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Are you looking for a reliable lottery odds calculator that will always show the chances of winning a lotto game accurately?
Our team designed this free and simple tool for all players out there. Thanks to the multiple drum options, it’s applicable to a huge list of lotteries played worldwide. Feel free to give it a shot and learn why it’s a critical asset that players use when choosing the game to play and picking the numbers for their tickets!

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Lottery Odds Calculator – Determine Your Lotto Winning Chances

The incredible thing about our lottery odds calculator is that it’s easy to use. There is no learning curve, and you can start determining winning odds for desired lotteries right away.

Here is a detailed guide on using this lottery odds calculator:

  1. Start by choosing the specifics of the first set of balls. The “# of balls” marks how many numbers will be drawn during the session. In the fields “Range,” you can enter the range of numbers. For example, a 6/49 lotto requires entering “6” in the “# of Balls” field and placing “1 to 49” as a range.
  2. If the lottery uses a second drum, click on “+” to add another set of balls. You want to enter the specifics of the second drum now. If you encounter a lottery that uses more than two sets of balls, feel free to add extra sets. However, if the lotto you picked is a single-drum game, you only need a single set, so skip this step.
  3. Pick the number of tickets you want to play. The value you enter is entirely up to you. You can see the odds for playing one of 100 tickets.
  4. Once you are ready, click on Calculate.
  5. Our lottery odds calculator will immediately show the odds you have for winning the jackpot at that particular lottery concept. You will even see that the odds are for the selected number of tickets. Feel free to make the necessary adjustments and click on Calculate again to compare different odds.

Why You Should Trust Our Lottery Odds Calculator?

What makes our lottery odds calculator unique? For starters, we are a team of experienced lotto players. That’s why we know what a lotto enthusiast expects from this type of tool.

Here are the major benefits to expect when using the Lottery ‘n Go odds calculator:

  • The tool is free forever – you can use our calculator free as many times as necessary. We’ll never charge a single cent or ask for your sensitive information. All it takes is coming to this page and using the calculator when you need to discover the desired odds.
  • Accurate calculations – we made sure to use a proven lottery formula to calculate the odds. It ensures that you use the math to your advantage without having to do the calculations yourself.
  • Simple to use – even if you are a total tech newbie, you’ll find the tool easy to use. All it takes is a couple of clicks to get the desired calculation and discover your odds.
  • Supports various lottery concepts – does your lotto offer a single-drum formula? Do you need to calculate the odds for a two-drum game? Would you like to learn your chances when purchasing five and when buying 50 tickets? All that is possible because of the adjustments that our lottery odds calculator offers.

What Is a Lottery Odds Calculator?

A lottery odds calculator is a tool that allows you to determine your chances of winning a particular lottery. The utility can show you the odds of winning the grand prize, which can be a valuable tool in determining whether the lotto is worth playing.

These tools are also capable of showing odds when buying more than a single ticket, so they can assist in determining how many slips to buy for the upcoming session to optimize your chances.

How Does a Lottery Odds Calculator Work?

Our lottery odds calculator relies on math and proven formulas for calculating lottery odds. The working process is simple – it all starts with you entering the required information in the tool. The provided details should include the number of drums, the total number of balls per drum, how many balls will be drawn, etc.

Once you enter the required details, the odds calculator does its magic. It uses a standard formula to determine your chances of winning the grand prize and displays it in the form of “1:XXX.” That ratio shows your odds of winning.

For example, a 1:1,000,000 ratio means that you have a one in a million chance of winning that lottery. But if you choose a different concept or buy more tickets, you might notice the odds go to 1:400,000. These odds are better than the previously mentioned ones. That’s how using different adjustments can help you to optimize your chances of winning the lottery.

What Factors Affect the Lottery Odds?

It’s time to analyze the factors that affect the odds of winning a particular lotto. You might assume the details that could alter the odds, but we will describe each of those items below.

How Many Drums Are There?

Lottery game concepts vary – you might find a lotto with a simple one-drum formula, but also a complex game with a multi-drum matrix. The general rule is that including a second drum in the calculation will lower your odds of winning the grand prize.

You can discover the concepts of various lotteries in our lottery review section. The format information is the one you use to calculate the odds. It’s vital to use the right specifics for the calculation to be accurate.

How Many Balls Are There Per Drum?

Apart from the number of drums, it’s vital to consider how many balls are there in each drum. The most common concept might be 6/49, but there are many games that use a different format. That’s why it’s important to note how many balls per drum are there. This number describes the total number of balls found in each drum. The lotteries use a concept where each ball marks a specific number from “1” to the actual number of balls in the matrix.

How Many Balls Are Drawn from Each Drum?

During a single session, how many balls the organizer will draw from a drum? In the 6/49 concept, they will pull out six from 49 balls from the drum, and those will be the winning balls. Don’t forget to find information about potential bonus balls from the single pot, although they usually don’t count toward winning the jackpot. Also, the balls drawn from the bonus ball drum can also affect the total odds of winning.

How Many Tickets Do You Plan to Buy?

