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Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024
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Tuesday at 6:45 PM JST


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Japan Mini Lotto Review

Japan Mini Lotto is a small Japanese lottery where you have a chance of winning approximately €80K per session. The odds are favorable, and the concept is simple and interesting. Would you like to know other reasons why this game might be worth playing? Check out our detailed Japan Mini Lotto review below to discover more information.

How to Buy Japan Mini Lotto Tickets Online

The process of buying tickets for Japan Mini Lotto is no different than for any other lottery. It involves the following steps:

  1. Find an online lottery platform selling tickets for this game.
  2. Register for an account and pick the desired payment method.
  3. Choose your numbers and complete the transaction.

A single ticket costs 200JPY, which is around €1.60. You can choose how many tickets you want to play during the purchase.

How to Play Japan Mini Lotto Online

Japan Mini Lotto utilizes a single matrix with 31 balls marked with numbers from 1 to 31. You need to choose five of them and guess all correctly to win the jackpot. After the initial five numbers, there will be another number drawn during each session. It is a bonus number that participates in deciding the second reward tier.

Odds of Winning Japan Mini Lotto

The overall odds of winning in Japan Mini Lotto are not that favorable. However, the attractiveness of this game lies in its chances of winning the jackpot. Although the grand prize is not as tempting as in US MegaMillions, you can still win a decent prize. And the odds are far better since they are set at 1:169,911.

If you compare this to similar games, the odds are better than in Poland Mini Lotto. Here are the odds based on prize tiers in this lottery:

RequirementsOdds of Winning

When Is the Japan Mini Lotto Drawing?

Japan Mini Lotto only has a single weekly draw. The session is every Tuesday at 6:45 PM JST (local time). You can find the results online shortly after the draw.

Japan Mini Lotto Payout Chart

Japan Mini Lotto doesn’t have a guaranteed jackpot. However, the organizers estimate that it could be JPY10,000,000, which is around €82K. Since this is a mini-game, that grand prize is quite tempting.

You can also win other attractive rewards, with the lowest one having a 5x value of the ticket price. Here is an overview of the prize structure:

RquirementsEstimated Prize
4+1JPY 150,000
4JPY 10,000
3JPY 1,000

Japan Mini Lotto Taxes

The Japanese government decides about the taxes imposed on Japan Mini Lotto and other lottery games. At this moment, there are no applicable taxes on lotto winnings. That is great news for all players because they can take their winnings home. No matter how much you win, the entire amount will be yours.

Japan Mini Lotto History

The lottery has been around since 1999, and it has always been famous for its attractive odds. The company behind it is Takarakuji, a Japanese lotto operator. The statistics indicate that millions of people throughout Japan play this lottery every year, and it is quite popular around the world, too. The current format has been around for years, and it doesn’t seem like it will change soon.

Biggest Japan Mini Lotto Jackpots in the History

We don’t have the exact information on jackpots in Japanese Mini Lotto, but the lottery estimates they are usually around €80K. As there is a rollover feature, we can only assume the biggest reward was at least €300-€500K. That sounds like a tempting sum at those odds!

Japan Mini Lotto FAQ’s

How to Play Japan Mini Lotto from Outside Japan? Is It Legal?

Yes, you can play Japan Mini Lotto legally from any country. However, not all lottery providers offer it, which is why you might need to find the best lotto websites to purchase tickets.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Japan Mini Lotto?

In the last 100 draws, the most commonly drawn numbers include 19, 23, 3, 2, 27, and 16.

What is the deadline for buying Japan Mini Lotto tickets before the drawing?

If you want to buy tickets for the Japan Mini Lotto, you can do that on the drawing days. However, the organizers don’t specify the exact deadline for buying the tickets. We can only assume it is shortly before the drawing session starts.

Japan Mini Lotto – Is It Worth Playing?

Japan Mini Lotto is a mini lottery and should only be compared to similar games. If we do that, we will find that the game has a lot to offer. For starters, it has better odds than many similar mini lotteries, and you won’t pay any taxes on winnings. Although the ticket price might be a bit higher than expected, this is still a game worth trying. If you are looking for a relaxing but entertaining mini lotto game, give it a shot today!