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Where to Cash in Lottery Tickets: Your Ultimate Worldwide Guide

Winning a lottery prize may be a joy, but redeeming it may pose challenges. Various countries and different lottery providers have their own locations, rules for payouts, terms, and mandatory documents. For example, most lotteries require a winning ticket and a valid ID, while some operators need proof of address and the completed claim form. All these things may be confusing, especially if you don’t know exactly where to go. However, we are here to help you.

We’ve reviewed various options available to lottery winners worldwide and explored the lottery tickets cash in locations, instructions, rules, and documents. We hope our comprehensive guide on where to cash in lottery tickets will become a starting point and help you claim your winnings hassle-free, wherever you are.

Lottery Tickets Cash in Common Locations

There are many places where you can redeem your lottery winnings, including lottery offices, claim centers, official retailers, supermarkets, post offices, banks, etc. Below, we’ll outline the general procedure for receiving winnings at each location. Meanwhile, you can check out the table to see what options are available in your country.

Country Where to Cash in Lottery Tickets
Anguilla N/A
Austria Lottery retailers, banks
Azerbaijan Lottery retailers
Barbados N/A
Belarus Lottery offices, banks
Belgium Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers
Bulgaria Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers
Canada Lottery retailers, claim centers, post offices
Croatia Lottery offices, lottery retailers
Curaçao N/A
Cyprus Lottery offices, banks
Denmark Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers
France Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers, post offices
Ghana Lottery offices
Greece Lottery retailers, claim centers
Italy Lottery retailers, banks, post offices
Jamaica N/A
Japan Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers
Malaysia Lottery offices
Malta Lottery offices, banks
Mauritius N/A
Morocco Lottery offices, banks
Netherlands Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers, supermarkets
New Zealand Lottery retailers, post offices
Norway Lottery retailers, banks
Philippines Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers
Poland Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers
Portugal Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers
Puerto Rico Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers, banks
Romania Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers
Russia Lottery offices, banks
Serbia N/A
Singapore Lottery retailers
Slovakia Lottery offices
Slovenia Lottery offices, banks
South Africa Lottery retailers, banks
Spain Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers, post offices
Switzerland Lottery offices, banks
Turkey Lottery offices, banks
Ukraine Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers
United Kingdom Lottery offices, claim centers, lottery retailers, supermarkets, banks, post offices
USA Lottery retailers, claim centers, post offices

*Rules, locations, and regulations vary by lottery country/state/province/lottery provider

Lottery Offices and Claim Centers

Lottery offices and claim centers seem to be the most evident when winners decide to cash their lottery tickets. Here, players can redeem big prizes and jackpots. Typically, winners must provide their winning ticket and a valid ID form. Some lottery providers may also require details such as a bank account, proof of address, or a completed winner claim form, as mandated by most American states.

To figure out all the requirements in your country, you can visit the nearest lottery office or a claim center, or contact them by mail or on the phone. When all the documents are ready, initiate your claim.

Official Lottery Retailers

This option is very convenient if you want to cash in lottery tickets nearby. Finding the nearest lottery retailer is not difficult. Visit the official lottery website and select the most suitable address.

As lottery retailers can redeem small prizes only, a winning ticket may be enough for the payout. However, in some countries, you may also need to provide valid identification.

Local Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

In many countries, different lottery operators allow various retail establishments to become their official retailers and distribute prizes. For example, gas stations and convenience stores serve as official retailers for OLG, the largest lottery provider in Canada. Similarly, players in Germany can claim their prizes at supermarkets and tobacco shops where they purchase their tickets. The set of documents and the steps are the same:

  1. Visit a gas station or a convenience store.
  2. Provide your winning ticket and a photo ID if asked
  3. Receive your payout after verification.

Major Retailers and Supermarkets

In many countries, major retailers and supermarkets have dedicated redemption counters for national lotteries. For example, in Argentina, supermarket chains Carrefour and Coto allow lottery winners to claim their minor prizes. Usually, the payouts are instant after verifying the winning ticket.

Retailer Redemption Machines or Self-Service Kiosks

Some lottery operators allow their winners to receive prizes at self-service kiosks or redemption machines. For example, this option is available in Spain and the Netherlands. As these machines can usually redeem small or minor prizes, a winner needs their original winning ticket. To get a prize, just find a self-service kiosk and scan your documents, following the instructions on the screen. Typically, players do not need to provide their ID.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Financial institutions and banks are typically responsible for redeeming large sums and jackpots. This option is valid for all countries. To collect a prize, you typically must provide such documents as:

  1. original winning ticket;
  2. winning claim form;
  3. proof of identity (ID card, driver’s license, passport, or other official document that contains your name and photo);
  4. proof of address (household bill, bank statement, or other official document that confirms your residential address);
  5. any additional documents (social security number, tax identification number, or other required documents).

Note that the processing time for claim requests may vary, taking anywhere from three days to eight weeks, depending on local laws.

Official Lottery Website

Many lottery operators provide prize claim services online, making the process more convenient for their winners. Today, this option is available in the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and other countries.

As a rule, small and sometimes even major prizes are deposited into winners’ accounts automatically, but some lottery providers require the downloading of extra documents for verification. It may be a scan of a debit card, like in the United Kingdom, or a Lottery Prize Claim Declaration (LPCD) in Ontario, Canada.

Mail-In Claims

Mail-in claims for lottery winnings are another convenient option for players. They can receive their prize as a mail-sent check or as a direct deposit into their bank account, eliminating the need for in-person visits to claim centers or official retailers. Typically, to receive money, the winner should send a mail request with the completed claim form, copies of documents, and a winning ticket. Lottery officials will verify the information provided, confirm the win, and give instructions on how to receive a prize.


Numerous options are available for cashing lottery tickets. Even if you’re far from lottery offices or claim centers, you can likely visit the nearest store or gas station. Further, you can always call the lottery hotline if you have any questions. Another great way to stay up-to-date is to bookmark our website. We monitor lotteries all over the world and are always happy to be helpful to you.


Where can you find official information about claiming lottery prizes?

The official websites of lottery providers have sections dedicated to prize redemption. Some operators provide phone numbers and emails for those who want to figure out instructions concerning their claims.

Can someone else cash your lottery ticket on your behalf?

It depends on the territory in which you win a prize. Some lotteries allow their winners to appoint a representative, like an authorized lawyer, to act on their behalf. However, only the winner has the right to initiate a claim in many countries, so clarify this question in advance.

Can you choose how you receive the lottery prize (e.g., lump sum or annuity)?

The majority of lottery providers around the world offer just a cash lump sum as a prize payout. However, some jurisdictions, like several states in the US, allow their lottery winners to choose between an annuity and the whole amount redeemed instantly. It may also depend on the rules of a certain lottery, so study the game’s rules and conditions carefully to make everything clear.

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