.

How does a Pick 7 Work in the Lottery?

A Pick 7 strategy offers data-driven combinations to help you pick your lottery numbers. Instead of randomly choosing numbers, the Pick 7 strategy serves as a tool to create a combination of numbers that may be drawn in the lottery. This system can increase your chances of winning the Pick 7 lottery by providing a more controlled and informed approach to number selection.

Here is how a Pick 7 strategy works:

  • Pick 7 strategies employ simple mathematics and analysis to find potential winning numbers.
  • The techniques use past lottery results to find reference numbers that we can use as a basis for our lottery strategies.
  • A strategy will create multiple lottery sequences for you to play.
  • Pick 7 strategies also employ concepts like hot/cold numbers, lottery science, mirror numbers, and lottery date numbers to filter the lottery sequences and find the best one/s to play.

Pick 7 Lotto Strategies

Now, let’s delve into the different types of Pick 7 strategies and how to use them to create lottery combinations for the next draw. We recommend you study them carefully, test them with past lottery results, and select the most successful but also convenient for you to implement.

Lottery Analysis and Prediction Software


Let’s be realistic; it could be challenging to get past results of Pick 7 games, analyze them, find trends, and use lottery strategies based on this research. If you aren’t observant enough, you may even miss valuable details in the data. Lottery software makes it possible to perform all of these tasks without much effort from you. 

Also, it offers access to a database of lottery results that goes back years. Lottery analysis and prediction software then uses charts, graphs, and filtering systems to find the lottery combinations with a good chance of appearing and eliminating bad selections. Popular lottery software are WinSlips, Pick3Sniper, Lotto Pro, and SamLotto.

Wheeling Systems

A lottery wheeling system is a Pick 7 strategy that can help you create different lottery combinations from a set of chosen numbers. It allows you to generate lottery combinations that have a good chance of matching some or all of the drawn numbers. However, using this strategy means you will need to buy more than one lottery ticket so make sure you have the budget to cover the options you want to play.

There are three types of wheeling systems for Pick 7 lotteries.

  • Full Number Wheel: The full number wheel covers all the possible combination of numbers in a wheeling system. However, it is very expensive because you will have many lottery number sequences to play.

For instance, you can use a 9-wheel pool in a Pick 7 game with nine chosen numbers to make your combinations. Let’s assume the numbers are 03, 09, 21, 25, 28, 43, 50, 55, and 59. You will end up with 36 different combinations.

Set Combination
1 03-09-21-25-28-43-50
2 03-09-21-25-28-43-55
3 03-09-21-25-28-43-59
4 03-09-21-25-28-50-55
5 03-09-21-25-28-50-59
6 03-09-21-25-28-55-59
7 03-09-21-25-43-50-55
8 03-09-21-25-43-50-59
9 03-09-21-25-43-55-59
10 03-09-21-25-50-55-59
11 03-09-21-28-43-50-55
12 03-09-21-28-43-50-59
13 03-09-21-28-43-55-59
14 03-09-21-28-50-55-59
15 03-09-21-43-50-55-59
16 03-09-25-28-43-50-55
17 03-09-25-28-43-50-59
18 03-09-25-28-43-55-59
19 03-09-25-28-50-55-59
20 03-09-25-43-50-55-59
21 03-09-28-43-50-55-59
22 03-21-25-28-43-50-55
23 03-21-25-28-43-50-59
24 03-21-25-28-43-55-59
25 03-21-25-28-50-55-59
26 03-21-25-43-50-55-59
27 03-21-28-43-50-55-59
28 03-25-28-43-50-55-59
29 09-21-25-28-43-50-55
30 09-21-25-28-43-50-59
31 09-21-25-28-43-55-59
32 09-21-25-28-50-55-59
33 09-21-25-43-50-55-59
34 09-21-28-43-50-55-59
35 09-25-28-43-50-55-59
36 21-25-28-43-50-55-59
  • Abbreviated Wheeling System: This wheeling system is a better option for people who do not want to spend much on lottery tickets. It provides fewer combinations than the full wheeling system. Still, the set of combinations that it will generate may result in a win when you match a certain amount of winning numbers.

The system uses 15 numbers to provide 15 combinations with a win assurance of ‘5 if 7’. This means you will get at least a ticket with five matches if 7 of the 15 selected numbers come out in the draw. We share an example of what sets of numbers will look like, for the following 15 numbers: 01,10, 20, 08, 17, 26, 35, 44, 42, 45, 55, 50, 31, 33, and 28.

Set Combination
1 01-28-10-20-08-17-26
2 01-28-10-08-35-42-55
3 01-28-10-08-50-31-33
4 01-28-20-44-42-45-50
5 01-28-17-35-44-45-31
6 01-28-26-44-45-55-33
7 01-10-20-35-44-45-33
8 01-10-17-44-45-55-50
9 01-10-26-44-42-45-31
10 01-20-08-44-45-55-31
11 01-20-17-26-35-42-55
12 01-20-17-26-50-31-33
13 01-08-17-44-42-45-33
14 01-08-26-35-44-45-50
15 01-35-42-55-50-31-33
  • Key Wheeling System: This type of wheeling system is built around one number (the key number) so that it appears in every lottery combination. It is the most economical wheeling system, providing fewer combinations than the rest.

