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Oz Lotto Odds: What Are the Odds to Win Oz Lotto?

Although the competition in Australia is fierce, Oz Lotto found its place in the heart of lottery players. This game has been around since 1994, and today’s jackpot is $30 million.

What Are the Odds of Winning Oz Lotto?

Oz Lotto uses a single-drum concept with 45 balls. During a single session, seven main numbers are drawn first, and two supplementary balls follow. We call them supplementary because they don’t decide the jackpot but only participate in deciding the winners of three prize tiers.

Your odds of winning the prize is 1:51. It’s more favorable than famous lotteries like MegaMillions. However, the chances to win the jackpot are far better than in transnational games. You get the grand prize if you beat the odds of 1:45,379,620.

How to Take Advantage of Knowing the Odds of Oz Lotto

It’s easy to understand how Oz Lotto works. Once you figure out your winning odds, you should take advantage of that fact, and here’s how!

How to Use Math for Increasing the Odds of Winning

If you are a science fan, you can apply it when choosing numbers for your tickets. You’ll find mathematics is a crucial part of different lottery strategies, but that’s also true for statistics. Analyzing previous draws and going with common or cold numbers can help to improve your winning odds. Also, don’t forget the importance of designing a balanced combination.

How Lottery Syndicates Affect the Odds of Winning Oz Lotto

Lottery syndicates are a more social way of playing the lottery, especially if you have many friends. You join others to form a joint fund to buy tickets. Each new ticket bought improves your chances of winning amazing prizes, which are usually split equally among all participants.

Can Random Numbers Increase Your Odds?

No, random numbers can’t increase your odds. However, using a Quick Pick won’t worsen your chances either. You’ll have the same odds, but invest less of your time to choose a combination. If you are in a hurry, you can resort to random numbers.

Oz Lotto Odds and Prizes Chart

Oz Lotto has seven prize tiers, which is a moderate amount. It’s not as little as in Brazil Mega Sena, but also not generous as in EuroMillions. Here is a complete chart of your lottery-winning odds and prizes to win in every tier!

Requirements Odds Prize
6 1:45,379,620 Jackpot (minimum $30 million)
6 + 1 1:3,241,401 $56K
6 1:180,078 $4K
5+2, 5+1 1:29,602 $350
5 1:3,430 $46
4 1:154 $23.2
3+2, 3+1 1:87 $14.5
  • Jackpot – 7 Numbers for At Least $2 Million

The grand prize has a guaranteed $2 million fund, but it has a rollover function. If no one wins it, it transfers to the next round. 40% of the prize fund goes into the jackpot pool, which is why this reward can reach huge sums. It was over $100 million on several occasions. The reason why winning the jackpot in Oz Lotto isn’t a frequent occasion is that the odds are 1:45,379,620.

  • 6 Numbers + 1 Supplementary for $56K

The second prize will require guessing one out of two supplementary numbers, along with six main ones. If you do that, you’ll receive approximately $56K. You’ll need to beat the odds of 1:3,241,402, which means a tough task is ahead of you.

  • 6 Numbers for $4K

If you miss a single main number but guess all six others, the prize is $4K. You have a shot of 180,078 to 1 to make this happen, which doesn’t make the prize that impressive.

  • 5 Numbers + 1 or 2 Supplementary for $350

If you guess five numbers and at least one supplementary, you’ll receive $350. The odds are 1:29,602 for this prize tier.

  • 5 Numbers for $46

You’ll win $46 if you guess five of the seven main numbers drawn during a session. You have a shot of 3,430 to 1 for that to happen.

  • 4 Numbers for $23.2

The prize of around $23 will be yours if you guess four main numbers in Oz Lotto. The odds are 1:154, which is fairly decent.

  • 3 Numbers + 1 or 2 Supplementary for $14.5

The lowest prize tier will grant $14.5 if you guess three main and at least one supplementary number. You have the best shot here since the odds are 1:14.

How Easy Is It To Win Oz Lotto Compared to Other Lotteries?

It’s easier to win the Monday and Wednesday Lotto in comparison to Oz Lotto. But they don’t have higher jackpots like Oz Lotto.

Lottery Odds Prize Highest Jackpot Won
Oz Lotto 1:45,379,620 $2 million $111M+
Monday Lotto 1:8,145,060 $1 million $1 million
Wednesday Lotto 1:8,145,060 $1 million $1 million
PowerBall (Australia) 1 : 76,676,600 $3 million $71M+


Do I Improve My Odds of Winning Oz Lotto If I Buy More Tickets?

Yes, the more combinations you have, the better odds of winning a prize. You can check our lottery odds calculator to calculate chances based on the purchased number of tickets.

Does Playing Hot or Cold Numbers Give You a Better Chance?

It all depends on your preference. The draws will be random, which means each number has equal chances of being drawn.

What Does It Mean to Make a Balanced Lottery Combination?

The numbers on your ticket should be an equal (or near to equal) ratio of low and high, and even and odd numbers. Some players choose at least a single number from every decade and avoid sequences, but that’s a matter of style.

Do I Have To Be Australian To Play The Oz Lotto?

No, you can play the OZ lotto regardless of your nationality.

How Many Numbers Do I Need to Win a Prize in Oz Lotto?

You need 7 numbers in a single game panel to win the Oz Lotto. But you can also win with 3 numbers plus one supplementary number in a single game.


If you compare it to other national lotteries, Oz Lotto offers impressive prizes. It comes with tough odds for winning the jackpot, but that only means the grand reward is worth pursuing. If you feel it’s your lucky day, don’t hesitate to purchase your ticket for Oz Lotto now!

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