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Lottery Wheeling Systems – Can They Guarantee a Win?

There are two approaches to playing the lottery. The first one is to rely on your lucky numbers, quick pick, or inspiration at the given moment. The alternative is to analyze various factors to come up with a suitable lotto strategy. If you like strategizing when assembling tickets, make sure to consider lottery wheeling systems.

You are in the right place to learn everything about wheeling. This article offers a detailed guide to lottery wheels. We cover everything from its benefits to major elements and system types. Keep reading to learn more and try this method of playing the lotto!

What Is a Lottery Wheeling System?

A wheeling system is a way of playing the lottery. Some call it a method, others a strategy. Whatever name you use, it’s an approach that could potentially boost your winning odds.

The main idea of designing a lottery wheel is to organize your lotto gameplay to have more chances of winning prizes. These systems focus on utilizing mathematics. It all starts by selecting the numbers and then grouping them in multiple combinations.

A lottery wheeling system relies on purchasing more than a single ticket. The exact number depends on the chosen wheel. The important thing is that lotto wheels are easy. They apply simplicity to advanced math. That’s what makes them popular among beginners and advanced players.

What Is Number Wheeling?

Number wheeling is a different name used for lottery wheel systems. It’s suitable because you’ll be “wheeling” a selection of numbers to boost your lottery odds. That means you combine the selected digits in a particular way.

You can wheel as many numbers as you want. However, the more digits you choose, the bigger the number of tickets required to play.

The Top Strategies to Use with Lottery Wheeling

Have you decided to try lottery wheels? If yes, you should choose the numbers for your wheeling system. That’s where other lotto strategies could help.

Here is an overview of strategic methods that could be useful when selecting the numbers:

  • It all comes down to balance. The law of probability indicates that numbers in a single lottery draw can’t be all odd or all low. That’s why balancing the chosen numbers is vital. You want to pick even and odd, but also low and high numbers.
  • A median value can serve as guidance. The median value in Canada Lotto 6/49 is 24.5 since that’s half of the highest number in the pot. If you add up the value of all numbers chosen for your ticket, the median value should be as close to 24.5 as possible. This strategy also relies on the law of probability. It can also be beneficial when choosing numbers for the lottery wheeling systems.
  • Rely on statistics and previous draw analysis. Is there an overdue number that wasn’t drawn for a while? Are there hot numbers that are particularly popular? It depends on whether you want to follow statistics or play against it. Either way, a detailed previous draw analysis can be useful for choosing the numbers.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Lottery Wheeling System?

Lottery wheels have been around for decades. They’ve proven to be an efficient strategy for many players, but why would you choose them?

Check out the advantages offered by a lotto wheel:

  • It’s a science-based system. If we are precise, it’s a math-based method. The idea is to approach ticket designing systematically to improve your winning odds.
  • Maximum number coverage. Lottery wheels ensure you cover the numbers selected to play extensively. If you are lucky enough to guess the right digits, that will enhance big win chances.
  • A simple method of playing the lotto. You might be wary of math, but lottery wheels are easy to play. It comes down to a few basic steps to use this advanced lotto method.
  • Applicable to virtually any lottery. You might need to tweak the system a bit based on the game chosen. But apart from that, lotto wheels are applicable to any lotto ranging from US Powerball to Portugal Totoloto.

The Best Wheeling System Software

Are you having problems with choosing the numbers for your lottery wheel? It’s another area where using lotto software can be useful. We selected the best tools to utilize when assembling your wheeling system below.

1. Lotto Pro

Lotto Pro

Lotto Pro offers an extensive library of previous draws. It covers lotteries from different continents and updates the drawing archive regularly. The software utilizes statistical analysis to help you select the best numbers to play in the upcoming round.

You only need to purchase Lotto Pro once, and you can use it forever. The software works with all Windows versions back to Win XP. It’s an excellent choice for wheeling systems, especially since it simplifies previous draw analysis.

2. Lotto Sorcerer

Lotto Sorcerer

Lotto Sorcerer is another software that has wheeling utilities. Satori Publishing added an option to create and edit a wheel easily. You can also use features to analyze previous draws.

The tool supports more than 600 lotteries, which is impressive. You can add more because of the web scraping capability. Lotto Sorcerer isn’t the easiest software to use. However, it will be worth going through a small learning curve. The tool comes with 12 trial uses, which means you can try it before buying.

The Most Recommended Lottery Wheeling Books

Would you like to know even more about lottery wheels? If you are curious about these systems, check out the top books in this category!

1. Lotto – How to Wheel a Fortune

Lotto - How to Wheel a Fortune

Gail Howard is a pioneer when it comes to designing lottery strategies based on mathematics. It was in the 1980s when she started making lotto systems. Today, you’ll find her publications are among the best lottery books in the market.

