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Lotto America Review

Lotto America is a multi-state U.S. lottery game that is a predecessor of Powerball. The lotto was revived in 2017 with a new and improved concept and a guaranteed $2 million jackpot. Check out our U.S. – Lotto America review to find out all details about this game!

How to Buy Lotto America Tickets Online

You can purchase Lotto America tickets online by visiting an internet lottery provider offering the game. It is possible to pick your desired numbers or select them by random.

The basic ticket price is $1 per line. If you want to play the All-Star Bonus, it will also cost you $1 per line. The tempting price allows you to play combinations, but also test various lottery strategies.

How to Play Lotto America Online

U.S. Lotto America is a two-drum game featuring the basic white-ball drum and the Star Ball drum.

Here is how a drawing session works:

  • White balls – the initial drum consists of 52 balls marked with numbers from 1 to 52. The machine will draw five balls at each session.
  • Star ball – these balls have numbers from 1 to 10 on them. The machine draws only a single ball per session.

You need to guess all numbers from both drums correctly to win the jackpot. However, there are nine prizes in total, and only guessing the Star Ball can get you prizes.

All-Star Bonus

All-Star Bonus is a multiplier that is decided before each drawing session. The multiplier can vary from 2x to 5x, and here are the odds that each option has:

  • 2x multiplier – 15/32 chances of being drawn.
  • 3x – 10/32 odds of being selected.
  • 4x – 4/32 are the chances of choosing this multiplier.
  • 5x – 5/32 are the odds of picking the most significant boost.

This bonus multiplies all prizes except for the jackpot with the boost drawn. For example, the second-tier reward is $20,000. With a 3x multiplier, it would be $60,000, and with a 5x bonus, it can increase to $100,000.

Odds of Winning Lotto America

The odds of winning a jackpot in Lotto America are 1:25,989,600. Since this is a multi-jurisdictional lottery game, we can compare it with similar lotteries. For example, it offers more than ten times better chances than MegaMillions, although the prizes are less tempting. The odds are comparable or better than in some state lotteries, such as Lotto Texas or New York Lotto.

Here is the entire odds structure in Lotto America:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#15 + Star Ball1 : 25,989,600
#251 : 2,887,733
#34 + SB1 : 110,594
#441 : 12,288
#53 + SB1 : 2,404
#631 : 267
#72 + SB1 : 160
#81 + SB1 : 29
#9S.B.1: 17

When Is the Lotto America Drawing?

U.S. Lotto America draws occur twice weekly. The drawing time is 10 PM CT on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

What Time Can You Buy US Lotto America Tickets Until?

Ticket sales for the US Lotto America end one hour before the draw starts. The draw begins by 10:00 pm CT on Wednesdays and Saturdays. So we advise that you buy your tickets and make your selections before 9:00 pm CT.

The closing time also depends on the lottery providers. Most lottery providers require players to make their selections earlier than the deadline time. You should confirm the lottery providers so you don’t miss out on the deadline.

Lotto America Payout Chart

Lotto America has a guaranteed jackpot fund of $2 million. Since the grand prize has a rollover function, the fund transfers to the next round if no one wins it. It increases by at least $50,000 per round. Thanks to that, it can reach some whopping sums.

It is crucial to note that the jackpot prize is shared if there are multiple winners. That doesn’t apply to other reward tiers. Every player wins the specified sum for that level.

Here is an entire Lotto America prize structure:

5 + SBJackpot (min $2 million)
4 + SB$1,0001
3 + SB$20
2 + SB$5
1 + SB$2

Lotto America Taxes

You need to pay taxes on your winnings in U.S. – Lotto America. First, you need to consider the federal tax imposed on all prizes over $5,000. It starts at 25% but increases if you are a non-resident or you win a jackpot. Additionally, you might be eligible for a state tax, which varies from 0% to 7.4%.

Finally, if you are playing abroad, your home country can also tax you if there are applicable regulations.

Lotto America History

The history of the U.S. – Lotto America goes back to 1988. In 1992, this game was replaced with U.S. Powerball. Lotto America had to wait for 25 years for a revival. It finally happened in 2017, and the organizers tried to make the new version better.

Today, 13 states participate in Lotto America. That includes Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Biggest Lotto America Jackpot in The History

The biggest jackpot ever won was also the first grand prize in the revived U.S. – Lotto America lottery. The participating states boosted the initial jackpot fund to $15 million, but it still took four months to find the first winner. Finally, a whopping $22 million jackpot went to Minnesota in 2018.

Lotto America FAQ’s

How to Play U.S. – Lotto America from Outside the United States? Is It Legal?

You can play Lotto America if you are a non-US resident. The easiest way to participate is to play online by purchasing a ticket via an internet lottery vendor.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in U.S. – Lotto America?

From the revival of Lotto America in 2017, the most frequently drawn numbers are 25, 1, 47, 22, 34, 10, and 15. As for the Star Ball, the most commonly drawn number is 9.

What is the deadline for buying U.S. – Lotto America tickets before the drawing?

The sales closing time varies on the state or the online provider. However, the deadline should be set at one hour before the drawing time on drawing days.

Lotto America – Is It Worth Playing?

U.S. – Lotto America offers everything you might expect from a multi-state lottery. That includes tempting jackpots with a rollover feature, but also an affordable ticket price. The two-drum concept with a multiplier is also intriguing, and another reason why you should try this game.f

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