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Italy Lotto
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Game Format

5/90 with 11 drums involved

Odds of Winning jackpot


Odds of Winning Prize


Draw Schedule

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8 PM CET


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Italy Lotto Review

Italy Lotto is a unique lottery game organized by Lottomatica. What makes it special is the concept that involves no less than eleven drums used for every draw! If you are looking for a complex, but exciting lotto with amazing prizes, this game could be perfect. Check out our Italy Lotto review to get all details straight before you start playing!

How to Buy Italy Lotto Tickets Online

The easy part is to find the lottery vendor offering Italy Lotto. Apart from the official website, reputable online lotto providers all have this game available. Once you find the vendor, pick this lottery from the list of upcoming draws.

A single bet in Italian Lotto is worth €1. The maximum can be €200, and you can increase it in €0.50 increments. Since the game spreads across 11 wheels, the tricky part is choosing the bets to play. That makes this lottery perfect for experimenting with lottery strategies.

How to Play Italy Lotto Online

Italy Lotto is a lottery game, unlike any other. It features a simple 5/90 concept at its core. However, the trick is that the provider uses 11 drums for each draw!

During each session, 11 wheels are used. Each of them has 90 balls with numbers from 1 to 90. From each drum, five random numbers are drawn. For easier distinguishing, the numbers have names of famous Italian cities. We have Venice, Turin, Rome, Palermo, Naples, Milan, Genoa, Florence, Cagliari, Bari, and a national drum.

Your task is to choose from one to ten numbers, and the drums you want to play with those numbers. The bet size could depend on the number of wheels selected, but also on the desired wagering type.

Here are the playing options available in Italy Lotto:

  •         Estratto – guess a single number from any wheel correctly.
  •         EstrattoDeterminato– pick a number and the drum where it will be drawn.
  •         Ambo – guess two numbers from any wheels correctly.
  •         Ambetto– pick two numbers and match one of them correctly. The other can be a neighbor to the other number. For example, if you pick 23 and 44, you win with the following combinations: 23 and 45, 23 and 43, 22 and 44, and 24 and 44. 1 and 90 are considered adjacent numbers.
  •         Terno– pick three numbers and guess them right.
  •         Quarterna– choose four numbers and match them correctly.
  •         Cinquina– pick five numbers and guess them right.

It is up to you to play these bets on single or multiple drums. A single ticket can hold no more than ten different bets.

Odds of Winning Italy Lotto

The biggest prize you can win in Italy Lotto requires playing Cinquina bet type. Your odds would be at 1:43,949,268, and the potential prize is €6 million. Those odds are harsh but still better than in the Australia Oz Lotto, and far better than in EuroJackpot.

Unlike prize tiers available in other games, Italy Lotto comes with bet types. Here is an overview of the odds depending on the wager placed:

Prize TierBet TypeOdds of Winning
#1Estratto1 :18
#2EstrattoDeterminato1 :90
#3Ambetto1 :100.32 (1:200.33 with consecutive numbers)
#4Ambo1 :400.5
#5Terno1 :11,748
#6Quaterna1 :511,038
#7Cinquina1 :43,949,268

When Is the Italy Lotto Drawing?

Italy Lotto draws occur three times per week. The drawing days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The drawing time is 8 PM CET.

Italy Lotto Payout Chart

The biggest prize you can win in Italy Lotto is €6 million, and that is a fixed sum. It requires choosing only five numbers and guessing all five of them correctly on the chosen wheel.

The great thing about the Italian Lotto is that it offers various playing options. Calculating the winnings is the hard part.

Here is a payout structure that will help you to determine the potential prize:

Numbers PlayedEstrattoEst. Det.AmbettoAmboTernoQuarternaCinquina

Italy Lotto Taxes

Italy has an 8% tax on lottery winnings, and it is applicable to this lotto, too. That rate is not that harsh, although it would be better if the wins are tax-free. Make sure to check the regulations in your home country as your winnings might be taxable there, too.

Italy Lotto History

If you visit Italy, you will find this game under Gioco del Lotto. The provider is Lottomatica, which is most famous for the Italy SuperEnalotto.The roots of Italy Lotto go back to 1528. It was in 1997 when multiple weekly draws were established. The number of wheels changed over time but have been set at ten from 1939.

Biggest Italy Lotto Jackpots in The History

Italy Lotto is an enticing game for the strategists, but its jackpot cap is €6 million. The statistics show us that players still have to win the maximum sum offered. If you want to be that lucky one, do not miss out on the expert tips on how to win the lottery

The current biggest prizes are:

  •         €3.12 million – a lucky player won this in 2014.
  •         €3.07 million – in 2007, a single winner took this prize.
  •         €3.06 million – the third-biggest prize was also won in 2007.

Italy Lotto FAQ’s

How to Play Italy Lotto from Outside Italy? Is It Legal?

Yes, you can play this lottery from anywhere in the world legally. Make sure that you are at least 18 years old, as that is the legal age requirement in Italy.

What Are The 6 Most Common Numbers in Italy Lotto?

The most common numbers in the last 100 draws of the National drum in the Italian Lottoinclude 60, 34, 70, 51, 2, and 5. Since 11 wheels participate in the drawing, the statistics become far less reliable.

What is the deadline for buying Italy Lotto tickets before the drawing?

Ticket sales stop 30 minutes before the draw, which means you have until 7:30 PM CET on drawing days to purchase tickets for Italian Lotto.

Italy Lotto– Is It Worth Playing?

Nothing is ordinary about Italy Lotto. That is what attracts millions of players throughout the world to this game. It takes time to understand it, but once you do, you realize it adds the layer of depth that similar lotteries don’t have. The ticket prices are affordable, and the sessions take place three times per week, which gives you plenty of room to try the Italian Lotto!