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Friday, Dec 08, 2023
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MillionDAY Italy Review

Italian MillionDAY lottery is a new lotto on the market. The first drawing occurred in 2018, and it didn’t have a lot of time to attract players. Check out our MillionDAY Italy review to see what this game offers and whether it is worth playing!

How to Buy MillionDAY Italy Tickets Online

Italian MillionDAY has been available online from March 2018. Today, you can use the official website, but also any of the licensed lottery vendors to purchase tickets.

You can pick random numbers or select them yourself. If you see as fit, go ahead and apply lottery strategies when you choose the numbers. It is possible to purchase tickets for multiple draws at once.

The ticket price is €1 per line. A single ticket can have ten entries, and you can also play systems with up to nine numbers.

How to Play MillionDAY Italy Online

MillionDAY uses a simple concept ideal for newcomers to the lottery world, but also veterans who don’t like their lotto games complicated.

The game utilizes a single drum with 55 balls marked with 1 to 55. During each session, the provider draws five random balls from this drum.

Italian MillionDAY has four prize tiers. You need to guess all five numbers correctly to win the jackpot. The lowest reward is won if you match two numbers drawn with those on your ticket. In order to grab exciting prizes, you can check out the expert tips on how to win the lottery.

Odds of Winning MillionDAY Italy

Italian MillionDAY offers 1:3,478,761 odds of winning the grand prize. The chances are similar to those in Ireland Daily Million, which also has daily sessions and identical jackpot value.

The overall odds of winning the prize are 1:17. Here is how your chances look depending on the winning tier:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#151 :3,478,761
#241 :13,915
#331 :284
#421 :18

When Is the MillionDAY Italy Drawing?

Daily sessions are the trademark of the Italian MillionDAY lottery. You can watch the drawing every day at 7 PM CET.

MillionDAY Italy Payout Chart

As a simple game, MillionDAY avoids complicating things. That is why their jackpot is fixed at €1 million per session. The grand prize is always the same, which is a concept applied by some other lotteries like Texas Cash Five.

Fixed sums apply to other prize tiers as well. Here is an overview of the entire reward structure:

Prize TierRequirementsPrize
#15Jackpot (min. €1 million)

MillionDAY Italy Taxes

The Italian government imposes taxes on lottery winnings. As a result, everything you win in MillionDAY comes with an 8% tax. However, the provider calculated the tax in the jackpot and other prizes. That means you will actually receive the sum that was promised because the real winning amount is somewhat higher. Additionally, if you are playing from another country, they might impose taxes back home.

MillionDAY Italy History

Lottomatica is the company behind MillionDAY, and that is the same provider that organizes SuperEnalotto in Italy. The relatively new game appeared on February 7th, 2018. It took only nine days for the first jackpot winner. The format hasn’t changed from the start, and it doesn’t seem like it will any time soon.

Biggest MillionDAY Italy Jackpots in The History

Ever since the first draw, Italian MillionDAY used a fixed jackpot amount of €1 million. The rules put that sum as the highest, and the lowest grand prize ever won in this game.

Nothing can guarantee when the jackpot will be drawn. Theoretically, nobody has to win the grand prize for months. However, the favorable odds make sure that the players win jackpot rewards reasonably frequently. It is what made this game so famous quickly.

MillionDAY Italy FAQ’s

How to Play MillionDAYfrom Outside Italy? Is It Legal?

The only restriction is that you need to meet the legal age requirement to play MillionDAY. That means you can legally play this lottery from anywhere in the world.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in MillionDAY Italy?

The game isn’t around for long, but its draws are held every day, so the statistics are viable. The most common numbers include 43, 19, 53, 18, 14, 35, and 6.

What is the deadline for buying MillionDAY Italy tickets before the drawing?

The time by which you can purchase MillionDAY tickets is 6:45 PM CET. However, that deadline could be placed sooner if you are playing online.

MillionDAY Italy– Is It Worth Playing?

Italian MillionDAY is a new but exciting lottery. It is perfect for those who appreciate the fixed jackpot concept and daily draws. The game format is tempting and straightforward, and the ticket price is affordable. Make sure to try this lottery, and you might love it as thousands of players throughout the world already did!