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Brazil Quina
BRL 5.5 Million!
Saturday, Dec 02, 2023
Game Format


Odds of Winning jackpot

1: 24,040,016

Odds of Winning Prize


Draw Schedule

Monday to Saturday at 9 PM CET


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Brazil Quina Review

Brazil Quina is a Brazilian lottery organized by a federal bank CaixaEconomica. The game employs a simple 5/80 concept, and you can play it six times per week. Our detailed Quina lotto review brings all details about this lottery and how to start playing it today!

How to Buy Brazil Quina Tickets Online

The easiest way to play a lottery is to purchase tickets from the comfort of your home. You will need to pick an online lottery provider offering Brazil Quina. From the moment you find an operator, register an account, and add funds to it.

You can now choose five numbers to purchase a single ticket or pick up to 15 numbers for systematic bets.

The price of a single lottery ticket is BRL 2, which is approximately €0.36. it puts this game among the more affordable ones on the market.

How to Play Brazil Quina Online

The secret of Brazil Quina’s popularity lies in its simplicity. The lottery sticks to a simple 5/80 formula. It utilizes a single drum with 80 balls marked from 1 to 80. If you are curious about how to win the lottery, you must know that during each session, five numbers are drawn, and you need to guess them all correctly.

Apart from regular draws, you can also participate in a special Sao Joao yearly session. It is organized every year on June 24.

Odds of Winning Brazil Quina

If you are dreaming about winning a jackpot in Brazil Quina, you will need to beat the odds of 1: 24,040,016. These odds are tough but still better than in the largest lottery games like US Powerball or EuroMillions.

Quina has four prize tiers, and here are the odds of winning per category:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#15 matched numbers1 : 24,040,016
#241 : 64,106
#331 : 866
#421 : 36

When Is the Brazil Quina Drawing?

Brazil Quina is one of the rare lotteries that feature six drawings per week. From Monday to Saturday, you can enjoy watching the draw every evening at 8 PM BST (9 PM CET).

What Time Can You Buy Brazil Quina Tickets Until?

You can still buy the Brazil Quina ticket 3 hours before the draw. The draw is held by 8 pm on Monday to Friday. This means you have until 5 pm to buy the ticket, choose your numbers, and make your entry into the draw. Ticket sales will resume immediately after the lottery results are published. Online lottery players should confirm the exact ticket sales deadline with their online lottery provider to avoid a late-minute rush.

Brazil Quina Payout Chart

The starting jackpot in Brazil Quina is BRL 500,000, which is approximately €89.529. If no one wins the grand prize, it transfers to the next round.

The prize fund constitutes 43.35% of all purchased tickets. From that pool, 35% goes to the jackpot fund, and 15% is added to the special yearly draw.

5 matched numbersJackpot (minimum €89.529)
419% of the prize fund (approximately €1,241)
320% of the prize fund (approximately €30)
211% of the prize fund (approximately €2)

All prizes are given in lump payments.

Brazil Quina Taxes

The standard lottery tax on all games in Brazil is 13.8%, and Quina is no exception. If you are playing online, make sure to check local lottery taxes. Your country might tax you again, which could reduce your winnings.

Brazil Quina History

The first Brazil Quina was presented to Brazilians was in 1994. CaixaEconomica Federal is a bank that established this lottery. Since lotteries were new to Brazilians, they welcomed the exciting concept, and Quina became a popular game. In 2009, the organizers increased the drawing times to six per week.

Biggest Brazil Quina Jackpots in The History

The three biggest prizes in the history of Brazil Quina were quite close. In 2014, a lucky player won €3.56 million, and nobody has crossed the €3.5 million thresholds since then.

Three years later, a lucky winner won €3.46 million, while the third-biggest prize occurred in 2015 when the jackpot was €3.43 million. The jackpots can be bigger in Sao Joao sessions, where they have reached €19 million.

Brazil Quina FAQ’s

How to Play Brazil Quina from Outside Brazil? Is It Legal?

Yes, you can play Brazil Quina lottery from outside Brazil legally. It requires purchasing the ticket on the web by selecting an online provider.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Brazil Quina?

The most frequently drawn number in Quina is 49. Other common numbers include 4, 31, 18, 39, 53, and 15.

What is the deadline for buying Brazil Quina tickets before the drawing?

You can purchase tickets on the days of the draw up until several minutes before a session starts.

Brazil Quina– Is It Worth Playing?

Brazil Quina is a simple lottery game ideal for beginners. It is also great for those looking for a lotto with frequent drawings. This game is an excellent way of experiencing the thrill of drawing lottery numbers six times per week. Although the jackpots are not as tempting as in other games, the organizer made sure to keep a low ticket price.