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SuperEnalotto Odds: What Are the Odds to Win SuperEnalotto?

Italy SuperEnalotto became famous in the lottery world for its huge jackpots. Players rarely win the grand prize in this game, but when they do, the sum is impressive. Would you like to know more about the chances to win the grand reward in SuperEnalotto? This article offers the most comprehensive guide to your chances in this game and how to take advantage of having this info!

What Are the Odds of Winning SuperEnalotto?

Let’s talk about two sides of the same coin in the Italy SuperEnalotto. The overall odds of winning a prize in this game are great. They stand at 1:20, which is better than in US Powerball and far better than in Brazil Mega Sena. But winning the jackpot in SuperEnalotto requires beating the odds of 1:622,614,630, which is unfavorable.

How to Take Advantage of Knowing the Odds of SuperEnalotto

Italy SuperEnalotto uses a 6/90 formula where you need to guess six balls that will be drawn from the 90-ball drum. If you know the odds of winning various prizes, you can take that to your advantage. Here is what you can do when assembling your ticket!

How to Use Math for Increasing the Odds of Winning

You can get creative when it comes to using math to choose lottery numbers. Numerous strategies, such as Pick 5 systems, rely on mathematics. You can also go with lottery statistics and analyze the latest trends for this game. Lottery software can be of assistance when analyzing previous draws.

How Lottery Syndicates Affect the Odds of Winning SuperEnalotto

It’s expensive to buy a large number of tickets yourself. But if you join other players to create a syndicate, you can participate in the draw with more combinations. Therefore, you’ll have much better odds of winning. You can pick from a variety of Italy SuperEnalotto syndicates online.

Can Random Numbers Increase Your Odds?

The lottery is a game of chance, which means the numbers drawn are random. Why wouldn’t you put random numbers on your tickets then? You can use the quick pick feature when purchasing the tickets but also create a lottery prediction algorithm yourself.

SuperEnalotto Odds and Prizes Chart

Italy SuperEnalotto has six prize tiers and three weekly draws. Thanks to the rollover feature, the jackpot quickly increases. That’s how the jackpot reached €209 million once! If that sounds tempting, check out the detailed table with the odds and prizes below.

Requirements Odds Prize
6 1:622,614,630 Jackpot (minimum €2 million)
5 + Jolly 1:103,769,105 €138K
5 1:1,250,230 €4.4K
4 1:11,907 €89
3 1:327 €11.2
2 1:22 €4.2

Note: This is the odds and prizes chart for the main draw without the SuperStar feature. You can learn about your chances with the SuperStar option played in our Italy SuperEnalotto guide.

Jackpot – 6 Numbers for At Least €2 Million

The main prize requires guessing all six main numbers from the drum. If you do that, you’ll win at least €2 million. Due to the 6/90 concept, the odds of guessing right is 1:622,614,630!

5 Numbers + Jolly for €138K

This is the only prize tier where the Jolly number decides who’s the winner. That’s the additional number drawn after the main ones in a single session. If you guess it, along with five main ones, you win around €138K. And you have a 103,769,105 to 1 shot of making that happening!

5 Numbers for €4.4K

The next prize tier gives you €4.4K if you guess five main numbers correctly. The odds are 1:1,250,230, but the sum isn’t impressive. That’s especially true if you think you are only a number short of the jackpot!

4 Numbers for €89

If you have four matched numbers from the six main ones, you’ll win €89. You have an 11,907 to 1 chance that will happen during a draw.

3 Numbers for €11.2

The fifth prize tier gets you €11.2 for guessing half of the numbers drawn correctly. You have a 327 to 1 shot for that to occur.

2 Numbers for €4.5

The lowest reward level gives back around €4.5. The odds of that happening are 1:22, which is quite favorable. The prize is more than four times the ticket price, which makes this tier tempting.


What Are the Odds of Winning SuperEnalotto Jackpot with the SuperStar Feature?

SuperStar actually means adding another number to the formula. That means you’ll need to guess all seven numbers drawn from the pot correctly. The odds for that happening are 1:56,035,316,700. The good news is the prize is even more impressive than the standard jackpot.

What Was the Longest Time Without a Jackpot Winner in SuperEnalotto?

It was almost 17 months that no one won the jackpot before the lucky player took home €165.5 million in December 2016. From the probability perspective, each draw without the grand prize winner increases the chances of them getting drawn in the next session!

Can Playing Lottery Dream Numbers Improve My Odds in SuperEnalotto?

If you believe that you got a message to play certain numbers in your dream, don’t hesitate to include them on your ticket. You can check out our lottery dream numbers and their meanings to learn more about this topic.


Italy SuperEnalotto features a simple formula, but it’s a complex task to win the jackpot. The three draws and a cheap ticket price make things interesting. That’s why millions enjoy playing this game and hoping to beat the odds of winning that jackpot. If you want to jump on board, pick from the best lottery sites and acquire some tickets today!

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