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EuroMillions Odds: What Are the Odds to Win EuroMillions?

EuroMillions had originated in 2004, but it didn’t take long for it to become a players’ favorite. Although it’s a European lottery, players from other continents also participate. The guaranteed jackpot is €15 million, and you have 13 prize tiers. If you’d like to know more about your EuroMillions odds of winning, here are all the details about your chances in this game!

What Are the Odds of Winning EuroMillions?

The good news is that EuroMillions offers 13 prize tiers, which is more than most other lotteries. That puts the overall winning odds at 1:13, making them more favorable than in EuroJackpot. It’s worth noting that you want to go for the highest prize tiers since they secure attractive sums. That being said, you have a shot of 139,838,160 to 1 of winning the jackpot. The minimum grand prize is €15 million, while the maximum is €250 million.

How to Take Advantage of Knowing the Odds of EuroMillions

EuroMillions uses a two-drum concept with a 5/50 + 2/12 formula. It’s a complex lottery, which is why you should understand the odds when playing it. Here are some methods to maximize your potential of having a winning ticket!

How to Use Math for Increasing the Odds of Winning

Lottery players have found creative ways to use math when designing their ticket combinations. You’ll find lottery math used in Pick 4 and similar lotto strategies. Other players don’t hesitate to check the lottery statistics and look for cold, hot, or overdue numbers.

How Lottery Syndicates Affect the Odds of Winning EuroMillions

If you like playing in a group, you can organize a lottery syndicate with your friends. It involves joining money in a pool, purchasing the tickets together, and sharing the prizes. This can significantly improve your winning odds because you’ll participate with more tickets. You can also find online lottery syndicates for popular lotto games.

Can Random Numbers Increase Your Odds?

It’s up to you to pick the desired approach for selecting the numbers on your ticket. If you have little time, you can use the Quick Pick feature at your online or offline vendor. Some people trust numerology lottery predictions; others stick to their personal selection, so don’t hesitate to find a method that suits your preference.

EuroMillions Odds and prizes Chart

The jackpot starts at €15 million and has a rollover feature. If no one wins it, it increases based on the ticket purchase value. Once it reaches €200 million, the increments begin to be fixed amounts. In the next five draws, the jackpot increases for €10 million per round. Finally, if it reaches €250 million and no one wins it, the prize is transferred to the next reward level.

Requirements Odds Prize
5 + 2 1:139,838,160 Jackpot (minimum €15 million, maximum €250 million)
5 + 1 1:6,991,908 €201,000
5 1:3,107,515 €21,000
4 + 2 1:621,503 €1,300
4 + 1 1:31,075 €120
3 + 2 1:14,125 €57
4 1:13,811 €39
2 + 2 1:985 €14
3 + 1 1:706 €11
3 1:314 €9
1 + 2 1:188 €7
2 + 1 1:49 €6
2 1:22 €4

Jackpot – 5 Numbers + 2 Lucky Star Numbers for At Least €15 Million

If you guess all seven numbers correctly, you win a jackpot. Your chances are 139,868,160 to 1, but the winning sum makes it worth trying.

5 Numbers + 1 LS for €201K

The second prize tier is €201K, and you need to beat the odds of 1:6,991,908 to win it. It’s interesting that the jackpot might get transferred to this tier if no one wins it when it reaches €250 million.

5 Numbers for €21K

If you guess all numbers from the main pot correctly, you win €21K. You have a shot of 3,107,515 to 1 for that happening.

4 Numbers + 2 LS for €1.3K

The fourth reward level brings each winner approximately €1.3K. That’s not much consolation if you think that you are only one number short of winning a jackpot. Your odds are 1:621,503 for this tier.

4 Numbers + 1 LS for €120

You could say here’s where low-reward tiers begin. If you beat the odds of 1:31,075, you’ll win €120.

3 Numbers + 2 LS for €57

The combination of three numbers from the main pot and both Lucky Star numbers brings you €57. Your shot of winning this sum is 14,125 to 1.

4 Numbers for €39

The odds for this prize are similar for the previous one since they stand at 1:13,811. However, the prize is 33% lower, which means you can expect around €39.

2 Numbers + 2 LS for €14

Any player who beats the odds of 1:985 and has this combination will win €14 in that draw.

3 Numbers + 1 LS for €11

You have a 706 to 1 shot of nailing this combination when playing EuroMillions. The prize is €11, which is not that tempting.

3 Numbers for €9

You’ll win around €9 if you beat the odds of 1:314. This reward tier doesn’t consider Lucky Star numbers but only balls from the main pot.

1 Number + 2 LS for €7

If you guess both Lucky Star numbers, but only one from the main pot, you win €7. The odds for this happening are 1:188.

2 Numbers + 1 LS for €6

This combination only gives €6, and the odds for guessing it are 1:49. Although it’s better than nothing, the sum isn’t impressive.

2 Numbers for €4

You’ll profit even if you only guess two numbers from the main draw. However, the prize is a modest sum of €4, and you have a 22 to 1 shot of winning it.


When Is the EuroMillions Draw?

You can participate two times per week in this game. The sessions are on Tuesdays and Fridays at around 8 PM CET.

Do You Need to Pay Taxes If You Win at EuroMillions?

Most countries that participate don’t have any applicable taxes to lottery winnings. The exceptions are Switzerland, Portugal, and Spain. If you play from a country that doesn’t organize EuroMillions, you might need to pay the tax at the source, too. Check out our lottery tax guide to learn more about applicable charges.

Where Can I See EuroMillions Winning Numbers?

You can see the current winning numbers on our EuroMillions results page.


EuroMillions is one of the two most popular continental lotteries in Europe. Its grand prize is impressive, especially when it gets close or reaches the jackpot cap. The game also has 13 reward levels, which gives you plenty of chances to come out as a winner. Your overall winning odds are decent, and that’s another reason why you should try EuroMillions!

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