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Powerball Odds: What Are the Odds to Win Powerball?

The best lottery is a matter of personal preference. But if we are talking about the most popular and biggest lotto game, there’s no doubt that’s US Powerball. The competition for winning the grand prizes is fierce, which is why you could benefit from understanding Powerball odds. Here is a detailed guide on your chances in this lottery!

What Are the Odds of Winning Powerball?

If you do the math, you’ll discover that your overall chances in this game are 1:24.9. Those are your odds for winning any prize offered in Powerball. But if you are going for the jackpot, the odds are 1:292,201,338.  Those are better chances than in Italy SuperEnalotto and US MegaMillions, but they are still tough to beat. The good news is that the Powerball jackpot is among the largest you can win on the lottery scene.

How to Take Advantage of Knowing the Odds of Powerball

It’s natural that you have better chances of playing the game if you know its rules. The same applies to odds in lottery games. Here is how to take advantage of understanding the chances to win Powerball!

How to Use Math for Increasing the Odds of Winning

There’s no point in buying all lottery combinations for Powerball as that would exceed the potential winning sum. However, math can still help on your way to a lottery victory. If you calculate the lottery odds, you’ll know how many tickets to buy to win the lotteryThere’s also the importance of choosing a balanced number mix to boost the probability of coming out as a winner.

How Lottery Syndicates Affect the Odds of Winning Powerball

These are player unions where everyone joins their money to purchase a bigger number of lottery tickets. US Powerball Syndicates can improve your winning odds significantly. For example, buying 100 tickets on your own might be expensive. But if you join forces with others, you can have 100 tickets for the next session. That improves your odds for the jackpot from 1:292,201,338 to 1:2,922,013, which is a huge difference.

Can Random Numbers Increase Your Odds?

No matter how much thinking you apply when creating your ticket, winning Powerball comes down to luck. That’s why you can also use a Quick Pick feature or go with our random lottery number generator. But even if you randomize numbers, don’t forget the rules implied by common sense. For example, it never happened that the Powerball was won by someone who picked six consecutive numbers or all numbers from the same decade.

Powerball Odds and Prizes Chart

US Powerball has nine prize tiers, with the most attractive reward being the jackpot. The guaranteed sum is $40 million, but that’s only a start. Many of the largest jackpot wins were given in US Powerball, which makes this game worth playing. Check out the table with Powerball odds and prizes and learn more about each tier below!

Requirements Odds Prize
5 + PB 1:292,201,338 Jackpot ($40 million guaranteed)
5 1:11,688,053 $1 million
4 + PB 1:913,129 $50K
4 1:36,525 $100
3 + PB 1:14,494 $100
3 1:580 $7
2 + PB 1:701 $7
1 + PB 1:92 $4
0 + PB 1:38 $4

Jackpot – 5 Numbers Plus PB to Win At Least $40 Million

The grand prize will require guessing all numbers drawn correctly. Powerball is a two-pot game, which makes it a difficult task. That’s why the odds are 1:292,201,338. But if you are lucky enough, you’ll become a millionaire since the minimum sum offered is $40 million. The jackpot has a rollover feature, which implies it increases with each round where it wasn’t won.

5 Numbers for $1 Million

The second tier offers a tempting $1 million prize and odds of 1:11,688,053. If you choose to play the multiplier on your ticket, you can increase the reward two times or more.

4 Numbers Plus PB for $50K

The third prize in Powerball is bigger than the jackpot in some lotteries, such as Ukraine Megalot. It will take guessing four numbers plus the bonus ball, and the odds for that are 1:913.129.

4 Numbers for $100

The fourth and fifth tiers offer the same prize sum. However, the odds for guessing four numbers correctly are 1:36,525. That’s not as favorable as the next level.

3 Numbers Plus PB for $100

If you guess three numbers plus the bonus ball, you’ll get $100. That’s the same reward as for the previous tier. Your odds are far better here, and they stand at 1:14,494.

3 Numbers for $7

You can expect $7 if you guess three numbers correctly in a Powerball draw. The odds are 1:580, and the prize is enough to cover the purchase of several tickets.

2 Numbers Plus PB for $7

The odds of nailing this combination are 1:701, which is worse than the previous level. However, the prize is the same, and you can look forward to a fixed amount of $7.

1 Number Plus PB for $4

You’ll need to beat the odds of 1:92 to win a fixed sum of $4 offered in this prize tier. Apart from a single number in the main pot, it’s necessary to guess the Powerball number correctly.

PB Number for $4

The Powerball number is special in this lottery. It only takes guessing it right to win $4. The odds of doing that are 1:38.


Do You Need to Pay Taxes on Powerball Winnings?

Yes, the United States of America imposes federal, state, and local taxes on lotteries. The applicable taxes depend on your exact location. Check out our lottery tax calculator for more information.

Can I Win Multiple Prizes with the Same Ticket?

No, you only qualify for the highest prize that the ticket won. For example, if you have four numbers plus the Powerball, you win the third reward tier. However, you don’t get winnings from lower levels even though you technically qualify for them.

When Are the Powerball Drawings?

US Powerball draws occur twice a week – on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The drawing time is always the same – 10:59 PM EST.


US Powerball is the synonym for an exciting lottery with huge jackpots. A single draw can change your life, although you’ll need to beat some unfavorable odds for the grand prize. However, the life-changing sum is worth trying, especially since you’ll have plenty of fun playing. Don’t hesitate to give Powerball a shot and learn why it’s the favorite of players worldwide!

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