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Veikkaus lotto
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7+1/49 + 1/30

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Draw Schedule

Saturday at 9 PM CET


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Finland Lotto Review

Finland Lotto is a Finnish lottery that every fourth person in this country plays. The reason behind its popularity is the guaranteed jackpot and tempting prizes, but also the advanced and intriguing format. If you want to learn more, read our Veikkaus Lotto detailed reviews below!

How to Buy Finland Lotto Tickets Online

If you are in Finland, you can head to the local vendor and purchase the tickets. Players from all over the globe can purchase tickets online via the best lottery websites out there. It is as simple as finding the provider offering this game and registering to purchase tickets over that site.

The default ticket price is €1, but players can add a Plus number for an extra €0.50. That improves your odds and adds a reward tier for those who only guess that number.

How to Play Finland Lotto Online

Veikkaus Lotto has a somewhat complicated concept, but once you figure it out, you will find it incredibly fun. 

Here is what happens during the draw:

  • The main drum consists of 40 balls. The organizers use a 7/40 format, which means that you need to guess all these numbers right to win a jackpot. Once those seven numbers are drawn, the organizers will pull out an additional ball that participates in deciding who won the second and sixth prize tier.
  • The second drum consists of 30 balls. A single ball will be drawn, and that is the Lotto Plus number. That number is only valid for those who used the additional Plus option on their tickets. It can multiply all winnings except the jackpot and grant you a small win.

Odds of Winning Finland Lotto

The overall chances of winning a prize in Veikkaus Lotto are 1:50, but if you play the Lotto Plus number, you improve them to 1:19.

As for the jackpot winning odds, they are 1:18,643,560. They are a bit better than in France Loto and worse than in other European national lotteries like Poland Lotto.

Here is an overview of your odds per prize tier:

RequirementsOdds of Winning
Plus Number1:30

When Is the Finland Lotto Drawing?

The lottery only has a single drawing per week. You can watch it on Saturday at 9 PM CEST, and it is broadcasted live from Helsinki, which is the capital of Finland. 

Finland Lotto Payout Chart

The minimum guaranteed jackpot pool is €700K, which might not sound generous, but the rollover feature increases this sum significantly. The lower tier prizes in Veikkaus Lotto are also quite tempting, and you have six reward levels available.

Here is the overview of the estimated prizes:

RequirementsEstimated Prize
7Jackpot (minimum €700,000)
Plus Number€5

If you choose to play the Lotto Plus number, all no-jackpot rewards will be five times bigger than the specified sum.

Finland Lotto Taxes

Here is the good news – players don’t have to pay a single cent on winnings they win in Veikkaus Lotto. That means the Finnish government won’t charge you anything, but if you are a foreigner, check the local laws, too. It might be that your local government has applicable taxes that you have to pay.

Finland Lotto History

Finland Lotto is a national lottery, and the estimation is that every fourth person in this country is playing it. That makes the game very popular, and it has been like that since its establishment. The jackpot rules are somewhat different now because the lottery established the minimum grand prize fund to ensure the main reward can reach a whopping sum. 

Biggest Finland Lotto Jackpots in the History

The largest jackpot in the lottery’s history was €27.8 million in 2015, but two winners shared it equally. However, if we look at individual jackpots, the biggest one was €15.6 million, and it was won by a lucky player from Uusikaupunki. It is interesting to note that a 50-member syndicate won the €14.2 million jackpot in 2017, which means it might be worth trying lottery syndicates in this game. 

Finland Lotto FAQ’s

How to Play Finland Lotto from Outside Finland? Is It Legal?

The Finnish lottery allows everyone to participate, regardless of their location. You can purchase tickets online and hope that you will win.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Finland Lotto?

If we take a look at the statistics from 2011, the most frequently drawn numbers are 12, 6, 36, 37, 16, 18, and 35. 

What is the deadline for buying Finland Lotto tickets before the drawing?

We failed to find a specific deadline, but we assume you have at least a couple of hours before the draw to purchase tickets for the upcoming session. 

Finland Lotto – Is It Worth Playing?

If you are looking for something different, Finland Lotto might be your cup of tea. The addition of the extra number and the Lotto Plus draw makes every draw of this lottery exciting. It is a shame there is only a single draw per week, but attractive prizes make up for that. If the format sounds interesting, make sure to try Veikkaus Lotto today!

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