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Kanisha Kinger

Name: Kanisha Kinger

Location: Bihar, India

Born: 3.22.1989

Job: BizDev & Indian Market Manager

Favorite Lottery Game: EuroMillions

Lucky Numbers: 3,21,43,17,9

Lottery Tip: Just have fun with the lottery. Although the odds of winning are slim, the lottery is always enjoyable if you play it responsibly.

Where You Might Find Her: Anywhere I can have a quiet time with my friends and family.

Email: [email protected]

Kanisha’s Story and Expertise

Kanisha Kinger is the Indian Market Manager & BizDev at Lottery 'n Go. She is a learner, workaholic, talent acquisition specialist, and ambitious business development executive. Her expertise in working with Indian people makes her a great choice to manage and oversee the communication between the Lottery 'n Go business and its Indian customers.

Early on in her career, Kanisha demonstrated a passion for market dynamics and consumer behavior. This passion led her to marketing, where she gained a deep understanding of various industries. Her career path eventually led her to become the Indian Market Manager at Lottery ‘n Go, where she has excelled. She has also worked with leading recruiting companies to help jobseekers find their ideal jobs.

With her vast knowledge of human resources and recruitment, Kanisha is an expert in delivering end-to-end hiring solutions. She also currently works with Zigsaw to help companies fulfill their hiring requirements.

Contribution to Lottery ‘n Go

At Lottery ‘n Go, Kanisha has become an integral part of developing successful campaigns in the Indian and other countries’ markets. She conducts extensive market research to identify the lottery players' challenges and issues, offer new lucrative opportunities, and lottery games tailored for each country's players.

Apart from her strategic insights, she oversees seamless communication channels between Lottery 'n Go and its valued readers, ensuring a harmonious and responsive relationship. Kanisha's dedicated efforts have played a key role in the brand's flourishing presence in different countries.

Kanisha’s Work Process: From Research to Successful Campaigns

Kanisha takes every part of her job seriously and that has made her very successful at her job. Her job process typically involves several stages, from initial research to the execution of the campaign.

  • She conducts market research to identify and understand the interests of lottery players.
  • She performs a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to understand the market environment and where Lottery ‘n Go stands.
  • She sets clear objectives for the campaign and develops a marketing strategy that resonates with the lottery players.
  • She works with various teams such as content writers, designers, and marketers to implement the campaign strategy.
  • She monitors and adjusts the strategy to ensure optimum results.

Throughout this process, she works with all functional teams to ensure everybody does their parts.

What Kanisha Doesn’t Do

Kanisha adheres to all ethical standards and best practices to ensure the success of her marketing efforts. Everything she does is in the best interests of her target audience. Here are some things she will never do:

  • Work with Scummy Lottery Providers. Kanisha won’t and will never work with unreliable lottery providers or lottery services that can put players at risk. Any lottery provider she works with has been personally vetted and confirmed to deliver a safe and secure lottery service.
  • Make Exaggerated Claims. She recognizes that making unrealistic claims and promises can be detrimental to her marketing campaign. She doesn’t want to lose the trust or cause dissatisfaction among readers, so she would always come true and only present unadulterated facts to players.
  • Ignore Readers’ Feedback. Kanisha values feedback from readers - both the good ones and the bad ones. The good reviews show that her campaigns are doing well while the bad one shows where she can do better. This helps her to maintain trust and build strong relationships.
  • Neglect Team Communication. Kanisha never fails to communicate effectively with team members. She knows poor communication can cause misunderstanding and reduce morale, and reduce the effectiveness of marketing strategies. This is why effective communication is a key part of her strategy.

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