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Saturday, Feb 24, 2024
Game Format


Odds of Winning jackpot

1 : 24,789,491

Odds of Winning Prize


Draw Schedule

Wednesday and Saturday at 10 PM local time.


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Totoloto Review

Totoloto is a two-drum Portuguese lottery using a 5/49 + 1/13 concept. It is organized by the national gaming organization called Jogos Santa Casa. Check out our Totoloto review to find out everything about this game!

How to Buy Totoloto Tickets Online

You can play Totoloto via the official website and numerous internet-based lottery providers. Before purchasing a ticket, you need to find the desired vendor and register an account. Next, you can buy as many tickets as you want on the website. A single ticket price in Totoloto is €0.90.

How to Play Totoloto Online

Totoloto is a two-drum game with the following concept:

  • The main drum contains 49 balls. During each drawing, the organizers will draw 5 balls from this drum.
  • The Lucky Number drum includes 13 balls. At each session, a single ball will be drawn from here.

Depending on your preference, you can play a single ticket, place multiple bets or systems. The price might vary depending on your choice.

Odds of Winning Totoloto

The grand prize in Totoloto cannot be lower than €1,000,000. If no one wins the jackpot, it rolls over to the next session. Thanks to that, the main prize can be a hefty sum.

Totoloto has a total of six prize tiers. The Lucky Number only participates in two of those prize tiers. Take a look at the odds of winning below:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#15 + LN (Lucky Number)1 : 24,789,492
#251 : 2,065,791
#341 : 8,667
#431 : 201
#521 : 14
#6LN1 : 14

The odds of winning the jackpot are not big, but they are still better than in EuroMillions, which is also popular in Portugal.

When Is the Totoloto Drawing?

Totoloto drawing occurs twice every week. The drawing days are Wednesday and Saturday at 10 PM local time. That means the drawings are at 11 PM (23:00) CET.

What Time Can You Buy Portugal Totoloto Tickets Until?

At this point in time, we were unable to find an exact time when the ticket sale ends for the Portugal Totoloto draw. However, you should confirm with your lottery provider. You should be able to enter the draw as long as the draw is still open on the lottery provider’s website.

Totoloto Payout Chart

Were you lucky enough to win at Totoloto? It is important to note that the deadline to claim the prizes bigger than €5,000 is 12 days from the drawing date. You can also check out how long after winning the lottery do you get the money. As for smaller prizes, you can claim them 60 days from the drawing.

If your prize is under €150, feel free to go to your vendor and claim it. Any rewards from €150 to €2,000 will be sent via bank transfer after claiming them with your lottery provider. If you play online, the sums should appear in your account quickly after the draw.

Those who won between €2,000 and €5,000 will need to prove their identity with the vendor. As for the prizes higher than €5,000, you will also need to confirm your identity in-person. Both prize categories are awarded via bank transfer, but the operator mentions they will process the payment 12 days after identification.

Here is the prize structure for Totoloto:

5 + Lucky Number (LN)Jackpot
54% of the prize pool
45% of the prize pool
35% of the prize pool
230% of the prize pool
Lucky Number (LN)€0.90

Totoloto Taxes

A crucial thing to note is that Totoloto is subject to taxes since the Portuguese government imposes them on lotteries. The good news is that all winnings up to €5,000 are tax-free. That means you won’t have to pay a single cent.

However, if you win more than €5,000, you can expect a 20% tax rate on the source. That means the tax will be immediately charged. You should also check taxes in your country of residence because your government can impose an additional winning tax.

Totoloto History

The history of Totoloto goes back to 1988 since that is when the first drawing took place in Portugal. The default format of the game was 6/45, but the Jogos Santa Casa changed it to 6/49 two years later. The 6/49 format was around for decades until they changed it again in 2011. Ever since then, Totoloto has the new 5/49 + 1/13 form.

Biggest Totoloto Jackpots in The History

Totoloto has a guaranteed jackpot, and the main prize rolls over to the next round whenever it hasn’t been won. According to the information available online, the biggest jackpot ever won in this game was €19 million. The lucky winner was drawn during the session on October 29th, 2015. Although prizes in this game are generous, we are still waiting for that jackpot to be topped. If you want to be that lucky winner, do check out the expert tips on how to win the lottery.

Totoloto FAQ’s

How to Play Totoloto from Outside Portugal? Is It Legal?

You can play Totoloto from other countries. If you choose to play via the official website, you will need a bank account registered in Portugal so that you can load up your card with funds.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Totoloto?

The most frequently drawn number in Totoloto is 47 as it appeared 112 times or at 11.88% sessions. Other most commonly drawn numbers include 6, 32, 38, 2, 36, and 7. As for the Lucky Number drum, the most common number is 4 with 82 exits, which makes 8.7% of all sessions.

What is the deadline for buying Totoloto tickets before the drawing?

You can buy your tickets shortly before the drawing as long as your vendor is open.

Totoloto – Is It Worth Playing?

Unlike EuroJackpot or similar games, Totoloto is a national lottery. It is one of the most popular games in Portugal, and it is open to players from abroad.

The game uses two drums but is concept is simple. The jackpot is guaranteed, and other prize tiers can also include hefty rewards. The ticket price is quite affordable, and the payouts are relatively fast. All those are good reasons for lottery fans to give this game a chance!