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Austria Lotto
EUR 1 Million!
Sunday, Mar 03, 2024
Game Format


Odds of Winning jackpot

1: 8,415,060

Odds of Winning Prize


Draw Schedule

Wednesdays at 6:47 PM, and Sundays at 7:17 PM CET


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Austria Lotto Review

Austria Lotto is a lottery game organized by ÖsterreichischenLotterien. It is a national Austrian lottery company that organizes many games, but Lotto 6 aus 45 seems to be the most popular. Check out our review to learn more about the lottery and how to start playing it today!

How to Buy Austria Lotto Tickets Online

The great thing about purchasing lottery tickets online is that you can buy them from any part of the world. All you need is an active internet connection and a lottery provider offering your desired game.

First, find an operator who offers Austria Lotto. Register an account and use it to buy tickets. Feel free to experiment with a single ticket or system bets, which could be based on lottery strategies.

The basic ticket price for Lotto 6 aus 45 is €1.20.

How to Play Austria LottoOnline

Austria Lotto uses a single drum with 45 balls for every drawing. The balls are marked with numbers from 1 to 45. During each session, the organizers draw seven balls. The first six balls participate in jackpot, and you need to guess them all to win the grand prize.

The final ball drawn is the Zusatzzahl or an extra number. That ball participates in four lower tiers but isn’t relevant for a jackpot.

Apart from the default game, Lotto 6 aus 45 offers the additional LottoPlus and Joker games. LottoPlus involves four prize tiers and uses the same 6/45 concept, but without the extra ball.

Odds of Winning Austria Lotto

Austria Lotto has eight prize tiers. The odds for winning a jackpot are 1:8,415,060. Those are actually better than most national lotteries, including Canada Lotto 6/49. The chances are far better than in international lottery games like MegaMillions.

Since there are eight reward categories, you have plenty of chances to win. Here are your odds across all available tiers:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#161 : 8,415,060
#25 + ZZ1 : 1,357,510
#351 : 34,808
#44 + ZZ1 : 14,290
#541 : 733
#63 + ZZ1 : 579
#731 : 45
#8ZZ1 : 16

When Is the Austria Lotto Drawing?

Lotto 6 aus 45 has two draws per week. The first draw is on Wednesday at 6:47 PM CET, and the second one on Sunday at 7:17 PM CET.

What Time Can You Buy Austria Lotto Tickets Until?

You can buy Austria Lotto tickets up until 6:30 pm CET on Wednesdays, and 7:00 pm CET on Sundays. This means you have up to 17 minutes before the draw starts. If you buy later than the deadline, your ticket will be registered for the draw the next week. Know your ticket sales deadline times and avoid mixing them up. It is best to play early, at least a few hours before the draw, to avoid a late time rush.

Austria Lotto Payout Chart

Austria Lotto has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of €1.5 million. If no one wins it in the initial draw, the grand prize rolls over and increases by a portion of the prize fund.

The extra number participates in four prize tiers, and guessing only the bonus ball gives you back the value of the ticket.

6Jackpot (minimum €1.5 million)
5 + ZZ€93,275
4 + ZZ€202
3 + ZZ€17.7

All prizes are paid in lump-sum payments.

Austria Lotto Taxes

The Austrian government doesn’t impose taxes on lottery winnings. That means all sums will be 100% yours. The only thing to check is taxes in your country if you are playing abroad.

Austria Lotto History

The first drawing of Lotto 6 aus 45 was in 1986. The game turned out to be a big hit among the Austrians, which is why the company implemented the second weekly draw. In 2017, they decided to add another game called LottoPlus.

Biggest Austria Lotto Jackpots in The History

The largest jackpot winner in the Austria Lotto history was pronounced in November 2018. A lucky player won €14,926,157, which is an impressive sum.

The second-biggest prize was given a year earlier when a winner received €12.2 million. €11 million was the jackpot rewarded to a lucky player in 2011. Since this is a national lottery, the jackpots are quite tempting. The expert tips on how to win the lottery might help you winning the jackpot.

Austria Lotto FAQ’s

How to Play Austria Lotto from Outside Austria? Is It Legal?

You can play Austria Lotto from anywhere in the world legally. Find an online lottery provider available in your country and purchase tickets on the web.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Austria Lotto?

The most frequently drawn numbers in Lotto 6 aus 45 include 3, 43, 39, 42, 44, 5, and 34.

What is the deadline for buying Austria Lotto tickets before the drawing?

You can purchase Austria Lotto tickets 17 minutes before the draw starts on drawing days. That puts the deadline on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM CET, and Sundays at 7 PM CET.

Austria Lotto – Is It Worth Playing?

Austria Lotto is a national lottery that is well-balanced and attractive for all players. Beginners will appreciate a relatively acceptable ticket price and simple concept, while veterans like tempting jackpots and the bonus ball twist. Purchasing a ticket is available both online and offline, so make sure to give Lotto 6 aus 45 a shot!