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Loto 7
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Friday, Apr 26, 2024
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Friday at 6:45 PM JST (11:45 AM CET)


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Loto 7 Review

Loto 7 is a national lottery game in Japan. It uses a 7/59 concept with two additional bonus balls. Here is a detailed review of the Japanese Loto 7 to get you familiar with the advantages and drawbacks of the game!

How to Buy Loto 7 Tickets Online

The internet is full of online lottery vendors, but make sure to choose a reliable and secure operator. Once you find it, sign up for an account and use funds added to it to purchase tickets. You can choose between picking numbers yourself or generating it with a Quick Pick option. The former allows employing lottery strategies to boost winning chances.

The default ticket price is 300 yen per line, which is approximately €2.56.

How to Play Loto 7 Online

Japan Loto 7 is a single-drum lottery game utilizing a pot with 59 balls. Balls are marked with numbers from 1 to 59.

The drawing session works like this – the organizers draw seven balls first. These balls decide most of the prize tiers, including the jackpot. The next two numbers are called Bonus Balls, and they participate in requirements for two out of six prize tiers.

Odds of Winning Loto 7

The odds of winning the Japanese Loto 7 jackpot are fair, especially if you consider the possibility for the jackpot to transfer to the second-prize tier. The jackpot has a cap at €8.51 million, and in the case that no one wins it in that round, second-tier winners split the prize. It also has a pre-set minimum jackpot sum of €4.81 million.

The default chances to win the jackpot are 1:10,295,472. That is better than most national lotteries, especially SuperEnaLotto, which is famous for being non-favorable. You can boost your chances of winning through the expert tips on how to win the lottery.

The second-prize chances are far more favorable, which you can see in the table below:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#17 matched numbers1 : 10,295,472
#26 + Bonus Ball1 : 735,391
#361 : 52,528
#451 : 1,127
#541 : 72
#63 + BB1 : 42

When Is the Loto 7 Drawing?

Japan Loto 7 only has a single drawing session every week. You can look forward to it on Friday at 6:45 JST (11:45 AM CET).

What Time Can You Buy Loto 7 Japan Tickets Until?

Tickets sales for the Loto 7 end by 6:30 pm JST on the draw day. This means you can buy the lottery ticket up until 15 minutes before the draw starts. We recommend that you buy your lottery tickets early enough to avoid a late rush into the draw.

Loto 7 Payout Chart

The jackpot system in Japan Loto 7 is interesting because it has both a minimum guaranteed fund and a maximum cap. The minimum prize pool for the grand prize is JPY 600,000,000, which is roughly €4.81 million. If no one wins it, the jackpot transfers to the next round. The maximum cap is JPY 1,000,000,000, which is roughly €8.03 million.

7 matched numbersJackpot (min €4.81 million, max €8.03 million)
6 + Bonus Ball€68,159
3 + BB€8.52

Loto 7 Taxes

Here is some great news for all Loto 7 prize winners. In Japan, there are no taxes on lottery winnings, which means you get to take the entire prize home. Players who are playing from other countries should consider local taxes to ensure there are no fees to pay.

Loto 7 History

You will find Loto 7 under different names, and one of them is TakarakujiLoto 7. It is the name of the company that established this lottery in 2013. The game is new, but the same company already organized Loto 6 for over a decade.

Despite being a new game, Loto 7 was well-accepted by the players. It stuck with the same format until today, which only confirms its popularity.

Biggest Loto 7 Jackpots in The History

Since jackpots in Loto 7 are limited, nobody has ever won more than €8.03 million. It is a tempting sum that was given on multiple occasions. During a single year, numerous winners have the luck to win the highest jackpot. That is how a single jackpot per month was given in the first three months of 2019.

Loto 7 FAQ’s

How to Play Loto 7 from Outside Japan? Is It Legal?

It is legal to play Loto 7 from beyond the borders of Japan. The easiest way to do so is by visiting an online lottery provider offering this game.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Loto 7?

The most frequently drawn numbers in Japan Loto 7 are 15, 9, 13, 23, 28, 30, and 4.

What is the deadline for buying Loto 7 tickets before the drawing?

The deadline for purchasing Japan Loto 7 tickets is 6:30 PM JST (11:30 AM CET) on Friday, which is the drawing day.

Loto 7 – Is It Worth Playing?

Japan Loto 7 is an intriguing game that features both minimum and maximum jackpot restrictions. The prizes are tempting, but the ticket price is also high. The good news is that jackpot odds are favorable compared to similar games, which is why many players decide to give this lotto a shot!