Expert Tip: Generating a Pick 7 wheeling system manually can be time-consuming and tedious. To streamline the process, consider using lottery software or free wheeling tools available online. These tools can quickly and easily generate wheeling systems for you, saving you time and effort.

Odds or Even Number Analysis

This lottery strategy revolves around developing your Pick 7 combinations to include a mix of odd and even numbers. Since lottery results are never totally odds or even, you should maintain a balance between the two categories. For instance, your Pick 7 lottery combination should ideally be in any of these options:

  • 2 odd and 5 even numbers
  • 3 odd and 4 even numbers
  • 4 odd and 3 even numbers
  • 5 odd and 2 even numbers

One way to know which odd and even number combination is the best option for a particular lottery is to review lottery results. Find out in which of the categories above the draw combination falls most often, and develop your lottery selection based on what you find.

Sector Analysis

Sector Analysis is one of the most popular lottery strategies for most lotteries. It also works for Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6 lotteries. This method involves dividing your lottery range (number pool) into zones or sectors. Then you pick numbers from all these sectors.

For instance, the Canada Lotto Max is a 7/50 lottery, meaning you must select seven numbers between 1 and 50. Sector analysis will help you determine where the numbers will likely come from.

Follow the steps below to use the Sector Analysis for the Pick 7 lottery.

  • Divide the number pool into the low, middle, and high zones.
  • For the Canada Lotto Max lottery with a range of 1 to 50, you can make the low range 1 to 20, the middle zone should contain 21 to 35, and the high zone will be 36 to 50. The division method is up to you, so you can use whatever range you feel comfortable with.
  • Check the results of the past lotteries to find out which zones winning numbers usually come from. If the past results indicate that most winning numbers fall in the middle zone, choose most of your ticket numbers from that zone.

How To Win With The Pick 7 Lottery

The Pick 7 lottery can be challenging without a concrete strategy for choosing your lottery numbers. A Pick 7 strategy will help you to make more intelligent lottery decisions and could even help you to win the lottery.

Here are a few tips to help you play the lottery.

  • Study the statistics: Look at past lottery results to find the most common lottery winning numbers, lottery patterns, and which lottery strategies are most effective. Thankfully, there are tons of information on the internet. Studying lottery statistics will provide insights into the lottery and the best way to choose your lottery numbers.
  • Use numerology: Whether you use this method depends on whether you believe in the power of the universe. Many lottery winners have been able to use the law of attraction to manifest winning the lottery.
  • Find the best Pick 7 lottery for you: You will find multiple types of Pick 7 lotteries with different jackpots and odds. You should read through the lottery rules, how it works, prize tiers, and other important information to find the best option for you. Maybe you want more risk with higher odds, or you like playing it safe, in which case you’ll enjoy games with more favorable odds.
  • Focus on a particular Pick 7 lottery strategy: You will find a lot of lottery strategies out there. However, you are better off using just one lottery strategy and mastering it, so you can get the maximum benefit out of it.
  • Be consistent: You need to be in the lottery to win the lottery. It is impossible to say when you will get your lucky break and win the jackpot. While it is easy to get discouraged when you don’t win, you shouldn’t give up. If you read the stories of most lottery winners, you will find consistency to be a common theme.

Pick 7 Odds of Winning

The odds of winning the jackpot in a Pick 7 lottery depend on the number pool and how many numbers you need to match. For a game like the Canada Lotto Max, where you need to pick 7 numbers from a range of 50 numbers, the odds are 1 in 33,294,800. The larger the number pool, the higher the odds, and the more difficult it will be to win the jackpot.

The table below contains the game format for standard Pick 7 lotteries.

Pick 7 Format Odds
7/35 1 in 6,724,520
7/37 1 in 10,295,472
7/45 1 in 45,379,620
7/50 1 in 99,884,400
7/35 + 1/20 1 in 134,490,400

Understand the Basics Before Proceeding with Pick 7 Strategy

Everybody can implement most Pick 7 lottery strategies with a bit of research and practice. However, you will need to understand some concepts and terminologies before fully grasping the lottery strategy. We covered them thoroughly in this guide so you can utilize them as best as possible.

Lottery Science

Most lottery strategies that we discuss in this article use lottery science; hence the need to explain how it works. Lottery science involves simple arithmetic calculations, addition, and subtraction. However, there’s a single, added rule, namely that two-digit numbers will be reduced to a single digit. Also, suppose you get a negative number from your calculation. In that case, you will remove the negative sign and convert it to a positive number.

The table below explains it better.

