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Peru Tinka
PEN 16.2 Million!
Sunday, Apr 21, 2024
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Wednesdays at 10:30 PM and Sundays at 8 PM local time


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Peru Tinka Review

Founded in 1994, Peru Tinka is a lottery loved and played throughout the country. Even players across the border enjoy it because of its decent jackpot odds and the guaranteed grand prize pool. Tinka Lotto offers a 6+1/45 single-matrix format, and it is easy to learn. Read our Peru Tinka review below to discover if the game is worth playing.

How to Buy Peru Tinka Tickets Online

Is it your first time purchasing a lottery ticket? Follow these steps to buy Peru Tinka lines:

  1. Head to an online lotto website offering this game.
  2. Choose the preferred numbers on each line. You can play as many lines as you want, but it increases the price.
  3. Use the funds in your account to purchase tickets.

The usual ticket price for Peru Tinka is 4 sol, which is around ~0,90 EUR. 

How to Play Peru Tinka Online

Peru Tinka uses a single-drum format with 45 balls in the matrix. The numbers are marked from 1 to 45, and you need to choose all six main numbers to win the jackpot prize.

Once the main numbers are drawn, the organizers draw the Boliyapa (bonus) ball. It determines who won four lower prize tiers, but you will need to combine it with primary numbers. 

Odds of Winning Peru Tinka

The Peruvian lottery game has jackpot winning odds of 1:8,145,060. That is identical to chances offered by Austria Lotto and Australia Saturday Lotto. The overall odds of winning a prize are decent 1:13, and you can compete for eight reward tiers.

Here is the overview of your chances per level:

RequirementsOdds of Winning

When Is the Peru Tinka Drawing?

Peru Tinka has two draws every week, but they are at different times. The first one is on Wednesday at 10:30 PM local time, which is quite late. The second draw is on Sunday at 8 PM local time. 

Peru Tinka Payout Chart

Peru Tinka has a guaranteed jackpot of at least PEN1.5 million, which is around €400K. That is a generous sum, especially if you consider the low ticket price. 

The game has eight prize levels, and the smaller rewards are tempting, too. That is especially true for the second and third-tier. 

Here is an overview of the reward structure:

RequirementsEstimated Prize
6Jackpot (minimum PEN 1.5 million)
5+BPEN 50,000
5PEN 5,000
4+BPEN 500
4PEN 100
3+BPEN 50
3PEN 5
2+BFree play

Peru Tinka Taxes

Peru is among the countries that impose taxes on lottery winnings. The tax rate is a flat 10%, which means that all winnings are subject to this expense. If anything, it should be easy to calculate how much you owe for the tax at the source. Don’t forget to check tax laws in your home country if you are a foreigner.

Peru Tinka History

The history of Peru Tinka goes back to 1994. That means it has a long tradition, and the average quantity of jackpots has been five per year. 

Another specific thing about this lottery is that it never changed its format. Ever since the establishment, it remained the same, and it seems the players love that.

Biggest Peru Tinka Jackpots in the History

The rollover feature of the jackpot is the reason why grand prizes in Peru Tinka can reach multi-million sums. For example, the largest jackpot in this lottery was awarded in 2013. The sum was PEN21.34 million, which is around €5.8 million. The second-biggest grand prize is only a bit smaller and set at €5.7 million.

It is interesting to note that the lotto had a €3.24 million jackpot in 2018 that was never claimed!

Peru Tinka FAQ’s

How to Play Peru Tinka from Outside Peru? Is It Legal?

If you want to play Peru Tinka from another country, go ahead and purchase tickets from an online lottery provider. The game is legal to play as long as you meet the legal age requirement.

What Are The 6 Most Common Numbers in Peru Tinka?

In the last 100 draws, the most frequent numbers were 8, 15, 26, 29, 35, and 16.  

What is the deadline for buying Peru Tinka tickets before the drawing?

The deadline for purchasing tickets for the Peru Tinka lotto is on the drawing day. We haven’t found the exact time, but it is probably shortly before the draw.

Peru Tinka – Is It Worth Playing?

Peru Tinka is an average-sized national lottery that has everything you might expect from this type of game. A single-matrix concept is tempting for newbies and veterans, and the bonus number makes things more interesting. You shouldn’t forget about the guaranteed jackpot, which is another reason why this lotto is worth trying!