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Greece Lotto Review

Greece Lotto is a game with a long tradition and one that stuck to a simple format over decades. The game offers a guaranteed jackpot sum of €300K and five winning tiers. If you would like to learn more, read our Greek Lotto review below to discover all advantages and drawbacks of this lottery!

How to Buy Greece Lotto Tickets Online

Most reputable online lottery vendors offer Greece Lotto tickets on their websites. Once you identify the desired provider, here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Register an account on the website (it is free).
  2. Select the numbers you want to play. It is possible to play single or multiple lines. Each line will cost you €0.5.
  3. Choose the desired payment method and complete the transaction.

The only thing remaining now is to wait for the upcoming drawing session to see if you won any reward. 

How to Play Greece Lotto Online

Greece Lotto offers a 6/49 concept with an additional number drawn from the drum. Now, the first six numbers drawn decide the jackpot winner. You need to guess all six to win the grand prize, but you can win a reward if you guess only three numbers.

The final (seventh) number only decides the second prize. If you have the 5+1 combination, you will win €50K, which sounds attractive.

Odds of Winning Greece Lotto

The 6/49 format is nothing strange to the lottery world, and it includes the jackpot winning odds of 1:13,983,816. Those are the same chances you will see in many other lotteries, such as Spanish BonoLoto.

Greece Lott offers five prize tiers, and here is how the chances are structured across them:

hRequirementsOdds of Winning

When Is the Greece Lotto Drawing?

You can participate in two draws every week. They are held at 8 PM EEST on Wednesday and Saturday. If you miss the draw, results are available online shortly after the session. 

Greece Lotto Payout Chart

Greece Lottery has a guaranteed jackpot fund, and they set it at €300K. While that is not as impressive as in France Loto, it is still a suitable prize, especially considering the low ticket price.

The jackpot has a rollover feature, which means you can see it reaching multi-million sums. Here is an overview of all prizes offered by Greece Lotto

RequirementsEstimated Prize
6Jackpot (minimum €300K)

Greece Lotto Taxes

The Greek government imposes taxes on lottery winnings, and they include:

  • 15% from €100 to €500
  • 20% above €500

That means only winnings up to €100 will be free from taxes. If you play from another country, check your local taxes, too. You might be subject to paying these charges in your home country, too. Our lottery tax calculator can help you to learn more about taxes in different countries. 

Greece Lotto History

The first drawing session of Greece Lotto was in December 1990. Ever since then, the lottery has stuck to the same format, which is commendable. It also shows the format is successful, and players like it. The organization behind the lotto is the Greek Organization of Football Prognostics – GOFP.

Biggest Greece Lotto Jackpots in the History

We can’t exactly call the highest grand prize in Greece Lotto impressive, especially when compared to the biggest lottery jackpots ever. However, you shouldn’t undermine the largest prize in this lotto, which turned out to be €7.5 million. A lucky player won that award in 2010, but it required the grand prize to be rolled over numerous times before that happened. 

Greece Lotto FAQ’s

How to Play Greece Lotto from Outside Greece? Is It Legal?

If you worry about legality, you should know that playing this lotto from outside Greece is perfectly legal. Don’t hesitate to find an online lottery provider who offers this game and purchase tickets for the next draw. 

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Greece Lotto?

The most frequent winning numbers from January 2000 include 37, 7, 29, 19, 49, 15, and 6.

What is the deadline for buying Greece Lotto tickets before the drawing?

We didn’t find the exact deadline, but you should be able to purchase tickets until about a couple of hours or less before the draw starts.

Greece Lotto – Is It Worth Playing?

Greece Lotto is a small-scale national lottery with an affordable ticket price. It offers one of the lowest costs for national lotto games, which explains why the prizes aren’t as tempting as in other lotteries. Despite that, the exciting format offers a simple concept, and it can be suitable for all those who are only entering the lotto world.

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