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How to Pick Lottery Numbers? (Extra: The Best Lottery Numbers to Pick in 2022)

Random draws and dozens of numbers on each lottery ticket make people wonder how to pick lottery numbers the right way. Choosing the best lottery numbers may not guarantee prizes, but it can increase the possibility of getting a bigger prize. Therefore, knowing which strategies work and those that are not worth the effort is a valuable asset.

How People Usually Pick Lottery Numbers?

As the results of lottery games are completely random, people naturally tend to search for lucky patterns or signs that give them some orientation. That may even include supernatural justifications or very specific dreams.

While randomness guarantees that even the most exotic way of picking lottery numbers can win a prize, there are biases that can negatively affect odds. That is the case of superstitions or patterns that ignore or eliminate some numbers, as when people use dates.

For example, using the wedding or birthday date can limit the pool of numbers – not in a good way – as months and days are capped at 12 and 30/31, respectively. That is different from using numbers that appeared or were somehow indicated in a dream, which is also how some people pick lottery numbers.

That is similar to trusting that there are lucky numbers according to your star sign or using fortune-telling sources. Statistically speaking, the chances of winning with those methods are equal to choosing numbers randomly. That is, as long as there are no limitations – like when dates are used alone.

Now, there are methods on how to pick lottery numbers that are not based on mere coincidence. Although there are no guarantees involved in the lottery, some systems can help players organize their games.

Pick Lottery Numbers the Right Way?

There are numerous lottery strategies available to those who do not simply want to trust random choices or wait for a miraculous dream. They can be based on frequency, math, or even the behavior of other players.

Frequently Picked Lottery Numbers

 Choose a lottery game and look up its results.  This method of picking lottery numbers does not refer to the numbers that are most popular among players. Instead, it refers to using the numbers that are drawn most often in a specific lottery game. It is easy to collect them in online lottery results, and the larger the timespan, the better.

 Pick those that appear more often.  Every draw gives each number the same chances of being drawn, mathematically speaking. However, this method is based on the belief that there are more things in Heaven and Earth than simple logic tells. Therefore, certain unknown circumstances would make those specific numbers appear more often, regardless of what statistics say.

 Mix the combinations and probabilities.  Some players also change it a bit, adding the less common (cold) numbers in a mixed game when they buy lottery tickets online.

Choosing Numbers According to the Delta

 Choose a number between 1 and 5.  Do not worry, as that number will only be chosen to build the Delta system. Statistically speaking, starting with 1 tends to result in winning delta numbers more often.

 Pick two more numbers between 1 and 8.  Now you should have the first number plus these other two. For example, 1-6-2

 Choose two more numbers between 1 and 8.  Now you should have the first number plus these other two. For example, 1-6-2

 Add two numbers between 8 and 15.  Numbers are starting to increase, and you can choose any two between that range. Our choice resulted in 1-6-2-9-11-14.

 White your chosen numbers and add them up.  Do a simple sum and write down the number. In case it is higher than the maximum number in your game, repeat the sequence with lower numbers. Our total is 1+6+2+9+11+14 = 43. Now, the system indicates that if our number is within 15 numbers from the maximum lottery number, that is a good choice.

  • P.S.: Feel free to repeat numbers if you want or need to.

 Change the order.  As already specified, those still are not your lottery numbers. Therefore, rearrange them putting the first number last and vice-versa, and change the order of the numbers in-between. Write it down. Ours became 2-6-9-1-14-11.

 First and second lottery numbers.  The first number of your sequence – 2, in our case – will be your first lottery number. Then, add the second Delta sequence number to the first, and that will be the second lottery number. So far, we have got 2 and 8.

 Finish your lottery sequence.  Keep adding the resulting lottery number to the next Delta number, and that will become your lottery number. After five times, you have a sequence.

Are Popular Numbers the Best Lottery Numbers to Pick?

Different from the most frequent numbers, the popular ones are those that players pick from superstition or certain beliefs. For example, the number 7 is considered a lucky number, and it is frequently seen when people play lotteries. The same applies to multiples of it, such as 14, 21, 28, 35, and 42.

