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South Africa Lotto
ZAR 3 Million!
Wednesday, Apr 17, 2024
Game Format

6 + 1/52

Odds of Winning jackpot

1: 20,358,520

Odds of Winning Prize

1: 71,7

Draw Schedule

Wednesday and Saturday at 8:56 PM local time (8:56 PM CET)


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South Africa Lotto Review

South Africa Lotto is a game organized by Ithuba National Lottery. The lottery utilizes a single drum and a classic 6/52 concept with an additional number drawn for lower prizes. Here is what you need to know about SA Lotto and where to play it!

How to Buy South Africa Lotto Tickets Online

The process of purchasing a SA Lotto ticket online couldn’t be simpler: Check out the following steps:

  1. Find a lottery provider offering South Africa Lotto.
  2. Register for a free account and add funds to it.
  3. Use those funds to purchase tickets.

The price of a standard ticket is ZAR 5 (€0.25). You can also play the additional Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 games for ZAR 2,50 (€0.125) each. That puts the total cost of a single ticket at ZAR 10 (€0.50). Since the price is affordable, consider trying lottery strategies and experimenting with various systems.

How to Play South Africa Lotto Online

South Africa Lotto utilizes a single drum with 52 balls. From those balls, six main numbers are drawn during each session. You will need to guess all six correctly to win the jackpot. After the main numbers, the drum draws another Bonus ball. That ball participates in four from a total of eight prize tiers. You can check out the tips on how to win the lottery in order to bring home the jackpot.

SA Lotto also has two additional games that use the same 6 + 1/52 concept. Those are named Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2, and you can play them with the same numbers picked for the main draw.

Odds of Winning South Africa Lotto

South Africa Lotto is a game where the chances to win a jackpot are placed at 1: 20,358,520. If we are honest, you have better odds and bigger prizes available in Canadian Lotto 6/49. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the affordability of the ticket. The cost for SA Lotto is significantly lower than for many other national lotteries.

The odds of winning are the same for the standard, Lotto Plus 1, and Lotto Plus 2 games. Here is an overview of your chances to win:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#16 matched numbers1 : 20,358,520
#25 + Bonus1 : 3,393,086
#351 : 75,401
#44 + Bonus1 : 30,160
#541 : 1,370
#63 + Bonus1 : 1,028
#731 : 71,7
#82 + Bonus1 : 95,6

When Is the South Africa Lotto Drawing?

South Africa Lotto drawings occur on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8:56 PM local time (8:56 PM CET). The draws are shown on TV, and you can also check the results on relevant websites shortly after.

What Time Can You Buy South Africa Lotto Tickets Until?

You can buy your South Africa Lotto Tickets until 30 minutes before the draws. The draw starts at 8:56 pm so you have to have purchased and registered your lottery selections by 8:30 pm. Online players should confirm with their online lottery provider on the ticket sale deadline. We advise that you purchase your tickets a few hours before the draw starts to avoid a late rush.

South Africa Lotto Payout Chart

South Africa Lotto only offers guaranteed jackpot for special draws. However, the grand prize has a roll-over feature. That means it can transfer to the next round an unlimited number of times until someone is lucky enough to win it.

The lottery has a total of eight prize tiers.

Check out the reward structure:

6 matched numbersJackpot (38,2%)
5 + bonus152,688 ZAR (€7,749, 4,8%)
54,580 ZAR (€232.45, 4,8%)
4 + bonus3,189 ZAR (€161,93, 4,8%)
4154 ZAR (€7,82, 4,8%)
3 + bonus111 ZAR (€5,64, 4,8%)
350 ZAR (€2,55)
2 + bonus20 ZAR (€1,02)

The lowest two tiers come with fixed prizes, and the rest of the prize pool is spread for other rewards.

Here is the prize structure for the Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 games:

6 matched numbersJackpot ZAR (53%)
5 + bonus203,585 ZAR (€7,749, 4,8%)
53,016 ZAR (€232.45, 4,8%)
4 + bonus1,508 ZAR (€161,93, 4,8%)
4137 ZAR (€7,82, 4,8%)
3 + bonus102 ZAR (€5,64, 4,8%)
325 ZAR (€2,55)
2 + bonus15 ZAR (€1,02)

The rule for fixed prizes also applies here for the lowest two levels.

South Africa Lotto Taxes

Governments usually cannot wait to tax lottery winnings, but things are different in South Africa. It doesn’t matter how much you win in SA Lotto because you can take all winnings home. No taxes are applicable on lottery winnings in this country. It is critical, however, to check local regulations when playing from abroad.

South Africa Lotto History

SA Lotto is led by Ithuba National Lottery, which is a government-run body. The first time the game was presented to the country was in 2000. It started with a single draw per week, but that expanded to two draws only a year later. The additional games were added in 2003 and 2017, respectively.

Biggest South Africa Lotto Jackpots in The History

If you take a look at the biggest world lotteries like US Powerball, South Africa Lotto doesn’t have anywhere as near attractive jackpots. However, considering the low ticket price, you can still win tempting sums.

The biggest jackpot ever won was in 2018 when a lucky player won €7.09 million (ZAR 110,000,000). The second-largest prize was a lot smaller than that. It was won in 2013 and set at €3.76 million (ZAR 35,000,000).

South Africa Lotto FAQ’s

How to Play South Africa Lotto from Outside South Africa? Is It Legal?

It is legal to play South Africa Lotto from abroad as long as you meet the legal age requirement. Find the best lottery online provider and purchase your tickets to participate in draws.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in South Africa Lotto?

The most frequently drawn numbers in SA Lotto are 16, 2, 8, 23, 30, 48, and 17.

What is the deadline for buying South Africa Lotto tickets before the drawing?

The deadline for purchasing SA Lotto tickets is 8:30 PM local time (8:30 PM CET) on drawing days.

South Africa Lotto – Is It Worth Playing?

Are you a beginner looking for an affordable lottery to test your luck in these games? Or are you an experienced player looking to try out various systems? South Africa Lotto has cheap tickets that are perfect for both these occasions. Add to that eight prize tiers and additional games, and you’ve got yourself a lottery worth trying!