Regular Mathematics Lottery Science
3 + 5 = 8 3 + 5 = 8 (no changes)
6 + 9 = 15 6 + 9 = 5 (15, but the first digit is removed)
8 – 4 = 4 8 – 4 = 4 (no changes)
4 – 8 = -4 4 – 8 = 6 (as if ‘4’ were ‘14’)

Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot and cold numbers relate to how frequently a number has appeared in the draw. Hot numbers is a term given to numbers that are drawn regularly. In contrast, cold numbers are not drawn frequently and have not appeared in the draw for a long time. 

Understanding hot and cold numbers can guide your selection when trying to determine which lottery combination is the best. Some people prefer to include hot numbers because they are already appearing frequently in the draws. In contrast, others may want to include cold numbers, hoping the trend changes, and they show up soon. You could also play a mix of hot and cold numbers. How you apply this knowledge depends on you.

Mirror Numbers

You get the mirror numbers when you add five to the initial digit. Simply put, it is 5 plus the number. The table below contains some examples of mirror numbers.

Number Mirror Number
1 1 + 5 = 6
2 2 + 5 = 7
3 3 + 5 = 8
4 4 + 5 = 9
5 5 + 5 = 0 (10, but 1 will be removed)
6 6 + 5 = 1 (11, but 1 will be removed)
7 7 + 5 = 2 (12, but 1 will be removed)
8 8 + 5 = 3 (13, but 1 will be removed)
9 9 + 5 = 4 (14, but 1 will be removed)
0 0 + 5 = 5

Reference Numbers

Reference numbers are the previous results of the last Pick 7 lottery draws. Most lottery strategies take their reference from past results. You will backtrack, analyze past lottery draws, and check out what lottery strategies are the most effective for the particular lottery game. The Pick 7 lottery strategy that brings out some or all of the past results may be effective in predicting the outcome of future draws.

Lottery Date Numbers

Lottery date numbers are the sum of the date and month of the day of the lottery draw. Some Pick 7 lotto strategies use lottery date numbers to run down the reference number and produce a new combination. The example below sheds more light on calculating the number.

For instance, if the Australia Powerball draw is held on 15/09/2022, the lottery date numbers will be 15 + 09 = 4 (24, but 2 will be removed). You can also use this ‘4’ in a key wheeling system as your key number.

Why Use Pick 7 Strategy?

Pick 7 strategies provide a new perspective to the game. They allow you to get more engaged with your favorite lottery games, converting what would have been a random selection to a more controlled, structured one. Plus, it adds to the fun of the game.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy with the Pick 7 strategy.

  • A Pick 7 strategy helps you find winning numbers and create lottery combinations with a good chance of appearing in the draw.
  • You feel better knowing you chose the best possible numbers for the lottery.
  • It helps you reduce the number pool and focus on numbers that possibly give you a good chance of winning.
  • It can help you save money by eliminating bad lottery combinations from the system.
  • Almost anyone can use Pick 7 lottery strategies. It doesn’t require any complex mathematical calculations.
  • Easy access to information means all players can achieve the goal of improving their play and outcomes.

Comparison of Pick 7 lotteries against Pick 6/Pick 5/ Pick 4/ Pick 5 Lotteries

As the name implies, a Pick 7 lottery requires lottery players to accurately predict 7 numbers from a large number pool to win the jackpot. On the other hand, Pick 6, Pick 5, Pick 4, and Pick 3 require you to select fewer numbers from a smaller number pool. This makes the Pick 7 lottery more challenging to win than other lotteries. But if you win, you will get a life-changing jackpot. A well-defined Pick 7 lotto strategy will help you manage your number selections and make smarter decisions in the lottery.

Verdict: Is Pick 7 Strategy for You?

The Pick 7 strategy is for you if you want more control over your lottery selections, and position yourself for the best chances of winning the lottery. The strategy will allow you to make better lottery decisions based on the game’s history and trends. You will also get more involved in your favorite games and feel more confident in your selection.

Try a Pick 7 strategy for your next ticket entry. It might just lead you to a big win.

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What is the best Pick 7 strategy?

The best Pick 7 strategies are wheeling systems, odd and even number analysis, sector analysis, and lottery prediction software. These methods offer insights into past lottery results and help you to make data-driven decisions when choosing your lottery numbers.

What are the most common Pick 7 Winning numbers?

The most common Pick 7 winning numbers are 19, 38, 36, 14, 46, 39, and 22. These numbers have the highest frequency in most Pick 7 lotteries.

Can Pick 7 Strategies Guarantee a Lottery Win?

No Pick 7 strategy can guarantee a lottery win. However, they will guide you through the number selection process and help you to make decisions, while having more fun along the way.

What is the best Pick 7 lottery number prediction software?

The best Pick 7 lottery number prediction software options are WinSlips, Pick3Sniper, Lotto Pro, and SamLotto. This software makes it faster and easier to analyze lottery results, identify trends, and choose your numbers.

Is a Pick 7 strategy better than a Quick Pick?

Both Quick Pick and having a strategy are valid ways of playing the Pick 7 lottery. However, a quick pick relies on randomness, and you may not have sufficient confidence in the numbers that it generates. In contrast, a Pick 7 strategy will give you peace of mind and assurance that you are choosing the best lottery numbers based on data analysis.

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