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Lotto India
Game Format

6/50 + 1/5

Odds of Winning jackpot


Odds of Winning Prize


Draw Schedule

Tuesday and Friday at 5 PM IST


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While there are numerous lotteries organized in this country, Lotto India is the only one available online to players from around the world. The game is relatively new, and its popularity already crosses the country’s borders. 

It offers a fairly simple two-drum matrix with the main drum and a joker ball. The jackpot features a fixed sum of around $548.6K, which is quite tempting. If you’d like to try Indian Lottery, here are the details you should know before playing it. 

Lotto India – Basic Overview

Lotto India is a lottery game that uses a two-drum concept, which is a similar one applied by US Powerball and many other reputable lotteries. 

The main drum in the Indian Lottery contains 50 balls, and six of them are pulled out as the winning numbers during each session. Additionally, there is the Joker Ball drum. It contains five balls with numbers from one to five, and only a single ball is drawn during each session.

The actual matrix used by Lotto India is 6/50 + 1/5. You need to guess all seven numbers correctly to win the jackpot. It’s a fairly simple formula that makes this game attractive for newbies but also experienced players. 

What’s the Lotto India Ticket Price?

If you’ve never played the lottery before, it might be smart to begin with the how-to-play lotto online guide written by our experts. As for Lotto India, it’s easy to purchase tickets online as long as you find a reliable provider.

An important thing to mention is that the Indian Lottery is among the most affordable games out there. The single slip costs ₹40, which is around $0.55. That makes it budget-friendly and suitable if you want to try out the lotto but don’t want to invest too much.

Special Bumper Draws in Lotto India

Many lotteries feature special draws around big holidays. An excellent example is Australia Superdraw Saturday Lotto, which occurs several times annually and features more generous prizes. That’s the approach accepted by Lotto India, which organizes the so-called bumper draws throughout the year.

The frequency of these draws isn’t that high since there was only a single draw in 2020 and 2021. However, since 2022 started with a New Year Bumper, we might see the special session frequency increase soon. You should look for special Lotto India draws around Diwali and other significant dates.

Players appreciate that the cost of playing the lottery remains the same. That means the ticket price is still $0.55, but the rewards are far better. The usual jackpot is ₹40 Crore, which is ten times as much as for the regular sessions. That implies the main prize is around $5.48 million, and that makes these sessions worth playing. All the other rules remain the same to avoid any confusion.

How to Play Lotto India Online

Does it seem tempting to try Lotto India? The ticket purchasing process isn’t that different from any other lottery. 

Here are the steps to take to purchase lottery tickets:

  1. Head to the desired website and make sure Lotto India is among the available games.
  2. You’ll need to register on the site and secure a valid payment method. Those could be credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid vouchers, etc.
  3. Enter the ticket selection and pick your numbers for the upcoming Lotto India draw. You can purchase as many tickets as you want. 
  4. Once you get all details sorted out, it’s time to finalize the purchase. After buying the tickets, the provider will deliver them to your inbox. The only remaining thing is to watch the upcoming session and hope to guess the numbers correctly!

Discover the Latest Results of Lotto India

The fun doesn’t stop with two weekly draws presented by the Indian Lottery. It might happen that you missed the actual session and forgot to check the results. Perhaps you just want the latest information on the results, or your plan is to analyze the numbers from the previous sessions.

Our website will make sure to update Lotto India results regularly. That means you’ll find the winning numbers published soon after every draw. Additionally, we make sure to keep the information accurate. You can relax because the numbers shown will be the real deal. 

Thanks to our archive, you can see Lotto India results from previous weeks and even months. All you need to do is to pick the draw date, and the results will appear on the screen.

Odds of Winning Lotto India

The Indian Lottery offers overall odds of 1:5, which is attractive. However, the most intriguing prize is the jackpot, and the chances to win it are 1:79,453,500. That’s not bad, but also not great. For example, EuroMillions has odds of 1:139,838,160, but also a far more generous reward. The chances are less favorable than in Brazil Mega Sena but much better than in US MegaMillions. It’s worth mentioning that Lotto India tickets cost far less than in many other games.

Here is a complete overview of the odds for every reward tier in the Indian lottery:


When Is the Lotto India Draw?

You can participate in Lotto India draws twice per week. The drawing days are Tuesday and Friday, and the drawing time is always 5 PM IST (12:30 PM CET). You can see the results quickly after the draw. 

Lotto India Payout Chart

The jackpot prize always remains the same in Lotto India. It’s ₹4 crore, which is around $548.6K. If multiple tickets win the grand reward, they’ll split the mentioned sum. There is no rollover function, but the main prize is far more significant than all the other rewards.

