Check Lottery Numbers/Tickets (Worldwide)

Check your lottery numbers for the country and lottery you select below:

Disclaimer: We update our lottery number checker regularly as the numbers are revealed in the draws. It serves to provide quick lottery results for our readers at Lottery ‘n Go. But if you seek more information aside from the lottery results, we recommend you consult the official lottery website.

How Our Tool Checks Lottery Numbers?

Our lottery result checker is a helpful tool that allows you to check if your selected numbers have appeared in the lottery draw over the last 12 months. It works by searching our database of past lottery results to find the dates on which your chosen numbers have been drawn. Once the search is complete, the tool will highlight these dates for you, making it easy to see when your numbers have come up. This can be a useful way to track the performance of your chosen lottery numbers and get a better understanding of how often they appear in the draw.

How to Use Lottery Number Checker

It is pretty easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Let say we want to check when 2, 9 , 22, 29, 33, and 36 have come out in the Lotto 6/49 lottery with 45 as the extra number.
  2. Select the continent where the lottery is played. In this case, select “CENTRAL, NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA“.
  3. Choose the country/state of the lottery. In this case, select “CANADA“.
  4. From the list of lotteries displayed, click on “Lotto 6/49“.
  5. Scroll down to select your numbers.
  7. The lottery number checker will provide you with a list of every time the numbers have come out in the game.
  8. Go through the list to see if you have a match. 🤑

** If you want to check the complete list of lottery numbers over the last 12 months, you should uncheck “show only winning numbers“.

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