Norway Lottery Results & Winning Numbers


Friday, Jun 14, 2024

  • 10
  • 21
  • 27
  • 42
  • 46
  • 02
  • 06

Tue, Jun 18, 2024

€34 Million

Saturday, Jun 15, 2024

  • 04
  • 07
  • 20
  • 21
  • 23
  • 26
  • 34
  • 03

Sat, Jun 22, 2024

kr14 Million

Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024

  • 03
  • 14
  • 21
  • 26
  • 41
  • 44
  • 03

Wed, Jun 19, 2024

€7.6 Million

There are no days of the week without lottery draws in Norway. So, as you can see, the drawing schedule is very rich. Some games, like Nabolaget and Keno, occur every day, while all the others are held once or twice per seven days. We are sure lottery fans are never bored here.

GameSunMonTueWedThuFriSatTime Zone
Lotto      06:00 p.m.Central European Time (UTC+1)
Viking Lotto   06:00 p.m.   Central European Time (UTC+1)
Eurojackpot  07:00 p.m.  07:00 p.m. Central European Time (UTC+1)
Nabolaget07:00 p.m.07:00 p.m.07:00 p.m.07:00 p.m.07:00 p.m.07:00 p.m.07:00 p.m.Central European Time (UTC+1)
Extra  05:00 p.m.    Central European Time (UTC+1)
Joker   06:00 p.m.  06:00 p.m.Central European Time (UTC+1)
Keno08:00 p.m.08:00 p.m.08:00 p.m.08:00 p.m.08:00 p.m.08:00 p.m.08:00 p.m.Central European Time (UTC+1)

Norway Lottery Games Details

All possible kinds of lottery games are offered to players in Norway. From the unique local Nabolaget to the multi-national Eurojackpot and Viking Lotto, they offer various formats, odds of lottery winning, and prize charts. You can find something to suit your taste, whatever your experience and skills are. Besides, our helpful tools, like the lottery number generator, the lottery dream numbers tool, and others, are here to help you succeed.

GamePrize TypeGame FormatWhen You Can Buy Tickets
LottoProgressive jackpot and flexible lower-tier prizes7 from 1-34Up to 05:30 p.m. CET on drawing dates
Viking LottoProgressive jackpot and four upper-tier winnings + fixed lower-tier prizes6 from 1-48+1 from 1-5 (Viking Number)Up to 05:30 p.m. CET on drawing dates
EurojackpotProgressive prizes based on the prize pool5 from 1-50+2 from 1-12 (Euro Numbers)Up to 07:30 p.m. CET on drawing dates
NabolagetFixed prizesThe players bet on their addresses here.Up to 06:30 p.m. CET on drawing dates
ExtraFixed prizes47 from 1-75Up to 04:30 p.m. CET on drawing dates
JokerFixed prizes5-digit number generated automaticallyUp to 05:30 p.m. CET on drawing dates
KenoFixed prizes2-10 from 1-70Up to 07:30 p.m. CET on drawing dates

Norway Lottery Advanced Draws

For the majority of Norwegian lottery games, 10 weeks of consecutive draws are offered. Still, it is difficult to adapt the Multi-draw option to Joker or Nabolaget due to their formats. Nevertheless, playing by subscription is available for all the games, so you can fit the drawing schedule into your daily routine easily. Follow the tips on how to win the lottery and keep good luck charms on hand.

GameMaximum Advanced Draws
Viking Lotto10
NabolagetPlayed by subscription

How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Norway?

You can play any of the Norwegian lottery games online, and the steps are very simple. Please note that there may be some differences depending on the structure and format of a certain lottery. The common instructions are:

  1. First, you must create a player’s account on the website of Norsk Tipping, the lottery provider.
  2. Choose the game you want to play from the menu in the upper-left corner of the main page.
  3. Complete the e-playslip at the top of the gaming page. The rows can be filled randomly by the computer if you want.
  4. Add the number of consecutive draws and set the options of the game if there are any.
  5. Check all the data on your game slip and place your bet right there.
  6. Now, just wait till the results are known!

This guide will be helpful for you when you decide to play other games on reliable online lottery sites. So, remember these steps and try your luck. Maybe your name will appear on the list of famous lottery winners soon.

Check Norway Lottery Tickets

Though playing lotteries is very convenient in Norway, there are not so many options for the participants to follow the lottery news, including the results and winning numbers. Now see what’s at your disposal here:

  1. It’s quite logical that the Norsk Tipping Official website is the most reliable option.
  2. The most up-to-date players know that they can rely on the official mobile app and keep all the news at their fingertips. In addition, you can take advantage of the lottery software we recommend.
  3. Also, the notifications are sent to the accounts of online players.
  4. The lottery draws are usually broadcast on national TV. NRK, NRK1, and NRK2 are the channels for you to follow.

Another way is to bookmark this page and use the lottery number checker. Choose the most convenient method to never miss the day when you win the lottery.

Claim Lottery Winnings in Norway

Norwegian lottery winners are always happy when they win something, so their ways of lottery winnings claiming are of great interest to them. If you are on the list, our table may be helpful to you as well. Please note that you have to collect your prize within 60 days, starting from the winning dates. Lottery tickets expire, so don’t waste your time.

Claiming OptionHow to Collect a Prize
Claim in Person

Collecting prizes in Norway in person is like fishing in a barrel. There are only two options for you here, depending on your prize amount:

  • Up to NOK 1,000 – all you need to do is visit a Norsk Tipping retail outlet nearby and claim your winnings. They will be redeemed immediately!
  • NOK 10,000 and over – for larger winnings, contact the NT Head Office and learn how your claim can be arranged.