Lotto – How to Wheel a Fortune reached its fourth edition in 2007. It contains more than 400 pages of various lotto wheeling systems. It covers all lotteries that have up to 59 numbers in the pot. You can find many ready-to-use systems that focus on pick-6 and pick-7 wheels.

2. Combinatorial Lottery Systems (Wheels) with Guaranteed Wins

Combinatorial Lottery Systems (Wheels) with Guaranteed Wins

Iliya Bluskov wrote this book that focuses on pick-6 lotteries. Fortunately, most lotto games use this drawing format, so the publication is highly versatile.

The author tried to make the lottery wheels economical. That means he optimized the combinatorics to give you the best odds of winning with minimum investment. You’ll see a complete possible win table with each system, which is helpful. The book is only available as a paperback edition.

How Does a Lottery Wheeling System Work?

Allow us to give an example of a lottery wheel, so you could better understand it. We picked Romania Lotto 6/49, which means the highest number in the drum is 49.

Our goal is to pick seven numbers for this system. We chose “4, 11, 15, 22, 28, 39, 46.” But in order to make it simpler, we’ll use letters instead of numbers. 

Here is a quick table for you to understand better:

  • A – 4
  • B – 11
  • C – 15
  • D – 22
  • E – 28
  • F – 39
  • G – 46

So, our wheel pool is “ABCDEFG.” However, we can only put six numbers on a single ticket. That gives us the following combinations:


The conclusion is this system requires playing six combinations. That means you’ll buy six different ticket combinations. And if four of the seven numbers in the wheel are drawn, you’ll have at least a single winning ticket.

4 Steps to Playing a Lottery Wheeling System

The easiest way to explain a lottery wheeling system is to describe the steps to playing it. This is what you need to when designing a lotto wheel:

  1. Pick a lottery you want to play. These systems are applicable to virtually any lotto in the world.
  2. Choose a suitable system. You can go for full, abbreviated, key-number, or other wheel options. We’ll describe them in detail later.
  3. Pick the numbers for the wheel. It’s time to select the numbers to include in your wheel.
  4. Follow the wheel specifics and choose how many combinations to play. Each combination is a single ticket. That’s why you want to choose the wheel that suits your budget and feels like a smart choice. Finally, purchase those tickets and wait for the draw!

Major Elements of Every Wheeling System

If you want to understand lottery wheels better, it’s crucial to recognize their major elements. That’s why experts designed the “Wheel Tag” or “Identification.” This is a simple code that describes the entire wheel by using only six symbols.

Those symbols contain all the major elements of a wheeling system, including:

  • Type. Did you choose a full (F), abbreviated (A), or a key number (K) wheel?
  • Lottery. This number describes the lotto. If you see “6,” that means the lottery’s main pot format is 6/XX. It implies you need to guess six numbers from the primary drum to win the grand prize.
  • Number pool. This indicates how many numbers you’ll play in the system. It can be anywhere from 3 to 15 or more. However, the more numbers chosen, the more tickets are required for optimal coverage.
  • Win guarantee. This implies how many numbers you need to guess CORRECTLY to have a guaranteed win. If you see “4-4,” you’ll need four winning numbers to be among those you picked in the wheel. If that requirement is met, you’ll have at least one winning ticket in the tier that requires guessing four numbers right.
  • How many combinations did you play? The last digit marks the number of combinations in the wheel.

Here’s an example of a Wheel Tag:


That marks an abbreviated wheel for a lottery that requires guessing five numbers for the grand prize. It indicates the system has seven numbers in the wheel pool. If you guess four of them correctly, you’ll win at least a single prize in the four-number-requirement reward tier. Finally, there are eight combinations in this wheel.

The Main Types of Wheeling Systems

You have a wide range of lottery wheeling systems available. The best way to find a suitable one is to learn more about the available options. Here are the top seven lotto wheel systems available!

1. Key Number Wheel

A key number wheel is a convenient way of making the system more economical. It relies on a single or “key” number that needs to be present in every combination.

Here’s an example. These would be the numbers for your wheel: K (Key), A, B, C, D, E, F.

Now, let’s say you picked a pick-6 game. Key has to be in every combination, which means these are the potential options:


This reduces the number of combinations to play, making the system more budget-friendly. The problem with the wheel is that you will significantly reduce your chances if the key number doesn’t get drawn.

2. Abbreviated Wheel

This wheel is another way of reducing the expense required to play these systems. The idea is to identify the number of combinations required to win if you match a particular amount of numbers. It relies on advanced math, but let’s see an example.

You picked eight numbers in the wheel pool for a pick-6 lottery. Those numbers are ABCDEFGH. The math says you’ll need seven combinations and guessing at least four numbers to have at least a single winning ticket.

