Best Online Lottery Sites in Nigeria 2024

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, with over 206 million residents living there. Local citizens love playing the lottery, as well as sports betting and other forms of gambling. Apart from national lotto games, it’s possible to play other worldwide lotteries from Nigeria. That will require finding the most reliable online lottery sites in this country.

Our guide will help you to identify trustworthy internet lottery vendors in Nigeria. You’ll also discover how to choose a platform that suits your preference while avoiding scams. Here is what you should know about online lotto in Nigeria!

Best Online Lottery Sites in Nigeria — Highlights:

  1. theLotter – It’s everything you can expect from an online lottery site.
  2. Lotto Agent – You get a discount for the first-ticket purchase and many other bonuses.
  3. – It’s an all-around gambling site for all gaming fans.
  4. WinTrillions – It’s an excellent choice for playing European lotteries.
  5. Lottofy – The website is a great option for European lottery games.
  6. LottoGo – The operator pays prizes up to €50K to your balance directly.
  7. LottoKings – It has a low minimum deposit, which is great for casual players.
  8. LottoLand – The website looks attractive and offers a decent game selection.
Nigeria Lottery Sites

How We Rate the Best Lottery Sites for Nigeria

As professional reviewers, we have a clear methodology. We make sure not to leave a stone unturned when reviewing lottery sites. That’s how we can get a complete impression of each vendor. Here is what we focus on when testing the platform:

  • Licensing – All lottery operators we list run a legit business and comply with relevant regulations.
  • Security – Encrypted transactions are a must, as well as other protective layers that keep player information safe.
  • Available games – Each website offers at least ten games to choose from, although many include as many as 50+ lotteries on their platform.
  • Mobile gaming – We also check the mobile apps developed by the website and the experience of playing on the go.
  • Payment options – The general rule is that a large number of payment methods should be supported by a lottery site. That way, the players can find their favorite easily.

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission

Nigeria has a National Lottery Regulatory Commission established to oversee everything that’s going on in the industry. It’s a government body with members from ministries of finance, sports, and commerce. They maintain a fund that manages all the lottery revenue and allocates it to important projects throughout the country. As in many other countries, a portion of the revenue goes to projects of public importance.

Best Nigeria Lotto Apps for Mobile Lottery Users

Most online lottery websites have responsive designs. That means you can access them by using your smartphones, tablets, or other devices. The design will adapt to the size of the device’s screen to secure an optimal gaming experience.

However, mobile apps are a way to streamline the process of purchasing tickets. They are faster and more reliable.

Here are the providers you can count on to offer free mobile apps:

  • TheLotter. The designers have been improving this app for years, and it looks great. You can download it for both Android and iOS.
  • LottoGo. You won’t find many apps looking better than this one. Unfortunately, it’s only available for iOS at this point.
  • LottoLand. This platform also offers Android and iOS apps that don’t take much room on your device.

Payment Methods to Play Lottery in Nigeria

The payment methods largely depend on the chosen websites. Some providers even offer paying by phone or other options specific to the Nigerian market. The good news is that all reputable online lottery vendors support major payment methods. That ranges from credit and debit cards to electronic wallets and vouchers.

Here is a quick overview of payment categories by lottery websites in Nigeria.

Lottery siteAccepts Debit and Credit CardsAccepts E-walletsAccepts Prepaid Vouchers

How to Claim Lottery Prizes in Nigeria

If you played the lottery online, it would depend on the sum you won. The smallest sums are awarded automatically to your account. You should see them on your website balance no more than 24 hours after the draw.

As for large sums, they might require claiming the reward in person or being patient. For example, best lotto betting sites have deals with insurance companies. That’s why it takes them up to 30-40 days to pay jackpots and other big wins. As for lottery vendors who purchase tickets on your behalf, they should inform you about the prize claiming process. They will also reveal details about the confirmation process and help you to organize a trip to the lottery office if necessary.

Lottery Tax in Nigeria

It doesn’t seem that there’s an applicable tax on lottery winnings in Nigeria. It’s interesting to note the country does impose taxes on gambling operators. As for players, the only ones who should be concerned are foreigners. If you transfer money to your home country, you might be subject to taxes there. Check out our tax calculator for information about tax rates throughout the world.

Popular Lotteries in Nigeria

Nigeria has both government and private lottery agencies that organize lotto games. Here is an overview of the popular lotteries from this country:

  • National Lotto This is the most popular game in Nigeria, and it’s also known as Baba Ijebu Lotto.
  • Midweek LottoThere are draws every Wednesday for this lottery, which is the version of National Lotto.
  • 06 LottoYou can participate in two weekly draws that guarantee some hefty prizes.
  • Diamond LottoThe Diamond draws occur on Mondays and Thursdays, giving you two chances to win every week.
  • Super LottoPlayers can participate in daily games, which make this lotto fun.
  • Bonanza Lotto You’ll find lottery draws for this game every Friday.

It’s worth noting that US lotteries, but also EuroMillions and other games from Europe, are very popular in Nigeria.

How to Avoid Lottery Scams in Nigeria?

You probably heard about the Nigerian prince scams. Unfortunately, many internet fraud schemes originate from Nigeria. That’s why you need to be particularly careful and do business only with reputable online providers. You should confirm that the operator has a valid gaming license before purchasing the tickets.

Also, pay special attention to the emails you are receiving. Somebody might be falsely representing themselves as the lottery and claiming you won the jackpot. The clear signs of a scam are that you didn’t play that lotto and that they ask you to pay to “activate” the win. No lottery will ever ask you to pay anything apart for the ticket, which we covered in our scam protection guide.


Nigeria is an attractive country for lottery players. They can enjoy a wide range of national games and also try worldwide games via online providers. Everything is perfectly legal, and the internet vendors grant you access to dozens of games around the world. Additionally, there’s no tax, which means you get to keep the entire prize sum. So, if you are thinking about playing the lottery in Nigeria, these favorable conditions can be the reason why you should give it a shot!


Yes, it’s legal to play an online lottery in Nigeria. The Nigerian Lottery Commission is the regulatory body for the entire industry.

As long as you stick to the most reputable lottery sites, it’s safe to play online. However, it seems that The Lotter has the best reputation and is a favorite among players.

Yes, the Nigerian lottery is accessible to foreign players.

It depends on the prize sum and the place where you bought the ticket. Most sites will credit small prizes directly to your account. However, you may need to go to the lottery’s office to claim jackpots.

That depends on the lottery and the provider used to buy the tickets. You should receive smaller prizes to your online lottery account quickly after the publishing of official results. The process of getting big rewards could take up to several weeks.

There’s no lottery that is easy to win. Everything involves having at least a little bit of luck. But if we compare the odds and prizes, it seems that Nigeria National Lotto is the players’ favorite.

You need to pick an online lottery provider offering US Powerball, MegaMillions, or other games from the United States. After buying the ticket over the site, wait for the draw to see if you are among the lucky winners.