Lottery Analysis Tool (Worldwide)

You can use a lottery analysis tool to make your analysis easier and more efficient. It can help you make sense of past lottery results and identify patterns that you can use to choose your numbers for the next draw.

  1. Start by choosing the lottery you want to play – Click the ÔÇťLotteryÔÇŁ field. This will open a dropdown menu of all the lotteries in our database. From there, you can choose the game. Alternatively, you can also select the game if you find it among the lottery options below the tool.
  2. Next, select the option to analyze the game – Our tool will analyze the game based on two criteria: the latest number of draws and date selection.
  3. If you choose ‘based on the latest number of draws,’ move over to the following field to select the number of draws. For instance, if you choose 50, the tool will analyze the last 50 draws of the game.
  4. On the other hand, if you choose ‘based on date selection,’ you will get a notification to select the date range. Two additional fields will appear below for you to input the start and end dates.
  5. After filling the field, you will immediately get the lottery analysis result.

The result will show the following information: results of the first and last date from the range you have chosen, most common numbers, least often picked numbers, a frequency graph, and number frequencies for all the numbers in the pool.

Disclaimer:The data in our lottery analysis tool is frequently updated following official draw results. This tool is designed to offer detailed lottery analysis and predictions for enthusiasts at Lottery ÔÇśn Go. For comprehensive draw results and additional lottery information, please refer to the respective official lottery websites.

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