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Ontario 49
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Wednesday, Oct 04, 2023
Game Format

6 + 1/49

Odds of Winning jackpot


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Draw Schedule

Wednesday and Saturday at 10:30 PM EDT


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Ontario 49 Review

Ontario 49 is a lotto game organized by OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming). It went through several format changes in its long history. The latest occurred in 2014 when this lottery became a single-drum 6/49 game with a bonus ball. Check out our Ontario 49 review to discover the advantages and drawbacks that this lottery offers!

How to Buy Ontario 49 Tickets Online

If you would like to give Ontario 49 a shot, you can purchase a ticket online. Many lottery providers offer this game. However, make sure to pick a reliable operator that includes this lottery on their list.

Once you navigate to the game, choose whether you want to purchase a standard ticket or use combinations. Combinations are a fun way to try lottery strategies.

The price of the standard ticket with six marked number is $2 per play. If you are from Ontario, you can also play the Encore bonus game for an additional $1.

How to Play Ontario 49 Online

Ontario 49 features a similar concept to the national Canadian 6/49 lottery. That means the game consists of a single drum with 49 white balls. During each drawing, six white balls are drawn, and you need to guess them all correctly to win the jackpot. To boost your chances of winning, you can check out the tips form experts on how to win the lottery.

At each session, another Bonus Ball will be drawn from the drum. That ball only participates in determining winners of two prize tiers.

Odds of Winning Ontario 49

Winning a jackpot in lotteries has never been easy, and that is true for Ontario 49. However, the chances of winning the grand prize in this game are 1: 13,983,816. That makes them more tempting than in New York Lotto or Lotto Texas.

The overall odds of winning a prize are 1:6.6, which is quite decent. Here is an overview of chances that you have based on prize tiers:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#161 : 13,983,816
#25 + 11 : 2,330,636
#351 : 55,492
#441 : 1,033
#531 : 56,7
#62 + 11 : 81,2
#721 : 8,3

When Is the Ontario 49 Drawing?

Ontario 49 draws are held twice per week. The drawing days are Wednesday and Saturday at 10:30 PM EDT.

Ontario 49 Payout Chart

The jackpot rules in Ontario 49 ensure the main prize always remains the same. That means you can never win less than $2 million, but also more than that. The same applies to the second prize tier. If there are multiple winners in these categories, the money is shared equally.

As for other prize tiers, every winner will get the sum specified in the table, and there is no sharing involved.

Check out a detailed payout chart below.

6$2 million
5 + 1$50,000
2 + 1$3
2Free Play

Ontario 49 Taxes

Canada and the province of Ontario don’t apply taxes to lottery winnings. That means the entire sum you win in Ontario 49 will be yours. If you purchased tickets online, please note that your home country can still tax your winnings.

Ontario 49 History

The history of Ontario 49 goes back to 1997 when the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation established this game. It turned out to be a great hit among players throughout the province.

The rules have been changed multiple times over the game’s history. The current game format is active since May 2014. It was also then when the $2 million jackpot rule was implemented.

Biggest Ontario 49 Jackpots in The History

The rules of Ontario 49 indicate that the jackpot never changes. It has been like that since the latest game format adjustments. Since then, many lucky winners have won the grand prize.

Beverly from Holstein is one of the recent winners of the grand $2 million jackpot. The same reward went to Raymond from Welland. Many other winners coming from Courtice, Toronto, Belleville, and other places throughout Ontario won the second grand prize of $50,000.

Ontario 49 FAQ’s

How to Play Ontario 49 from Outside Canada? Is It Legal?

Yes, you can play the standard Ontario 49 game from anywhere in the world, and it is perfectly legal. Purchase a ticket over the internet and hope to win the grand $2 million jackpot.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Ontario 49?

The most frequently drawn numbers are 26, 44, 3, 46, 10, 37, 22. Those are the statistics from the format change in 2014.

What is the deadline for buying Ontario 49 tickets before the drawing?

You can purchase tickets up until the draw starts at 10:30 PM on Wednesday and Saturday.

Ontario 49– Is It Worth Playing?

Ontario 49 is among the most popular games in the province of Ontario. However, players throughout the world also enjoy this lottery. A decent chance to win the prize and a guaranteed jackpot concept make it enticing for both newbies and experienced players. The ticket price is not that high, and you have a chance to win a multimillion grand prize. If that sounds good, test your luck in this lottery today!