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Illinois Lottery Review

Illinois Lottery has been making lottery players happy with generous prizes for decades. Their most famous game is Illinois Lotto, whose history goes back to 1983. Today, this game has a 6/52 format that is simple and attractive for everyone. Check out our Illinois Lotto review to learn more about this game!

How to Buy Illinois Lottery Tickets Online

The process is simple and comes down to only three steps:

  1. Find an online lottery vendor offering this game.
  2. Choose the desired numbers, and pick whether you want the Extra Shot opportunity.
  3. Purchase the tickets and see when the next drawing session is.

Even if you are a beginner, you can complete the purchase in minutes, so playing the lottery online is attractive. The price of the basic Illinois Lotto ticket is $1, and if you want to play the Extra Shot, it costs an additional $1.

How to Play Illinois Lottery Online

Illinois Lotto offers a simple 6/52 concept, which means you need to guess all six numbers drawn to win the jackpot. However, there is also the twist of using the Extra Shot. If you choose this option, you pay an additional $1 and activate additional prize tiers.

For all those who played the extra shot, the Illinois Lotto draws an additional number. You can check out if you won any of the new rewards since ES can significantly boost your winning.

Odds of Winning Illinois Lottery

Are you fantasizing about winning the Illinois Lotto Jackpot? The odds of winning the top prize are 1:20,358,520. If we compare it to other state-sized lotteries, you will find the chances are better than in New York Lotto. However, they are far worse than in Texas Two-Step, but that is understandable because the jackpot is far bigger.

The overall odds of winning a prize are 1:8.32, which is decent. Let’s check out the chances per level:

RequirementsOdds of Winning

When Is the Illinois Lottery Drawing?

The Illinois Lotto draws take part three times per week – on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. The time is always the same – 9:22 PM CST, and you can see the results shortly after the draw.

Illinois Lottery Payout Chart

Illinois Lotto has 11 total prize levels in total, but you will need to play the Extra Shot to activate all of them. If you miss the ES opportunity, you will play for only five reward tiers.

While the jackpot is the most generous prize, others shouldn’t be undermined either. Here is an overview of all the rewards available:

RequirementsEstimated Prize

Illinois Lottery Taxes

We would suggest checking out our lottery tax calculator to learn more about the United States’ taxes. Illinois Lotto is subject to both state and federal taxes. Depending on the sum you win, the federal tax can be 24% to over 30%.

Illinois Lottery History

Illinois Lotto had started its journey in 1983 when this game was officially launched. At the time, its concept was 6/40, but the lottery made a massive change in 1999. That is when they decided to establish the current 6/52 format, and the addition of the Extra Shot proved to be an excellent choice. The lotto started attracting thousands of players, and we can see a broad base of game’s fans today.

Biggest Illinois Lottery Jackpots in the History

It is interesting to note that the biggest jackpot in the history of this game was won a long time ago. In 1989, a lucky player won $69.9 million. Although the prize never reached those heights after that, it often offers life-changing amounts. That means you can expect to become a multi-millionaire if you choose this lottery.

Illinois Lottery FAQ’s

How to Play Illinois Lottery from Outside the United States? Is It Legal?

You can purchase Illinois Lotto tickets online via a lottery provider offering this game. As for the legality, playing this lotto is perfectly legal.

What Are The 6 Most Common Numbers in Illinois Lottery?

The statistics from 2011 indicate that the most frequent number in Illinois Lotto are 51, 49, 7, 36, 11, and 21.

What is the deadline for buying Illinois Lottery tickets before the drawing?

The deadline for purchasing Illinois Lotto tickets isn’t specified on the website, but you probably have shortly before the draw to purchase a ticket and participate in the session.

Illinois Lottery – Is It Worth Playing?

Illinois Lottery offers a basic concept with a dynamic twist. The Extra Shot addition makes the game exciting and improves your winning odds. Overall, this lotto is surprisingly rewarding for a state-sized lottery. That is why you can give it a chance if you are looking for a combination of simplicity and attractive prizes.

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