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Brazil Mega Sena Odds: What Are the Odds to Win Brazil Mega Sena?

Mega Sena is the most-played lottery in Brazil, but its popularity goes beyond its borders. People in South America and other continents love playing this lottery. It has a simple concept and large jackpot sums.

Based on our research, here are your chances of winning the Brazil Mega Sena.

What Are the Odds of Winning Brazil Mega Sena?

Brazil Mega Sena has a 6/60 concept, which means only a single drum is used during the draw. It has only three prize tiers, making it an excellent choice for beginners. The overall odds of winning any reward in Mega Sena are 1:2,298. The lowest prize is about 120 times higher than the ticket price, which makes this reward quite tempting.

As for the jackpot odds, your shot is 50,063,860 to 1. That’s better than in Powerball but much worse than in national lotteries like Colombia Baloto.

How to Take Advantage of Knowing the Odds of Brazil Mega Sena

The odds help you understand if you want to participate in a lottery game. You might love that Brazil Mega Sena only has three prize tiers, especially since each reward is valuable. If you appreciate the concept, here are some methods to take advantage of knowing the odds.

Can I Use Math to Increase My Odds of Winning The Mega Sena?

You can use maths to improve your chances of winning through a system called number wheeling. It is a science-based system of playing the lottery.It uses math as a basis to improve your lottery winning odds. You can apply that and other mathematics-based lottery strategies, and that includes Brazil Mega Sena.

Can Playing Syndicates Affects My Odds of Winning Brazil Mega Sena?

Yes. Here is a simple example – the odds of winning a jackpot in Mega Sena are 1:50,063,860 if you buy a single ticket. But if you join forces with other players and come up with a joint fund, you can buy 100 tickets. That means your odds will be 1:500,638 (100:50,063,860), which is why you can benefit from joining a Mega Sena syndicate.

Can Random Numbers Increase My  Odds of Winning Brazil Mega Sena?

The truth is that a Quick Pick option gives you the same odds of winning as choosing the numbers. Most randomizers use balanced combinations, and the statistics indicate 70% of all tickets in a single draw are chosen random. While randomizing can’t increase your odds, it won’t worsen them either.

Brazil Mega Sena Odds and Prizes Chart

The drum used in Mega Sena contains 60 balls, and six of them are drawn in a single session. You need to guess at least four correctly to win the lowest prize. However, you have to guess all the six lucky lottery numbers correctly to win the jackpot.

Here is an overview of the chances for that to happen and the sums you can expect to win.

Requirements Odds Prize
6 1:50,063,860 Starts from R$3 million
5 1:154,518 19% of the Prize Pool
4 1:2,332 19% of the Prize Pool
  • Jackpot – 6 Numbers for At Least R$3 million

The grand prize starts from R$3 million, but it increases quickly. If no one wins it, it goes up by 33% of the playing fund for the next round. The biggest jackpot in the game’s history was over R$350 million. But if you want to win the Brazil Mega Sena grand prize, you need to beat the odds of 1:50,063,860.

  • 5 Numbers for €12.5K

If you guess five out of six numbers drawn correctly, you’ll win around €12.5K. The odds of this happening are 1:154,818, which means the chances are much better than going for the jackpot.

  • 4 Numbers for €180

This is the lowest prize tier, which means you need at least four correctly guessed numbers to win at Mega Sena. This reward is €180, and you have a 2,332 to 1 shot of making it yours.

How Easy Is It To Win Brazil Mega Sena in Comparison to Other Lotteries?

Lottery Odds Prize Highest Jackpot Won
Brazil Mega Sena 1 in 50,063,860 R$541.9 million R$541,969,966.29
Oz Lotto 1:45,379,620 $2 million $111M+
US Powerball 1 in 24.87 $500,000-$2 million $2.04 billion
MegaMillions 1 in 302 million $5 million $1.05 billion


Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Brazil Mega Sena Winnings?

Yes, the local government currently charges a 13.8% tax on all lotto winnings. Make sure to check our lottery tax guide to learn if you can expect any additional taxes when playing abroad.

Can I Use My Lucky Numbers to Boost the Odds of Winning Mega Sena?

It’s all about making a balanced combination and being among the luckiest players. If you want to attract good fortune, you can use personal lucky numbers or any other number you consider to be a good choice.

Can Analyzing the Previous Draws Help to Improve My Odds to Win Mega Sena?

Some players believe that analysis of previous lotteries is the way to find the right combination. You can use lottery software for deep insights on previous draws. If you want to do your research manually, you can study the results of Brazil Mega Sena and draw your conclusion.

When Is The Mega Sena Draw?

The Brazil Mega Sena Draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8pm Brasilia time and 10pm UK time. If you can’t follow the draw, you can check our result page for the Mega Sena lottery results.

How Much Does It Cost to Play The Brazil Mega Sena?

It costs €1.50 to buy a single ticket for the Brazil Mega Sena. However, this price may vary on different platform. Lottery agents and organizers usually charge higher to cover business costs. For more information, we recommend you read our guide on how to play Mega Sena from anywhere.


Brazil Mega Sena is unique because not many lotteries offer only three prize tiers. The jackpot starts low but increases quickly and can reach life-changing sums. Each win gives a significant return compared to the ticket price. All that makes Mega Sena worthy of your time, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot. If you like simple single-drum lotteries, there’s no doubt you’ll love them!

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