As for the second-tier prize, it’s already far smaller than the jackpot. The rewards don’t vary, which means their amounts remain fixed in every draw. Apart from cash prizes, you also have free bets. Players receive free bets for all the three bottom winning tiers, and it’s a shame there’s no difference in those prizes.

Here is the exact structure of the Lotto India rewards:

6+JB₹40 million ($548.6K)
6₹80K ($1.1K)
5+JB₹80K + Free Bet
4+JB₹4K + Free Bet
4₹4K ($54.87)
3+JB₹400 + Free Bet
3₹400 ($5.48)
2+JBFree Bet
1+JBFree Bet
JBFree Bet

Lotto India Taxes

If you check our lottery payout and tax calculator, you’ll see that India isn’t exactly gentle toward lotto winners. The country implies a 28% on any win, and that’s a step forward compared to the previous active policy. The government reduced the tax from 30.9% to 28%.

Unfortunately, that’s still a harsh portion being taken from your win. The good news is that reporting the income and paying the taxes is quite simple. On the other hand, if you play from a foreign country, you might need to pay taxes in your location, too.

Lotto India History

Lotto India is an online-only lottery with a brief history. The first draw occurred on June 14th, 2019, which means the game only has several years of tradition. Despite that, it started attracting a bigger number of players in every session. That’s because it is also open to players from other countries, and not only from India. That makes it the only lotto in India that’s available to foreign players.

Biggest Lotto India Jackpots in the History

The Indian Lottery has a fixed jackpot set at ₹4 crore, which makes it the biggest prize you can win in this draw. There’s no exact list of lottery wins, but you can see the recent winners on the lotto website. You see their name and locations, which is an excellent way to confirm the game’s transparency. You can also find some winner testimonials on the official website. They show player opinions and confirm that this is a legit lottery.

What Other Lotto Games Can You Play in India?

The Indian law suggests that you can play the lottery in 13 states within this country. The national government left it to local authorities to decide whether lotto is legal. You’ll find many government lotteries in India, and most of them are state-sized games. That means they are available in those states but unavailable to play from other locations. Some popular games are Kerala, Punjab, Sikkim, and Sambad lotteries.

It’s also worth noting that most games only focus on selling tickets via offline vendors, and there’s a huge risk of fake tickets. That’s why it’s much better to play India Lotto online or pick another lottery available on the best lotto provider sites.

Tips to Winning Lotto India

You can try using odds and probabilities to your advantage to design a winning ticket. The actual approach depends on your playing style, but these are some tips that could help in Lotto India:

  • Participate in every session – the ticket prices are very affordable, and joining every session means you have more chances to win.
  • Don’t change the combination too frequently – according to the laws of probability, if you play a single combination long enough, you’ll win. Those are long-term probabilities, but it could still be wise not to change combinations too frequently. 
  • It’s all about balance – you can try to calculate the median value or simply go with the rule “one number in every decade.” It’s also vital not to pick all even or odd numbers. You can check out our lottery number generator to make things easier when selecting a balanced combination. 
  • Don’t forget to check the results – it’s vital to check the results soon after the draw. You don’t want to risk the deadline to claim the prize passing by without you coming out as a winner.

Lotto India FAQ’s

How to Play Lotto India from Outside India? Is It Legal? 

Yes, it’s legal to play Lotto India if you are outside this country. However, you will need to head online and choose a lottery provider offering this game. From there, the process of purchasing tickets is the same for any game.

What are the Most Common Numbers in Lotto India?

The most frequently drawn number in Lotto India is 34, which has been pulled out of the drum on more than 30 occasions so far. The remaining common numbers are 18, 48, 12, 44, and 31.

What Is the Deadline for Buying Lotto India Tickets Before the Drawing?

The deadline for purchasing your Lotto India tickets is ten minutes before the draw. That places it at 4:50 PM IST, which is 12:20 PM CET. Please note the drawing days are Tuesday and Friday.

How to claim a prize in India Lotto?

The cash prizes and free bet bonuses are instantly credited to your website account. However, if you win a jackpot, you can expect someone to call you and inform you about the win. You might need to verify your identity by providing utility bills and some other documents. After confirmation, the lottery has four weeks to send the money your way. 

Final Thoughts

Lotto India has only recently entered the market, but that didn’t stop it from creating a huge base of players quickly. The grand reward is tempting, and there are 11 prize tiers to make things more interesting. Additionally, the ticket price is low, which means nothing stops you from testing the game. We can only expect it to improve in the future, and that includes offering better prizes in the lower tiers. But even without that, this is an attractive entry-level lottery that’s worth giving a shot.