Latvia Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Džokers Midday

Saturday, Jul 20, 2024

  • 7
  • 0
  • 1
  • 6
  • 8
  • 4

Wed, Jul 24, 2024


Friday, Jul 19, 2024

  • 13
  • 18
  • 22
  • 26
  • 32
  • 10
  • 11

Tue, Jul 23, 2024

€32 Million
Latloto 5/35

Saturday, Jul 20, 2024

  • 10
  • 21
  • 25
  • 26
  • 31

Wed, Jul 24, 2024


Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024

  • 05
  • 07
  • 25
  • 32
  • 35
  • 41
  • 04

Wed, Jul 24, 2024

€14.3 Million

If you are a devoted gambler and are ready to do anything to expand your lottery experience, then Latvia is the place to go. In-state and multinational lotteries can bring you considerable prizes. Furthermore, the game schedule covers the entire week, so you can play as often as you like and combine several games to feel engaged and confident in your victory.

GameSunMonTueWedThuFriSatTime Zone
Latloto 5 of 35   06:00 p.m.  06:00 p.m.Eastern European Time
Vikinglotto   08:00 p.m.   Eastern European Time
Eurojackpot  09:00 p.m.  09:00 p.m. Eastern European Time
Keno Morning11:30 a.m.11:30 a.m.11:30 a.m.11:30 a.m.11:30 a.m.11:30 a.m.11:30 a.m.Eastern European Time
Keno Midday03:30 p.m.03:30 p.m.03:30 p.m.03:30 p.m.03:30 p.m.03:30 p.m.03:30 p.m.Eastern European Time
Keno Evening07:30 p.m.07:30 p.m.07:30 p.m.07:30 p.m.07:30 p.m.07:30 p.m.07:30 p.m.Eastern European Time
Loto 5Every five minutesEvery five minutesEvery five minutesEvery five minutesEvery five minutesEvery five minutesEvery five minutesEastern European Time

Latvia Lottery Games Details

In Latvia, you can explore several traditional games of chance, each with its own rules and odds of winning. Nearly half of these games offer fixed prizes, while the others are based on a flexible prize structure attached to the total prize pool for the specific draw. This diversity allows you to enjoy various entries when participating in lottery activities in this remarkable country.

GamePrize TypeGame FormatWhen You Can Buy Tickets
Latloto 5 of 35Progressive jackpot and flexible prizes based on the prize pool5 from 1-35Any time until 05:30 p.m. EET on drawing dates
VikinglottoFlexible top prize and fixed lower-tier prizes6 from 1-48 + 1 from 1-5 (Viking number)Up to 07:00 p.m. EET on drawing dates
EurojackpotFlexible prizes depending on the prize pool5 from 1-50 + 2 from 1-12 (Lucky Star number)Up to 07:45 p.m. EET on drawing dates
KenoFixed prizes1-10 from 1-62Up to 30 minutes prior to the draw
Loto 5Fixed prizes8 from 1-20+ 1 from 1-4 (Bonus Number)

Latvia Lottery Advanced Draws

The number of consecutive draws varies from lottery to lottery, implying different gambling periods without purchasing tickets. For example, Latloto allows players to play for up to two months or slightly less, while Loto 5 has 50 consecutive draws or nearly three hours. See the table below to figure everything out and decide how many tickets to purchase.

GameMaximum Advanced Draws
Latloto 5 of 3516
Loto 550

How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Latvia?

If you want to play with comfort, Latvia Loto has something to offer. All lotteries can be accessed directly on the official website through iLoto, an online gambling system. To play any of the local games over the Internet, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on the Latvija Loto website.
  2. Sign in and pass over to the page of the game you are going to play. At once, you’ll see the e-playslip.
  3. Complete it in accordance with the lottery instructions and rules.
  4. Add your tickets to the cart, navigate to the payment page, and place your bet there.

Additionally, you have the option to play the lottery online through reputable lottery platformsSimply choose the game, decide on your approach to picking lottery numbers, and rely on your luck.

Check Latvia Lottery Tickets

The list of options for players who want to know the game results is less extensive. However, all the ways are convenient and reliable:

  1. The most reasonable course of action is to stay on the official Latvija Loto website. Soon after the draw, the results will be available on both the main page and the game page.
  2. The iLoto players can subscribe to notifications and get the latest news in their emails.
  3. If you prefer live draws, then LTV1, the local official TV channel, is right for what you need.
  4. You can always drop by a Latvija Loto retail location nearby to learn the results of the lottery you took part in.

Additionally, you can use our lottery number checker and bookmark this page. We track Latvian lotteries and provide you with results right after the draws.

Claim Lottery Winnings in Latvia

Receiving Latvija Loto prizes is straightforward and uncomplicated. All you need to do is ensure you are a winner and follow the instructions provided below on how to claim your lottery prize. Note that there is a claiming period of 365 days. Even if it seems long, try not to fall behind.

Claiming OptionHow to Collect a Prize
Claim in Person

  • Up to €150—these prizes are considered minor, so you can receive your cash at any Latvija Loto retail location.
  • €150-€720 — you must claim these payouts in person at the Latvija Loto Head Office, located at Meistaru Street 19, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia.
  • Over €720—bigger prizes are also collected at the Latvija Loto Head Office. Please note that the more you win, the more time the Lottery needs to process your claim. To clarify, the lottery redeems winnings ranging from €720 to €14,300 within 3 days and pays out large awards within 30 days.