Another form of playing popular numbers without even searching for them is to play obvious sequential numbers, e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Regardless of how high the jackpot or which time of the year it is, there will be several people using that sequence.

The problem with choosing the most common as the best lottery numbers to pick is that it brings no additional advantage. That would be okay, similar to playing numbers you have dreamt of if it did not reduce your total prize in case you win.

After all, getting it right means hundreds or even thousands of other people did it too. Unless it is a jackpot, the chances are you will not receive a lot of money.

Using Quick Pick to Avoid Popular Numbers

Two efficient alternatives help people when they have to choose numbers that are not too frequent. One is to use the quick pick strategy and simply remove the popular numbers, which is quite effective and fast. Simply generate the numbers, check for possible popular combinations and avoid them.

That way, there will be better chances of not sharing the jackpot and smaller prizes with a bunch of other people.

Choosing Your Lucky Numbers

The other option to go for individual prizes is to choose your lucky numbers. They can be based on a wide range of things connected to you as an individual, such as your star sign. By doing so, you will avoid the usual lucky numbers everyone plays.

What About Unpopular Lottery Numbers?

Researchers looking at winning lottery tickets and frequent choices of numbers in different studies across the globe reached the same conclusion. Whenever there were several jackpot winners, they always followed a pattern that included popular numbers. That means those winners who preferred to go with the common choices had to share their prizes.

One of those specific studies, carried out at Southampton University (United Kingdom), showed that going with unpopular numbers could actually double the total prize. Believe it or not, some combinations are completely ignored, and they could be the key to an actual huge jackpot.

So, while going with uncommon combinations has the same chances of conquering a prize, it will provenly and logically increase it when you win.

Best Lottery Numbers To Pick – Our Recommendation

Finally, those who came here looking not only for advice but actual recommendations on what the best lottery numbers are can consider themselves lucky. According to the most frequent method, find the lottery numbers to 7 great games found on the best lottery sites.


The all-time hottest numbers that could work as the best lottery numbers to pick on Powerball are:

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We collected the most common numbers to play Mega Millions, plus the hottest MegaBall, in all its draws:

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Lotto 6/49

One of the most famous lottery games in Canada is Lotto 6/49 also counts on an interesting combination of hottest numbers.

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Oz Lotto

The following balls represent the best lottery numbers according to the frequency strategy, plus the supplementary numbers in Oz Lotto.

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We collected the best main, superstar, and jolly numbers of the SuperEnalotto lottery for those willing to use the hottest numbers:

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Mega Sena

The Brazilian lottery Mega Sena does not count on special or bonus numbers. Instead, players can choose from 1 to 60, including the hottest numbers below:

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One of the hottest lottery games in Europe and across the globe, EuroMillions is also featured here with its most common numbers:

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How to Win the Lottery Alone?

As previously explained, the best possible outcome of a lottery game is to win a prize alone – especially a huge jackpot. There are some hints on how to win the lottery alone, or at least increase your chances of doing so:

  •  Avoid lucky numbers , their multiples, and obvious sequences, as there are hundreds or thousands of tickets with those.
  • Placing more numbers on the center of the lottery slip is what most people do. Therefore, do the contrary.
  • Do what several people do not:  prefer numbers that cannot be chosen based on special dates.  That is, those above 31.
  • Consecutive numbers can be a good idea if it is  not an obvious sequence. 
  • If numbers are widely spread through some fortune-telling source, do not play them.
  •  Use the quick pick method or an automatic lottery tool  to generate random sequences, but evaluate them before playing.
  • Go for  straight rows or columns that are not obvious.  When playing online, that may change according to your screen size.
  •  Avoid the draw date  as one of the chosen numbers.

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The Takeaway

Our investigation on how to pick the best lottery numbers resulted in very interesting outputs. Choosing popular or obvious combinations may lead to smaller prizes, while random unpopular numbers preserve the odds and eliminate that issue.

At the same time, looking for the hottest numbers in all-time or the latest draws may reveal the best lottery numbers for those who believe in trends. In any case, that is also a valid strategy that does not interfere in the odds, as well as using the Delta method. Every player can choose one or more strategies that match their profile and stick to it.

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