It’s quite simple – you have better odds of winning if you purchase multiple tickets for the same session. However, a calculator can assist in determining the exact odds with the preferred number of tickets. It’s worth noting that you will increase the odds only if your tickets contain different combinations. Playing the same pattern on all tickets means that you still participate with a single combination in the draw.

The Lottery Odds Formula

A reliable lottery odds calculator will use a mathematical formula to calculate your chances of winning a lotto game.

Let’s check out the lotto formula first, and we will explain it below:

C (t, d) / C (d, e) * C (t-d, d-e)

The above formula will be much clearer if we understand the items entered in the equation. They are the following:

  • C – number of combinations
  • T – how many balls are there in the drum?
  • D – how many balls will be pulled out of the drum during a session?
  • E – the number of matches you expect.

From here, we get the following information:

  • C (t, d) – how many combinations are there to draw the specified D number of balls from the T drum?
  • C (d, e) – how many combinations are there to choose the expected matches (E) from the balls drawn out from the drum (D)?
  • C (t-d, d-e) – how many ways are there to choose the “d-e” combination from the “t-d”?

If we use this example for the classic Canada Lotto 6/49, we get that the odds of guessing all six numbers correctly stand at 1:13,983,816. You can also see the chances improve for guessing five numbers (1:2,330,636), four (1:55,492), etc. However, the prizes also decrease with the fewer numbers guessed correctly.

You don’t need a math degree to use this formula. However, it’s a bit complicated to do the calculation manually. That’s why you should stick to a reliable lottery calculator, such as the one offered on this page.

Bonus Balls

Many famous lotteries use a two-drum concept with a separate bonus ball pot. For example, US Powerball requires guessing 5/69 balls from the main drum and one from 26 balls in the Powerball pot.

Suppose the game uses two drums from the draw, the formula changes. The formula for guessing a single bonus ball is simple if you calculate it separately – 1/P. However, if you want to incorporate that formula with the main drum and calculate the overall odds of winning the lottery, things get a bit complex.

Here is the formula that you should use when a single ball is drawn from a bonus pot:

Odds lottery formula

The abbreviations are as following:

  • P – number of balls in the bonus drum.
  • N – the total number of balls in the main matrix.
  • K – the number of balls you play on the main ticket.
  • B – how many numbers do you need to match to win?

These change the calculations. If you want to guess 5/69 + 1/26 numbers in Powerball, the odds will be 1:292,201:339. However, guessing only one ball plus Powerball offers the odds of 1:92. It’s worth noting that the number of tickets bought can also increase your chances of winning.

What Lotteries Offer the Best Odds?

Now that you are familiar with the theory let’s apply it to practice. We calculated the odds for the most popular world lotteries and looked for games where you have the most tempting winning chances.

Before you check out the table, please note that we tried to select the best odds. That means we didn’t consider the rewards in particular lotteries. Lower odds of winning the jackpot might mean bigger prizes, and that’s something to consider when choosing the preferred lottery.

Here are the games with the most tempting winning chances for the grand prize:

Lotto Game

Odds of Winning the Jackpot

Japan Mini Lotto


Texas Cash Five


New York Take 5 Lotto


Poland Mini Lotto


Ukraine Loto Maxima


Ireland Daily Million


MillionDAY Italy


Can a Lottery Odds Calculator Help to Win the Lottery?

Lottery odds calculators can be valuable assets to any lotto player out there. We know that information is power, and learning what your chances of winning the lottery are can determine if the game is even worth playing.

If you use the math to your advantage, you can also discover how many tickets to play in a particular session. Experienced players don’t hesitate to combine the odds calculator and the lottery number generator. Using those tools together assists in finding the right combination to improve your chances of coming out as a winner.

The best part about these tools is that they don’t cost anything. You can use most calculators and generators, such as those offered on our site, for free. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to test them to witness their benefits yourself.

Tips to Improve Your Odds of Winning the Lottery

A lottery odds calculator is only a single approach you can use to enhance your chances of winning the lotto. Nobody can ever guarantee you a win, but different strategies can assist in optimizing your ticket selection.

Here are some tips that you might want to try:

  • Use different strategies – you can pick a strategic approach, such as Pick 3 or Pick 5 systems.
  • Don’t change numbers frequently – the odds of probability indicate that you should stick to an optimal combination for a particular lotto. As time passes, the probability for your combination to be the winning one will probably rise.
  • It’s better to play with more tickets in a single session – the math says that it’s better to purchase ten tickets for one session than a single ticket for ten sessions. Although the latter might mean you’ll have more fun by watching multiple draws, it lowers your chances of winnings.
  • The importance of number composition – have you ever seen a combination 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 as the winning one? Although each combination has equal odds, things are different in reality. That’s why using a balance of odd and even, high and low, and other number groups are vital.
  • Use statistics to your advantage – whether you follow the statistics and choose hot numbers or go against it with cold numbers, the information from previous draws can help when designing a combination.

Final Thoughts

Our lottery odds calculator tool aims to be a free asset for all lotto enthusiasts out there. If you are unsure about the winning odds for a specific number of tickets, our calculator can help. The tool covers multiple ball sets, which means you can use it for multi-drum matrixes. It’s accurate and will always give an exact formula. Make sure to give it a shot and learn your odds of winning at the upcoming lottery session!

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