Spain Lottery Results & Winning Numbers


Saturday, Apr 13, 2024

  • 03
  • 12
  • 17
  • 30
  • 38
  • 46
  • 45
Reintegro: 4X

Sun, Apr 14, 2024

EUR 5.6 Million
El Gordo

Sunday, Apr 07, 2024

  • 08
  • 18
  • 28
  • 40
  • 47
  • 04

Sun, Apr 14, 2024

EUR 12.2 Million

Friday, Apr 12, 2024

  • 01
  • 34
  • 39
  • 47
  • 49
  • 01
  • 12

Tue, Apr 16, 2024

EUR 98 Million
La Primitiva

Saturday, Apr 13, 2024

  • 02
  • 03
  • 10
  • 19
  • 26
  • 35
  • 09
Reintegro: 4X

Mon, Apr 15, 2024

EUR 2.8 Million

Friday, Apr 12, 2024

  • 04
  • 06
  • 11
  • 13
  • 16
  • 20
  • 03
Reintegro: 8X

Sun, Apr 14, 2024

EUR 1.29 Million

Friday Apr 12, 2024

  • 02
  • 03
  • 12
  • 16
  • 45
  • 02
  • 11

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024

EUR 106 Million

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

  • 17
  • 19
  • 22
  • 30
  • 35
  • 37
  • 1

Monday, Apr 15, 2024

EUR 20,000 per month for 30 years

The Spanish lottery operator offers a well-balanced and very convenient drawing schedule, so anybody can find a little time to try his or her luck and enjoy good gambling. Traditionally, most of the games are held twice a week, while some of them offer everyday entertainment.

GameSunMonTueWedThuFriSatTime Zone
La Primitiva 09:40 p.m.  09:40 p.m. 09:40 p.m.Central European Time
El Gordo de la Primitiva09:30 p.m.      Central European Time
Bonoloto09:30 p.m.09:30 p.m.09:30 p.m.09:30 p.m.09:30 p.m.09:30 p.m.09:30 p.m.Central European Time
Lototurf   09:15 p.m.*10:05 p.m.* 09:15 p.m.Central European Time
EuroMilliones (EuroMillions)  08:45 p.m.  08:45 p.m. Central European Time
Eurojackpot  08:00 p.m.  08:00 p.m. Central European Time
Loteria Nacional    10:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m.Central European Time

*Only in the weeks in which there is horse racing on this day

Spain Lottery Games Details

As the structure of the Spanish lotteries, odds of winning the lottery, and rules vary greatly, you may play them even just for a good gambling experience. Try all kinds of bets here and see which of them may bring you more fun or maybe more money. To increase your winning chances, analyze lottery combinations, remember the six luckiest lottery numbers, and take advantage of the lotto predictions.

GamePrize TypeGame FormatWhen You Can Buy Tickets
La PrimitivaFlexible prizes depending on the prize pool5 from 1-49 + 1 from 0-9 (Reintegro Number)Any time until except the draw break at 09:30 p.m. CET on drawing dates
El Gordo de la PrimitivaFlexible prizes depending on the prize pool5 from 1-54 + 1 from 0-9 (Número Clave Ball)Any time except the draw break at 09:15 p.m. CET on drawing dates
BonolotoFlexible prizes depending on the prize pool6 from 1-49Any time for the coming draw
LototurfAll the prizes depend on the prize pool after the ticket sales6 from 1-31/ 1 horse out of 12Any time for the coming draw
EuroMilliones (EuroMillions)All the prizes are taxable, depending on the overall prize pool5 from 1-50+ 2 from 1-12 (Lucky Numbers)Any time until 07:30 p.m.CET on drawing dates
EurojackpotProgressive prizes based on the prize pool5 from 1-50+2 from 1-12 (Euro Numbers)Any time except the draw breaks between 07:00 p.m. CET – 08:30 p.m. CET on Tuesday and Friday
Loteria NacionalFixed Jackpot and the lower-tier prizes depending on the prize pool10 from 1-20Any time for the coming draw

Spain Lottery Advanced Draws

In fact, the number of consecutive draws is not as big here, and it relates to all the games. Nevertheless, the maximum of them allows you to play for several weeks, so it is quite enough, especially when you are about to experiment with different lucky numbers. Anyway, the multi-draw option can make your gambling more stable and comfortable, so we think the chance must be taken!

GameMaximum Advanced Draws
La Primitiva6
El Gordo de la Primitiva7
EuroMilliones (EuroMillions)10
Loteria Nacionale10

How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Spain?

You can play any of the SELAE lotteries right on the official website of the gambling operator. More and more players find this option very convenient and are eager to place their bets wherever they are. Besides, the process is among the simplest compared to the other European lottery, as the very structure of the Spanish games of chance is very distinct.

  1. Well, now let’s see how you can become a true online gambler in Spain:
  2. Pass through the registration process on the SELAE official website and sign in.
  3. Select a game in the appropriate division.
  4. Define if you are going to place a single or multiple bet.
  5. Pick the lottery numbers. As usual, you can do it on your own or take advantage of Quick Pick (Automatica).
  6. Then, check everything carefully, pay for your online wager, and focus on your future lottery win, as thoughts are things!

If you want to add more thrills, join the reliable lottery sites and choose other games. Our tips on how to win a lottery, in-depth explanation of lottery strategies, and helpful tools will be handy in any case.

