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Texas Two Step Review

Texas Two Step is a double-drum lottery game established by Texas Lottery. It offers decent odds for winning a jackpot, two drawings per week, and an exciting concept. Here is a detailed review of Texas Two Step lotto with everything you should know about the lottery!

How to Buy Texas Two Step Tickets Online

Purchasing lottery tickets online has never been this easy. After picking the desired lottery provider, register for an account, and head to the Texas Two Step game. Choose the preferred number of lotto tickets and confirm the transaction.

The price of Texas Two Step is $1 per play.

How to Play Texas Two Step Online

Texas Two Step is a two-drum lotto, but it features a simple concept. The first drum contains white balls with numbers from 1 to 35, while the second drum contains red bonus balls from 1 to 35.

During the drawing, there will be four balls drawn from the white-ball drum, and a single bonus ball from the other drum. You will need to guess all five balls for the jackpot, but you can also compete for six other prize tiers.

Odds of Winning Texas Two Step

Texas Two Step has jackpot chances set at 1:1,832,600. These odds are far better than for the biggest lotteries like MegaMillions, and other national lotto games like Canada Lotto 6/49. That is expected because the rewards are also smaller than those in those lotteries.

Check out our overview to learn everything about odds of winning something in Texas Two Step:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#14 + BB1 : 1,832,600
#241 : 53,900
#33 + BB1 : 14,779
#431 : 435
#52 + BB1 : 657
#61 + BB1 : 102
#70 + BB1 : 58

When Is the Texas Two Step Drawing?

Texas Two Step has two drawing sessions per week. The drawing days are Monday and Thursday, and the time is 10:12 PM CT (5:12 AM CET the following day).

Texas Two Step Payout Chart

The lottery features a minimum jackpot and a rollover feature with no cap involved. The grand prize starts at $200,000. If no one wins it, it increases for the next round, depending on the prize pool. Once somebody wins a jackpot, it resets to $200K.

Texas Two Step has seven prize tiers. The jackpot and the lowest prize have a guaranteed minimum, while rewards in other categories vary.

Here is a payout chart:

4 + BBJackpot (minimum $200,000)
3 + BB$50
2 + BB$20
1 + BB$7 (guaranteed)
BB$5 (guaranteed)

You receive all prizes as lump-sum cash payments.

Texas Two Step Taxes

Are your winnings in Texas Two Step over $5,000? That is the only case when you should worry about federal taxes. In the United States, they are currently set to 25% for residents, and 30% for non-residents for wins over $5K. Taxes might be applicable in your home country if playing from another location.

Texas Two Step History

You could say this game is relatively fresh since it was established in 2001. The organization behind it is Texas Lottery, the state authority that also founded Lotto Texas and other games. The name Two Step was derived from the idea that the lottery uses two drums, and you need to complete two successful steps to win a jackpot.

Biggest Texas Two Step Jackpots in The History

According to the information available online, the biggest jackpot in Texas Two Step was hit in 2006. A lucky player won $2.9 million, and the grand prize sum only exceeded $2 million on several other occasions.

In 2019, a lucky winner was rewarded $2.5 million, while a player won $2.2 million in 2018. Winning the jackpot is not that easy, but the expert tips on how to win the lottery has been of help to many.

Texas Two Step FAQ’s

How to Play Texas Two Step from Outside Texas and the US? Is It Legal?

You can play Texas Two Step from other states and countries. The easiest way to do so is to purchase tickets over the line.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers in Texas Two Step?

The most frequently drawn numbers in Texas Two Step include 30, 4, 6, 33, 19, 17, and 34. The most commonly drawn Bonus Ball is 20.

What is the deadline for buying Texas Two Step tickets before the drawing?

You can buy tickets for Texas Two Step up until ten minutes before the draw starts. That puts the deadline at 10:02 PM CT (5:12 AM CET the next day) on Mondays and Thursdays.

Texas Two Step – Is It Worth Playing?

The first thing to clarify is that Texas Two Step is a state lottery, which means you should expect a large-scale game. However, if you are looking for a two-drum lotto with multiple sessions per week, you will enjoy this lottery. It also has affordable ticket prices and is an excellent way to get familiar with double-drum games?