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Belgium Lotto Review

Belgium Lotto is a Belgian national lottery taking place every week since 1993. Today, it has two drawing sessions per week, and it uses a simple 6/45 format. Players can look forward to a guaranteed jackpot of at least €1 million. If you want to earn more about the game, check out our Belgium Lotto review below!

How to Buy Belgium Lotto Tickets Online

Belgian Lotto is available on online lottery websites, and you only need to pick the desired lotto provider. From there, you sign up for an account, which is completely free. You can choose from multiple payment methods to purchase tickets, and the price of Belgium Lotto is €1 per line.

Once you decide the numbers, use the preferred payment option, and complete the transaction. The tickets will arrive in your inbox. Make sure to watch the draw to see if you are among the lucky winners!

How to Play Belgium Lotto Online

Belgium Lotto online offers a single matrix format, which is good news for beginners. Experienced players appreciate the chance to experiment with lottery strategies and pursue one of nine different prize tiers.

The single drum contains 45 balls marked from 1 to 45. During each session, the organizers draw six main numbers to determine the jackpot winner. The final (seventh) number is then drawn from the same matrix, and it decides the winner of four different prize levels.

Odds of Winning Belgium Lotto

Have you played Austria Lotto? If the answer is yes, you should know that Belgian Lotto offers the same odds of winning the jackpot. They are placed at 1:8,145,060, which is identical to other national lotteries but also far better than in EuroJackpot

You can pursue nine different prize levels, and here are the odds for every tier:

RequirementsOdds of Winning

When Is the Belgium Lotto Drawing?

You can watch Belgium Lotto on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 PM CET. Most players appreciate two weekly opportunities to win the jackpot or pursues other prizes offered in this game.

Belgium Lotto Payout Chart

You can win €1 million if you play Belgium Lotto. That is how much the guaranteed jackpot fund is, but things get even better. Thanks to the rollover jackpot function, it can transfer over multiple rounds and increase to outstanding amounts.

Most prize tiers are variable, but the last three are fixed. Here is the overview of the entire reward structure: 

RequirementsEstimated Prize
6Jackpot (minimum €1 million)

Belgium Lotto Taxes

According to the information we found, you don’t have to pay taxes if you win in Belgian Lotto. Whatever you win, you will receive the entire sum to your account. However, if you are a foreign player, there is still the option to pay taxes in your country. That is why we strongly advise checking your local laws when receiving the reward. 

Belgium Lotto History

We can trace the history of the lottery in Belgium to 1934. However, if we are talking about the Belgian Lotto, its first draw was in 1978. The company changed the format a couple of times since it all started with a 6/40 concept. They first increased it to 42 numbers in 1983, and then to 45 numbers in 2011. 

Biggest Belgium Lotto Jackpots in the History

The good news about the Belgium Lotto is that the jackpots are frequently drawn. However, that also means they can’t reach as impressive sums as those in US Powerball. Despite that, the prizes are more than worth winning, and the winner of the €11.18 million in 2014 would agree with us. That is the current record in Belgian Lotto, which beat the previous recorder, which won €8.47 million.  

Belgium Lotto FAQ’s

How to Play Belgium Lotto from Outside Belgium? Is It Legal?

You don’t have to worry about the legality if you are a foreign player of Belgium Lotto because playing this game is legal from anywhere. Just find the website that offers this lottery and purchase as many tickets as you want. 

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Belgium Lotto?

Ever since 2011, when the current format was implemented, the most frequent numbers are 21, 38, 28, 18, 16, 43, and 24.

What is the deadline for buying Belgium Lotto tickets before the drawing?

It seems that you can buy Belgian Lotto tickets up until shortly the drawing session starts.

Belgium Lotto – Is It Worth Playing?

Belgium Lotto used a simple format and modernized it with an additional number. All that made it more attractive and increased the follower base. If you want a reputable and long-running national lottery with decent prizes, you can’t go wrong with this game. Give the Belgian Lotto a chance today, and try to win tempting rewards!

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