Check Spain Lottery Tickets

We have no doubt that the results of the draw you take part in are among the things you think of the most often. If so, then just take advantage of these options:

  1. Visit the SELAE website and check if your ticket is a winning one on the page for your game.
  2. The SELAE official mobile app is a good option as well. There, you can keep in touch with the results, follow the latest lottery news, and place your bets!
  3. If you are an online gambler, then all you need to do is subscribe to SMS and emails and receive the appropriate notifications.
  4. Besides, some of the players find it more entertaining to visit a SELAE point of sale and talk to the cashier about the current draw.
  5. Another suitable option is to bookmark our site. We know all the lottery results and will share them with you right after the drawings.

Claim Lottery Winnings in Spain

The lucky lottery winners really enjoy their triumph, as the prizes are often very considerable. If you are among them, we dare say that the information about your further steps can be very helpful. Just follow our instructions on how to claim a lottery prize. Remember, you have just 90 days to take your money!

Claiming OptionHow to Collect a Prize
Claim in Person

  • Up to €2,000 – minor prizes are usually claimed at the SELAE official retail locations. There are over 11,000 points across Spain, so the collection won’t be a problem.
  • €2,001 and over — these are some Spanish banks, including BBVA and Caixa, that redeem bigger amounts. To know for sure where exactly you can turn, just visit the nearest SELAE point.

Besides, proof of your identification is needed if you claim over €2,000, so be ready to provide an appropriate document. For Spanish citizens, it is DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad), and foreign players must provide NIE (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero).

Claim by MailNo
Claim by Drop OffNo
Claim Lottery Winnings Online

The online winners of up to €2,000 may relax as they get the prizes into their players’ wallets, called Lotobolsa. However, if there is more than €400 or the amount you set on your own, the remainder will be transferred right into your bank account, which you can provide and confirm at the moment of registration.

If you need to collect a bigger prize, just provide the data from your DNI or NIE via your player’s account or in the mobile app. If your bank account is confirmed, the money will be deposited in a few days.

Please note that if there is no data in your bank account, the winnings can’t move further than your lottery wallet.

Spain Lottery Claim Form

There are no lottery claim forms that the Spanish winners must complete in advance. Nevertheless, you must prepare proof of your ID and take care of your ticket, as it is the only bearer instrument for in-store gamblers.

Spain Lottery Office Locations

LocationAddressPhoneWorking Hours
Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado HeadquartersC. del Poeta Joan Maragall, 62, 28020 Madrid



Monday – Saturday: 09:00 a.m. – 02:00 p.m. CET

Spain Lottery Rules and Laws

Legal gambling on the territory of Spain is provided by Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (SELAE), an organization with a 4-century history and impressive experience and expertise in the field of lotteries. The games that it provides are different, but some rules are common and unshakable for all of them:

  • You can enter any Spanish lottery only if you are at least 18.
  • All the lottery prizes, including jackpots, are paid out as lump sums in Spain.
  • The bank account is a key point for participants who prefer to play the lottery online, as they can’t dispose of their money completely without it.
  • The Spanish lotteries will be available to you even if you play from abroad. However, you must have an account with any of the banks that deal with SELAE on the territory of Spain.

Spain Tax on Lottery Winnings

According to the local tax law, lottery prizes must be levied if their amount exceeds a certain limit. To know more, see our charts below and turn to the lottery tax calculator!

  • Lottery Taxes on Lottery Winnings for Spanish Citizens and Residents

PrizeTax TypeTax Percentage
€40,000Non-taxable amount
€40,001 and overState tax20%

As you can see, the non-taxable amount is considerable, so most of the players don’t worry about taxation at all. Still, big winners get their prizes right after all subtractions.

  • For Non-Spanish Citizens and Residents

PrizeTax TypeTax Percentage
€40,000Non-taxable amount
€40,001 and overState tax20%

Players from abroad know that their winnings must go through a local bank account, so they are also regarded as any prizes won by the locals. That is why the tax rates and obligations are the same here.

FAQs About Spanish Lotteries

The schedule for the sales cut-off is very diverse, so it is very difficult to explain everything in a few words. Please see the table above, as all the information is given right there.

According to some ratings, the luckiest places with lots of lottery wins are Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao, Valencia, Malaga, Zaragoza, and Alicante.

As for purchasing tickets at the points of sale, each retailer may have its own policy, so it is a good idea to take care of some cash for your betting.

The list of SELAE games includes Loteria Nacionale, Primitiva, El Gordo de la Primitiva, Bonoloto, Lototurf, and the multinational EuroMillions and Eurojackpot, as well as some football and equestrian betting challenges.

All the prizes exceeding €40,000 are taxable amounts, and the state deductions equal 20% for them.

You can! Moreover, online gambling is well developed here, so you can play even in the SELAE mobile app. Also, we recommend seeing other lottery software and lotto apps to expand your opportunities.

Yes, anonymity after a lottery win is allowed in Spain. The names of the winners can be disclosed only with the winners’ consent. However, the locations, draw dates, and prize amounts are regarded as public information.

And again, we won’t give you any striking facts; legal gambling starts at 18 in Spain.

You have 90 days or three months to take your money home.

Naturally! As long as there is a set claiming period of 90 days, you can’t claim your winnings after that.

Online gamblers never face this problem. However, if you prefer paper tickets, keeping an eye on them is a reasonable precaution. If your ticket is lost or spoiled, you will leave yourself without your deserved prize. Still, nothing will happen if you are a bit more focused!

SELAE donates considerable amounts to local social programs, cancer research, and junior clinical scholarships. Indeed, about 50% of the Lottery income goes to form the prize funds, support the gambling infrastructure, and cover operating expenses.

Note: The lottery results on Lottery n’ Go are not official. When playing the lottery, it is always advisable to verify your results with an official lottery agent before taking any further action. This is to ensure that you have correctly interpreted the results and that you are not about to make any rash decisions based on incorrect information. We’re doing our best to provide updated results every 1h. If you found any mistake, please report here.