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Eurojackpot Odds: What Are the Odds to Win Eurojackpot?

The first draw of Eurojackpot was in 2012. From then, this continental European lottery only became more popular among the players. Today, its main prize goes up to €90 million, which can change your life. Would you like to know about the odds of winning it? Our experts prepared a detailed guide about the chances to win in this lottery. Here is what you should know about the Eurojackpot odds!

What Are the Odds of Winning Eurojackpot?

The overall winning chance in Eurojackpot is 1:35. That means you have a 35 to 1 shot of winning any prize in this lottery. But if you are aiming for the jackpot, you’ll need to beat the odds of 1:95,344,200. This is a transnational lottery, but its odds are still better than in some national games like Italy SuperEnalotto. It also helps that you have 12 prize tiers, which makes the game more interesting.

How to Take Advantage of Knowing the Odds of Eurojackpot

It’s nice to know the odds of beating this game, but what can you do with them? Here are some approaches to take after learning about your chances in Eurojackpot!

How to Use Math for Increasing the Odds of Winning

Mathematics and statistics are popular among lottery players. Some love using wheeling systems, which can improve winning odds. Other players like to rely on statistical information, such as overdue, hot, and cold numbers.

How Lottery Syndicates Affect the Odds of Winning Eurojackpot

You’ll often find players join in syndicates when playing large lotteries. The reason is simple – creating a joint fund with others means you’ll buy more lottery tickets. That automatically increases your odds of winning. Since it’s a large lottery, you can find many Eurojackpot syndicates to join online.

Can Random Numbers Increase Your Odds?

While lottery strategies can boost your odds, you’ll still need luck to win in Eurojackpot. That’s why some players don’t lose time on choosing numbers for their tickets but resort to a number generator. It’s important that your combination isn’t purely random. It should rather be a combination of odd, even, high, and low numbers.

Eurojackpot Odds and prizes Chart

Requirements Odds Prize
5+2 1:95,344,200 Jackpot (minimum €10 million, maximum €90 million)
5 + 1 1:5,959,012 €823K
5 1:3,405,150 €123.5K
4+2 1:423,752 €4.3K
4+1 1:26,485 €239
4 1:15,124 €111
3+2 1:9,632 €58
3+1 1:672 €19
2+2 1:602 €15
3 1:344 €19
1+2 1:128 €8
2+1 1:42 €10

Jackpot – 5 Numbers Plus 2 Euro Balls for At Least € 10 Million

The main reward in Eurojackpot stands at a minimum of €10 million, and the maximum is €90 million. Your shot of winning the jackpot is 95,344,200 to 1. That’s much better than in EuroMillions, but it’s worth noting the grand prize is smaller.

5 Numbers Plus 1 Euro Ball for €823K

If you guess all the main numbers but miss one of two Euro balls, you’ll win €823K. The odds for that are 1:5,959,012. If no one wins the jackpot when it reaches the €90 million cap, it transfers to this tier.

5 Numbers for €123.5K

Eurojackpot will reward you for guessing all numbers from the main pot correctly. The odds of that happening are 1:3,405,150.

4 Numbers Plus 2 Euro Balls for €4.3K

Your chances of guessing this combination are 423,752 to 1. Those odds are decent, but it’s a shame you could only win €4.3K. After all, you are only a single number short of the jackpot in this tier.

4 Numbers Plus 1 Euro Ball for €239

This combination will bring you €239, but you’ll need to beat the odds of 1:26,485. It’s obvious this tier is where the smaller rewards start.

4 Numbers for €111

Your shot at this prize is 15,124 to 1. There’s no need to watch the second drum since you’ll only need four numbers from the main one. The reward is €111.

3 Numbers Plus 2 Euro Balls for €58

You can win €58 if you guess three numbers from the main pot and both Euro balls. That’s not an easy task, and the chances are 1:9,632.

3 Numbers Plus 1 Euro Ball for €19

If you guess three numbers, but only a single Euro ball, that grants you €19. It’s three times lower than the previous prize, but your odds are better – 1:672.

2 Numbers Plus 2 Euro Balls for €15

You have a 602 to 1 shot of winning €15, which is decent. It’ll take guessing two numbers and both Euro balls from the main pot.

3 Numbers for €19

The interesting thing about this reward tier is that it gives a better prize than the previous level. It also grants more favorable odds, which stand at 1:344. If you guess three numbers, you’ll win €19.

1 Number Plus 2 Euro Balls for €8

This is the lowest prize in Eurojackpot, although it offers worse odds than the lowest reward level. You’ll win €8 if you get this combination right, but the odds are 1:128.

2 Numbers Plus 1 Euro Ball for €10

Having two numbers and one Euro ball on your ticket will win €10. The odds of that happening are 1:42, which is decent if you consider the prize is several times higher than the initial stake.


Can You Play Eurojackpot from Other Continents?

Yes, you are welcome to play Eurojackpot from any location where a lottery is legal. You can use our selection of the best lotto sites when purchasing a ticket online.

Which Lottery Offers Better Odds – EuroMillions or Eurojackpot?

Eurojackpot has better odds for winning the grand prize. They stand at 1:95,344,200, while Euromillions give the chances of 1:139,838,160. However, it’s worth noting the maximum jackpot in EuroMillions can reach €250 million. The cap in Eurojackpot is “only” €90 million, but that’s still impressive.

Can I Buy All Eurojackpot Combinations and Guarantee a Win?

The odds of winning are 1:95,344,200, which means you need to buy over 95 million tickets to guarantee a win. That would be unprofitable, especially since other players might have that winning combination, too. So, there’s no profitable way to guarantee a win in Eurojackpot.


Eurojackpot is a fun game to play, especially for those who like an advanced two-drum matrix. The odds of winning it are better than at other continental and transnational lotteries. There’s even the jackpot cap, which guarantees the grand prize will be drawn at some point. Make sure to give Eurojackpot a shot since it’s one of the most popular lotteries in the market!

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