The combinations you’ll play are:


The winning ticket will have at least four matching numbers. The problem is that an abbreviated wheel cannot guarantee a jackpot. You could guess all numbers correctly but miss the grand prize. There’s a chance you’ll win it, but no guarantee.

3. Full Wheel

As the name suggests, the full wheel covers all potential combinations in a system. For example, we use a full wheel for a pick-6 lottery. We picked seven numbers for the pool – ABCDEFG.

The potential combinations are:


We’ll compare it to the key number wheel system described above. The key option reduced the number of required combinations by one. Although it made playing the system cheaper, it relies on a single number. The key wheel doesn’t rely on a particular number but covers all potential combinations.

The full wheel gives you the best odds of winning big if you guess the right numbers. The problem is that it can be expensive to play. For example, you’ll need 84 combinations to cover every option in a pick-6 lotto game with six numbers in the wheel pool.

4. Pick 3 Wheel

A pick-3 wheel is an option where you use three numbers from your system per combination. For example, you picked seven numbers for your wheel pool – ABCDEFG. Each ticket requires placing three of those numbers. The potential combinations are ABC, ABD, ABE, ABF, ABG, ACD, ACE, ACF, ACG, ADE, ADF, ADG, ADH, AEF, AEG, AEH, BCD, BCE, BCF, BCG, BDE, BDF, BDG, BEF, BEG, BFG, CDE, CEF, CEG, CFG, CDF, CDG, DEF, DEG, DFG, and EFG.

That means there are 36 combinations to play. You can reduce them by choosing a key digit. If you pick it to be “A,” you’ll have 16 combinations left.

5. Pick 4 Wheel

This wheel is a variation from the previous system. The difference is that you pick to include four numbers on a wheeling ticket.

Let’s say your wheel pool is ABCDEFG, so seven numbers inside it. The potential combinations are ABCD, ABCE, ABCF, ABCG, ACDE, ACDF, ACDG, ADEF, ADEG, AEFG, BCDE, BDEF, BDEG, BCEG, BCEF, BDFG, CDEF, CEFG, CDEG, and DEFG. That’s 20 potential combinations, and you can reduce it to ten if you choose a key digit.

6. Pick 5 Wheel

If you go with this variation, you’ll need to add five numbers from the wheel pool to each ticket. Let’s say that your pool contains six numbers – ABCDEF.

The potential combinations are ABCDE, ABCDF, ABCEF, ACDEF, and BCDEF. The number of options increases if you add more numbers to the pool. You can reduce the number of combinations by using a key digit.

7. Pick 6 Wheel

The pick-6 wheel is common among players because most games require guessing six numbers in the primary drum to win the main prize. That includes big lotteries like MegaMillions. The approach is similar to other pick-X wheels.

Here’s an example – you have seven numbers in the wheel pool: ABCDEFG. You need to put six on each ticket, so the options include ABCDEF, ABCDEG, ABCDFG, ABCEFG, ABDEFG, BDCEFG.


Do lottery wheels really work?

Lottery wheeling systems offer a scientific approach to assembling lotto tickets. These systems work because they deliver what’s promised. If you meet the minimum guarantee requirement, you’ll have a winning ticket.

Can wheeling systems guarantee a lottery win?

You’ll often encounter a term called a “minimum win guarantee” when playing lottery wheels. This guarantee means you’ll have at least a single winning ticket. However, it is necessary to guess a certain amount of numbers that will be drawn from the pot. That means just using this method doesn’t guarantee a win. No strategy can guarantee you a prize in the lottery. However, lottery wheeling can play to your advantage if you are lucky enough to pick the right numbers.

What are the best lotteries for playing lottery wheeling systems?

Lottery wheels work for any lotto game in the world. However, the number of combinations in a single system varies. If you want an economical wheel, go for a lottery-like Texas Cash Five. That’s because it only has 35 numbers in the pot, and it’s a pick-5 game. If you choose Germany Lotto or another pick-6 game, you’ll need to cover more combinations.

Are lottery wheeling systems expensive to play?

It depends on the lotto wheel you choose to play. If there are six combinations in the wheeling pool, it’ll require buying six tickets. But if the wheel has 30 combinations, you’ll need to purchase 30 tickets. That indicates lottery wheels can be expensive, but it all depends on your selection.

Final Thoughts

For many players, assembling a lottery ticket is as fun as watching the draw itself. Lotto wheels can be an entertaining way of playing lotto games. These advanced systems rely on math and calculations to boost your winning odds. While they aren’t magical, they can improve your chances if you choose the right numbers for the wheel. Make sure to give lottery wheeling a shot to see why these systems have been popular for decades!

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