Claim by MailNo
Claim by Drop OffNo
Claim Lottery Winnings Online

  • You don’t need to do anything to transfer the amounts up to and including €1,999 into the player’s accounts.
  • The payouts, which range from €1,999 to €10,000, are made by appointment at the Latvija Loto Head Office, located at Meistaru Street 19, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia. To arrange the redemption, you must contact the office at +370-67227681 between 09:00 a.m. and 05:30 p.m. EET on weekdays.
  • You can redeem all the €10,000 awards at the Latvija Loto Head Office in Riga by appointment.

Latvia Lottery Claim Form

You don’t need to complete lottery claim forms in advance. Prepare your winning ticket and a valid photo ID, and contact the Lottery to figure out the exact list of documents for a smooth prize claim.

Latvia Lottery Office Locations

LocationAddressPhoneWorking Hours
Latvija Loto Head OfficeMeistaru street 19, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia+370-67227681Monday-Friday: 09:00 a.m. EET – 05:30 p.m. EET

Latvia Lottery Rules and Laws

In Latvia, lotteries are overseen by Latvija Loto, the state gambling provider authorized by the government. It was established in January 1993 and started with Latloto 5 of 35, a traditional lottery game with a unique local vibe. Later, in 2011, Latvija Loto joined Vikinglotto, and in 2013, she became a member of Eurojackpot. Despite the uniqueness of each lottery game in Latvia, they all adhere to the following principles:

  • The minimum legal gambling age in Latvia is 18. Even if you manage to cheat and place your bet, you won’t be able to receive the prize anyway.
  • All the lotteries are available over the counter at the official retail locations and online.
  • The players must have a bank account with the Bank of Latvia, Citadele, SEB, Swedbank, or Luminor to have the ability to claim the prize.
  • The Latvija Loto games are broadcast online on LTV1, the most popular state TV channel.

Latvia Tax on Lottery Winnings

Latvia established a progressive tax scale for lottery prizes on January 1, 2021. Now, the local gamblers must pay taxes. The deducted amount varies based on the winning amount. However, there is still a tax-free limit for prizes won in any game of chance.

  • Lottery Taxes on Lottery Winnings for Latvian Citizens and Residents

PrizeTax TypeTax Percentage
Up to €3,000State tax0%
€3,000-€78,100State tax23%
€78,100 and overState tax31%

As the table shows, you don’t need to pay anything until your total winnings exceed €3,000. If your prize is bigger, you must pay accordingly, although there are only two consecutive increases.

  • For Non-Latvian Citizens and Residents

PrizeTax TypeTax Percentage
Up to €3,000State tax0%
€3,000-€78,100State tax23%
€78,100 and overState tax31%

Players from abroad can also participate in Latvian lotteries, provided they have an account with a local or international bank operating on the state’s territory. So, your amounts are also tracked and levied according to the local law.

FAQs About Latvia Lotteries

Most Latvian lotteries accept bets up to 30 minutes prior to the start of the draw. Please note that online ticket sales are cut off 40 minutes before the draw. The sales break usually lasts for 10 minutes, after which you can purchase tickets for the next draw.

Besides Riga, the capital city of Latvia, the most winning places are Valmiera, Saldus, Liepaja, and Ogre.

Yes, the Latvija Loto accepts credit and debit cards issued by local banks. Please make sure that your card complies with all its terms.

In Latvia, the pool of lotteries is very diverse. Besides the local games, including Loto 5, Keno, and Latloto 5 of 35, you can try your luck at Vikinglotto, played in 10 countries, or multinational Eurojackpot, which is popular across 19 states.

All prizes exceeding €3,000 are subject to taxation. A progressive tax scale is applied; prizes between €3,000 and €78,100 are levied at 23%, and larger amounts imply 31% taxation.

Yes. You can play the so-called iLoto on the official lottery website.

Latvija Loto respects its players and does its best to provide them with absolute security and anonymity after a lottery win. Lottery never publishes the names and exact locations of the winners without their consent, usually only releasing the winning amounts and the winning cities.

You can place your bets, participate in all the Latvian lotteries, and collect prizes only if you are at least 18 years old.

After you win, you have 365 days, or the whole year, to get your prize amount into your pocket.

Latvija Loto is not obligated to make payouts after the expiration of the claiming period. Therefore, it’s important not to delay in claiming your prize to avoid missing out.

If you play in-store and lose your ticket, you will not be able to claim your prize. So, treat it carefully, or just play online to secure your future winnings.

A large portion of the proceeds from lottery ticket sales go to various projects concerning child and health care, social well-being, education, supporting gifted children, and helping people with gambling addiction.

Note: The lottery results on Lottery n’ Go are not official. When playing the lottery, it is always advisable to verify your results with an official lottery agent before taking any further action. This is to ensure that you have correctly interpreted the results and that you are not about to make any rash decisions based on incorrect information. We’re doing our best to provide updated results every 1h. If you found any mistake, please report here.