Powerball (USA) Syndicates

The first US Powerball was drawn over 30 years ago and even to this day, it remains one of the most popular multi-state lotteries today. It offers many syndicates, increasing your chances of winning the prize. Keep reading if you’re interested in joining a US Powerball syndicate.

Powerball Lottery Tickets
USD 98 Million
Saturday, Apr 20, 2024

US Powerball Overview

Game format5/69 white balls + 1/26 Powerball
Odds of winning the jackpot for 100 tickets1:2,922,013
Odds of winning the prize for 100 tickets1.2.49
Draw scheduleWednesday and Saturday at 22:59 EST

Since the Powerball was introduced in 1992, it has changed its format multiple times. But, Powerball has stuck to a two-drum formula since 2015, which includes the standard 69-ball drum and a special 26-ball drum.

During a session, six luckiest numbers are drawn – five from the regular pot, and one from the special drum. Winning the jackpot requires guessing all six right on an individual line.

Why We Like the US Powerball?

US Powerball Syndicate Pros & Cons

What Lottery Websites Offer US Powerball Syndicates?

Lottery siteLines of playsShares availableShares price (USD)Syndicate odds
Lottoland1008145$47.371 in 289,882
Lottoland756156$35.531 in 386,510
Lottoland504132$23.691 in 579,765
Lottoland252100$11.841 in 1,159,529
TheLotter200114$141 in 1,461,007
LottoAgent100150$71 in 2,922,013
WeLoveLotto5050$2.951 in 5,844,027
WinTrillions35250$3.381 in 8,384,610
BuyLottoOnline35250$3.381 in 8,384,610
LottoKings35250$3.381 in 8,384,610
24Lottos2450$2.501 in 12,175,056
LottoGo1050$4.831 in 29,220,134

If you stick to the best online lottery sites, the odds are that you will find at least one that offers US Powerball Syndicates. Since this is the most popular lottery in the world, all providers try to include it in their selection. You can choose from multiple variations available at The Lotter, and don’t forget WinTrillions and LottoLand, which also offers tempting syndicate options.

How to Join US Powerball Syndicates Online

If you want to join the US Powerball Syndicates online, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your favorite online lottery site, but make sure it offers US Powerball Syndicates.
  2. Check out the available offers, and pick the one that suits your preference when it comes to shares and other terms.
  3. Complete the buying process and wait for the results to see if you are among the lottery winners.

Why Is It Better to Play US Powerball With a Syndicate

If you purchased tickets at a retailer, the odds are you made a syndicate with your friends, family members, or coworkers. Either way, you are in for a fun ride while watching the draw together. Apart from bonding people and offering an exciting experience, US Powerball syndicates improve the lottery winning odds. If you buy 100 tickets, your chance of winning the jackpot goes from 1:292,201,338 to 1:2,922,013, which is worse than in Texas Two-Step, but it is a significant improvement.

What Prizes Can You Win When Playing US Powerball Syndicates?

US Powerball is famous for being one of the biggest lottery jackpots ever. It’s no surprise millions of people are playing this game because of the life-changing jackpots. The grand prize starts at $40 million and increases with every round. US Powerball offers a total of nine prize levels.

Jackpot (min. $40 million)5 white balls + 1 Powerball number
$50,0004 balls + 1 Powerball
$1003 balls + 1 Powerball
$72 balls +1 Powerball
$41 ball + 1 Powerball
$41 Powerball

Are US Powerball Syndicate Winnings Tax-Free?

The United States imposes taxes on lottery winnings, and any prize is subject to both federal and state laws, but the rate you have to pay might go up to approximately a third of the prize. You can check out our Powerball tax calculator to learn more about how much you’d pay from your prize.

US Powerball syndicate rules

US Powerball syndicates are legal even without the official rules, but it might be better to whip up a document that regulates all details related to playing, especially if you are playing with friends. The rules will regulate who is in charge of buying the tickets and claiming prizes, as well as how rewards will be distributed. You can make the rules as detailed as you want.

Example of US Powerball Syndicate Form

A simple example of a US Powerball Syndicate form involves an agreement where the players join the alliance under specific conditions. For example, the user agrees to the syndicate manager being the online lottery website or a third party.

Some bodies will require you to sign the official form when joining a syndicate. In most cases, purchasing your share is a sign that you agree to the terms, so make sure to read everything carefully.


What is the deadline for buying a US Powerball syndicate ticket?
The deadline can be 60 to 120 minutes before the draw starts. It depends on the state and the provider.

Can you join a US Powerball syndicate outside of the United States?
Yes, there is no reason why you wouldn’t play Powerball syndicates from any location in the world (as long as the lottery is allowed there).

When can you claim prizes won in the US Powerball Syndicate?
The deadline for claiming prizes can be from three months to a year after the draw. If you have tickets on you, check out the back for the lottery ticket expiration date.

US Powerball Syndicates – Final Thoughts

The good news about the US Powerball syndicate is you can choose from numerous syndicates and select the specific lines you want, saving money in the process. So if you and your friends have been considering playing the lotto, give the Powerball syndicates a shot.