MegaMillions Syndicates

MegaMillions is a multi-state lottery played worldwide and based in the United States. It offers syndicates, and you can find more information about purchasing shares and joining below. 

Mega Millions
USD 300 Million
Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023

Why Do We Like MegaMillions?

MegaMillions Syndicate Pros & Cons

MegaMillionsBasic Overview

Game format5/75 + 1/15
Odds of winning the jackpot for 100 tickets1:3,025,753
Odds of winning prizes for 100 tickets1:1.47
Draw scheduleTuesday and Friday, 23:00 EST

MegaMillions was first introduced to the United States in 1996 as a competition to the US Powerball, and they have since become the two most popular lotteries in the world.

How Does MegaMillions Work?

MegaMillions uses a two-drum concept involving a white ball drum with 75 balls numbered 1 to 75. Five of these balls are drawn in each session. The second drum is the MegaBall drum with 15 balls numbered 1 to 15. One of these balls is drawn in each session, so a total of six numbers should be on a single combination. You must correctly guess them all to win a jackpot.

What Lottery Websites Offer MegaMillions Syndicates?

Lottery websiteLines of playShares availableShare price (USD)Syndicate odds
Lottoland1008158$47.371 in 300,174
Lottoland756137$35.531 in 400,232
Lottoland504124$23.691 in 600,348
Lottoland252100$11.481 in 1,200,696
The Lotter/Lotto Smile200150$13.501 in 1,512,877
Lotto Agent100150$61 in 3,052,753
WeLoveLotto5050$2.951 in 6,051,507
LottoKings4860$7.501 in 6,577,725
WinTrillions30250$31 in 10,085,845
BuyLottoOnline30250$31 in 10,085,845
LottoGo1050$4.831 in 30,257,535
24 Lottos24100$21 in 12,607,306

The great thing about MegaMillions’ popularity is that all lottery providers offering syndicate play include it in their selection. It gives the player a long list of options for purchasing syndicate shares. We always suggest sticking to reputable sites like LottoSmile, LottoKings, and LottoAgent.

How to Join MegaMillions Syndicates Online 2023

If you plan to play online, the process is not entirely different from buying standard lottery tickets. All you have to do is:

  1. Pick a website that allows syndicates and create an account.
    LottoKings Create an Account
  2. Check the available syndicates. You might be able to choose guaranteed numbers on lines or benefit from other perks. Also, the number of lines and the price per share might vary.
  3. Use your account to purchase the desired number of shares and select your lucky number.

Why Is Megamillions Preferred When Playing Syndicates?

Syndicates allow you to buy dozens of lines simultaneously. For example, some MegaMillions alliances give you the option to buy 200 or more lines with a single share. Since an individual ticket costs around $77 per line, you will be sharing a lot of money in the process.

You shouldn’t underestimate the improved odds, either. The jackpot chances are impressive at 1:3,025,753 if you purchase 100 tickets for the syndicate. It improves the odds, making it better than some national lotteries, such as Canada Lotto 6/49.

How Much Does It Cost to Join a MegaMillions Syndicate?

The usual price to join a MegaMillions syndicate is around $7.45 per share. Note that the cost varies and depends on the syndicate and number of lines bought.

TheLotter Syndicate MegaMillions

What Prizes Can You Win When Playing MegaMillions Syndicates?

MegaMillions offer a guaranteed jackpot pool of $40 million and if nobody wins, it rolls over to the next round. The grand prizes can be over $1 billion, so it’s advisable to remain anonymous after winning.

Reward structure

Jackpot5 White Balls + 1 MegaBall Number

Are MegaMillions Syndicate Winnings Tax-Free?

The US imposes taxes on all lottery winnings, including MegaMillions syndicate. The tax rates can go over 35% for large winnings, making them higher for non-US citizens

MegaMillions Syndicate Rules

If one or more of the tickets have the winning numbers for the MegaMillions prize, everybody wins. Each syndicate member shares the winnings equally, and no contract is needed.

However, note that players cannot decide the numbers to include on the ticket, but it can vary depending on the conditions. Always read the fine print before joining an alliance.

What’s a Megamillions Syndicate Form?

A MegaMillions syndicate form acts as an unofficial contract between team members. It’s an ideal way to organize who’s in charge of ticket purchase and prize distribution. By deciding everything before the draw, you avoid potential problems, especially with prize distribution.


What is the deadline for buying a MegaMillions syndicate ticket?
You have two hours before each draw to join a MegaMillions syndicate. Sale close at 8:45 PM EST on the drawing days.

Can I join a MegaMillions syndicate outside of the United States?
Yes, you can, as long as your local law allows it and you meet the legal age requirement.

When can you claim prizes won in the MegaMillions Syndicate?
Depending on your location, the deadline for collecting the prizes is 90 days to 12 months.

What are the types of syndicates?
There are two types of syndicates: public syndicates and private syndicates. A public syndicate is played by people who don’t know themselves and the prize is shared based on each player’s investment. Private syndicate, on the other hand, is played by friends, coworkers and family members, and the prize is share based on the players agreement.

MegaMillions Syndicates – Final Thoughts

MegaMillions syndicates are a good deal – you invest less per ticket, and the odds of winning prizes are better. Additionally, you can pick from a long list of available syndicates since this lottery is popular. In essence, you likely won’t find a better game than MegaMillions!