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Monday & Wedensday Lotto
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Monday, Apr 22, 2024
Game Format

6 + 2/45

Odds of Winning jackpot


Odds of Winning Prize


Draw Schedule

Monday and Wednesday at 8:45 PM AEST (9:45 PM AEDT)


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Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto Review

Monday & Wednesday Lotto is an Australian national lottery with a guaranteed jackpot fund of $4 million. It offers a single-drum formula with two Supplementary Numbers for additional excitement. Here is what else you need to know about this lottery!

How to Buy Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto Tickets Online

Follow these steps to purchase Monday & Wednesday Lotto tickets from the comfort of your home:

  1.   Choose an internet lottery ticket provider. Sign up for a free account and add funds to it.
  2.   Pick this game from the available ones on the side.
  3.   Select the number of lines to buy and other details. Confirm the transaction.

The minimum requirement for the Mon & Wed Lotto is to play four lines on a single ticket. That will cost you $2.40.

How to Play Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto Online

Mon & Wed Lotto is essentially a 6/45 lottery. It features a single drum with 45 balls, and six are drawn in each session. After the six initial balls, the organizers draw two Supplementary Numbers. Those decide three out of six prize tiers in total.

The concept is identical to the Saturday Lotto offered by the same organization.

Odds of Winning The Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto

If you are dreaming about the jackpot prize, it will require beating the odds of 1: 8,145,060. Those chances are better than in the Oz Lotto, although the jackpot might not be as tempting.

Here is a detailed overview of your odds of winning in Mon & Wed Lotto:

Prize TierRequirementsOdds of Winning
#16 matched numbers1 : 8,145,060
#25 + 1 SN1 : 1,678,755
#351 : 36,689
#441 : 733
#53 + 1 or 2 SN1 : 297
#61 or 2 + 1 or 2 SN1 : 144

When Is the Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto Drawing?

The drawing days for the Mon & Wed Lotto are Monday and Wednesday. The time of the draw is approximately 8:45 PM AEST (9:45 PM AEDT). You can see the results at 9 PM AEST on the official website and relevant lottery provider sites.

Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto Payout Chart

The jackpot on Monday & Wednesday Lotto is set to $4 million. However, that comes with a twist. The biggest prize a single player can win is $1 million. That means each session can have up to four winners that split the total jackpot fund.

The game offers six prize levels. Here is a payout chart with an overview of all rewards:

6 matched numbersJackpot (approximately €2,341,491)
5 + 1 or 2 SN€5,081
3 + 1 or 2 SN€12.88
2 + 1 or 2 SN€7.61

Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto Taxes

If you play Mon & Wed Lotto and win, you don’t need to pay taxes at all. Australia is a tax-free country for lotto winnings. That puts Australian lottery games in a favorable position compared to others, especially Ukraine Super Lotto, where you have to pay a large tax.

However, make sure to analyze the laws of your home country when playing from abroad. You are still subject to potential taxes there.

Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto History

Mon & Wed Lotto is a game organized by the organization of Australia’s lotteries. It is a nationwide lottery that uses this format for years now. Since the game is extremely popular, the organizers didn’t feel the need to change the rules for a long time.

Biggest Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto Jackpots in The History

The rules of Mon & Wed Lotto imply that a single ticket cannot win more than $1 million. Theoretically, you can win up to $4 million if you own all four winning tickets in a single draw.

However, the largest reported prizes per player remain at $1 million so far. The good news is that these jackpots are given frequently, which spices up the odds of winning a life-changing sum.

Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto FAQ’s

How to Play Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto from Outside Australia? Is It Legal?

Yes, it is legal to play Mon & Wed Lotto from abroad. All you should do is find an internet lottery vendor offering this game.

What Are The 7 Most Common Numbers on Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto?

The official website shows statistics from October 2008. From then, the most frequently drawn numbers include 45, 14, 23, 42, 13, 39, and 40.

What is the deadline for buying Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto tickets before the drawing?

The sales closing time is on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30 PM AEST (8:30 PM AEDT).

Australian Monday & Wednesday Lotto – Is It Worth Playing?

Two drawings per week, a simple concept with an exciting twist, and guaranteed jackpots are the main benefits of Monday & Wednesday Lotto. It is understandable why it is among the most popular Australian lotteries. You can play it both online and offline, so make sure to give it a shot!