In all these cases, you must provide your winning ticket as proof of participation.

Claim by MailNo
Claim by Drop OffNo
Claim Lottery Winnings OnlineOnline winners can feel comfortable, even if they are very big and even jackpot winners.
Thus, all the prizes under NOK 10,000 are deposited right into the players’ accounts on the Norsk Tipping website. As for the larger amounts, they are transferred right into their bank accounts.In both cases, the transaction takes from 1 to 3 days.

Norway Lottery Claim Form

Usually, claiming prizes implies that you must provide a handful of documents, and a lottery win claim form, completed previously, is among them. In this case, you don’t need all these preparations; just take your winning ticket and a form of identification document with you to claim your prize in person. If you win online, you are free from all the fuss completely.

Norway Lottery Office Locations

LocationAddressPhoneOpening Time
Norsk Tipping AS HeadquartersMåsåbekkvegen 20, Hamar, 2315, Innlandet, Norway


62-56-00-00 (for big-prize winners)

Monday-Friday: 08:00 a.m. – 04:00 p.m. CET

Norway Lottery Rules and Laws

Lottery fans in Norway can try their luck and win prizes thanks to Norsk Tipping, a government-owned lottery company that is also administered by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture. Besides games of chance, sports and instant games are provided by Norsk Tipping. Still, when it comes to lotteries, the following rules and principles are observed here:

  • The minimum legal gambling age is 18 here.
  • There are several types of entries for the majority of NT games.
  • You can subscribe to any game, and it will make your gambling experience even more comfortable.
  • The winners don’t need to wait for their money for too long; the payouts are made within 1-3 working days.
  • The tax law is very specific in Norway, so find out all the details in advance.

Norway Tax on Lottery Winnings

The taxation rules are very interesting in Norway, though they may seem a bit complicated here. All the lottery winnings are tax-free in this country, but if your win is large and you don’t want to spend it all at once, it will be regarded as income for a year. After that, the money in your bank account will be liable for Formueskatten, also known as wealth tax. In the table below, you will see the Formueskatten rates depending on the amount left in a year.

  • Lottery Taxes on Lottery Winnings for Norway Citizens and Residents

PrizeTax TypeTax Percentage
0 – NOK 1.7 millionState tax0%
NOK 1.7 million – NOK 20 millionMunicipality tax0.7%
State tax0.3%
 Over NOK 20 millionMunicipality tax0.7%
State tax0.4%

Please note that if you are married and you and your spouse are assessed on your joint wealth together, all the threshold amounts are doubled.

  • For Non-Norway Citizens and Residents

PrizeTax TypeTax Percentage
Any amountState tax0%

The taxation rules for foreign players are a bit different, as they can transfer money they win to the banks of their countries of residence. If you stay in Norway longer, Formueskatten will be imposed on your winnings as well.

FAQs About Norway Lotteries

The sales close 30 minutes before the start of the game, and they relate to all the Norwegian lotteries. However, as the time of draws differs from game to game, it is important to know the schedule of the lottery you are going to play.

According to statistics, a larger percentage of lottery winners come from Trøndelag. It is a big, beautiful county in the center of Norway.

When you purchase a lottery ticket online on the Norsk Tipping website, you can pay with both your debit and your credit card. As for playing over the counter, this option may be unavailable, so try to find out beforehand if you can pay with your card at a certain retail location.

The pool of Norwegian lotteries is rather impressive, so you can try all kinds of bets here. If you want something special and unique, Nabolaget, Joker, and Extra are at your service. If you keep to classical games, Keno and Lotto are what you may like. At last, you can always join the multinational Viking Lotto and Eurojackpot games played across many European countries.

The lottery prizes are not liable for taxation as they are. However, you have to pay if your win makes you very rich. So, consult your financial attorney if a lottery jackpot is your case in Norway.

Of course, you can! Norsk Tipping gives strong support to online gambling here and tries to make it as convenient as it can be in every possible way.

Winners’ names can’t be disclosed without their consent. However, total anonymity after a lottery win is impossible. All the other facts, including location, winning amounts, and dates of the victorious draws, must be revealed to the public.

The rules are the same as across most European countries: you must be at least 18 to play any lottery game. Play responsibly, as any cheat can be revealed now!

The winners are given 60 days to take their money home. As you can see, it’s not as long, so don’t put it off till tomorrow.

To some gamblers, the claiming period of 60 days may seem too short, especially if they have no time or forget to follow the results. Still, it is quite helpful, because if you fall behind these two months, your winnings will be taken back to the Lottery funds and then distributed between the prize pool and social project funding.

The Norsk Tipping authorities will not be able to help you if your paper ticket is lost because there are no other ways to prove your participation and your bet amount. That is why more and more gamblers prefer online gambling; all the data about their plays is saved within the Lottery system, and you can find your entry anytime you need it.

About 50% of the Norsk Tipping revenue collected from lottery ticket sales is distributed back in the form of prizes. Another half is spent on sports, education, and culture-related activities; formerly, research projects were also funded.

Note: The lottery results on Lottery n’ Go are not official. When playing the lottery, it is always advisable to verify your results with an official lottery agent before taking any further action. This is to ensure that you have correctly interpreted the results and that you are not about to make any rash decisions based on incorrect information. We’re doing our best to provide updated results every 1h. If you found any mistake, please report here.