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Game Format

6 + 1/39

Odds of Winning jackpot


Odds of Winning Prize

1:28 (1:14 with Plus)

Draw Schedule

Every day at 2 PM and 9 PM IST


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Daily Million Review

Daily Million is a lottery game available in the Republic of Ireland. In this lotto organized by the National Lottery, you need to guess six numbers from a drum containing 39 balls to win a jackpot. Take a look at other details of this game, and whether it is worth trying!

How to Buy Daily Million Tickets Online

Would you like to try your luck in Ireland – Daily Million? The good news is that you don’t have to leave home to purchase tickets for this game. You can do so via your favorite online lottery provider.

Make sure to pick whether you want to mark the numbers yourself or use the random Quick Pick feature. You can also take advantage of the Advance Play to purchase tickets for multiple drawings at once.

The cost of a single ticket is €1 per play. You also have the option to play the additional Daily Million Plus. It will cost you €0.50.

How to Play Daily Million Online

Ireland – Daily Million is a single-drum lottery game featuring 39 balls. You need to pick six numbers from 1 to 39 and guess all six correctly for the jackpot. During each session, there will be an additional Bonus Ball to make things interesting. That ball participates in second, fourth, and six prize tiers. You have a total of seven prize levels available.

Apart from the standard game, you can participate in Ireland – Daily Million Plus. It is an extra drawing with the same concept as the main session. To further improve your chances of winning, you can check out the best tips by experts, on how to win the lottery.

Odds of Winning Daily Million

Ireland – Daily Million puts odds of winning the main prize at 1:3,262,623. These chances are better than in the Ireland Lotto, but also other national lottery games, such as Poland Lotto.

Your overall odds of winning a prize are 1:28. However, you can improve them if you play Daily Million Plus. Playing both games will put your overall odds at 1:14.  

Here are the odds of winning in Daily Million:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#161 : 3,262,623
#25 + 11 : 543,771
#351 : 16,993
#44 + 11 : 6,797
#541 : 439
#63 + 11 : 329
#731 : 33

The same odds are applicable for Ireland – Daily Million Plus.

When Is Daily Million Drawing?

Daily Million organizes two drawing sessions every day. The daily session is at 2 PM, and the nightly drawing is at 9 PM IST.

Daily Million Payout Chart

The fixed jackpot prize in Ireland – Daily Million is €1 million. If there are multiple winners, they will share this sum. The jackpot is tempting, but there is no rollover function, which means the prize cannot increase.

Apart from the jackpot, all other prizes are non-shareable. That means all winners get to take the specified sum. The same rules apply to Daily Million Plus, except the amounts are different.

Here is the payout chart for the main game:

6Jackpot (€1 million)
5 + 1€10,000
4 + 1€100
3 + 1€10

As for the Daily Million Plus, the prizes are halved. Here is a payout chart for that drawing:

6Jackpot (€500,000)
5 + 1€5,000
4 + 1€50
3 + 1€5
3€2 scratch card

Daily Million Taxes

You shouldn’t expect any lottery taxes on your winnings in Ireland. This country is famous for its tax-free laws for lottery prizes. However, make sure to check your home country’s laws to see if any taxes are applicable there.

Daily Million History

The first Daily Million drawing took place in 2012. The National Lottery implemented it as a substitute for Monday Million. The major change meant including daily drawings, which proved very popular among players.

Biggest Daily Million Jackpots in The History

The jackpot in Ireland – Daily Million doesn’t come with a rollover feature. Although it is guaranteed at €1 million, it also can’t go over that amount. That also makes €1 million the biggest prize you can win in this lottery.

Ever since the establishment in 2012, there have been dozens of jackpot winners in Daily Million.

Daily Million Lotto FAQ’s

How to Play Ireland – Daily Million from Outside Ireland? Is It Legal?

Yes, you can play Daily Million legally from outside Ireland. Just find a provider that offers this lottery and purchase a ticket online.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Ireland – Daily Million?

Here is the list of the most frequently drawn numbers in Daily Million – 22, 26, 19, 17, 29, 8, and 13.

What is the deadline for buying Ireland – Daily Million tickets before the drawing?

If you purchase a ticket before 2 PM IST, you enter the first daily draw. Tickets bought between 2 PM and 9 PM enter the second daily draw held at 9 PM.

Daily Million – Is It Worth Playing?

If you love playing the lottery, Ireland – Daily Million offers two sessions with two drawings every day. That means you can participate in four drawings per day at an affordable price, which sounds tempting. The jackpots are decent, and the concept is simple, which makes Daily Million lottery worth trying!

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