Bill Morgan

The Guy Who Died and Went Back to Life to Win the Lottery

You can find different stories about lottery winners. For some, winning the lottery was the best thing that ever happened to them. Others, however, took a wrong turn after winning the lotto, and some stories are just sad.

However, some special winners make you believe wonders can happen. There is no one better to fit that category than Bill Morgan. He’s a guy who died and came back to life to win the lottery. And once Bill won a big prize, he decided to win once again, but this time in front of the cameras. Here is the story that fills our hearts with joy!

bill morganSource: Daily Mail

Who Was Bill Morgan Before Winning the Lottery?

Bill was living a decent life, but nothing more than that. This Australian native was content with his job as a truck driver. He had big dreams about marrying his girlfriend but was still finding the courage to pop the question.

It was in 1999 when Bill’s life turned into a script worth of shooting a movie. He was behind the wheel of his truck when he suffered a massive heart attack. It’s one that leaves consequences, but things got even worse once they took him to the hospital.

Since it was imperative for Bill to receive treatment as soon as possible, the doctors didn’t have time for his medical history. It happens extremely rarely, but Bill had an allergic reaction to the medications the doctors gave him.

Bill’s Heart Stopped for 14 Minutes!

After the allergic reaction, Bill’s heart stopped. Medical reports indicate he was practically dead for 14 minutes. The doctors did their best to get his heart pumping, and they did that eventually.

However, if a person’s heart doesn’t pump blood to the rest of the body for 14 minutes, that could leave severe consequences. Some people end up in a vegetative state, and others have brain damage and physical consequences.

That wasn’t the case with Bill Morgan. Although things didn’t look that promising at first. His heart was pumping blood again, but Bill was still unresponsive. According to reports, Morgan spent 12 days in a coma. The doctors didn’t notice any improvement, which is why they even advised Bill’s family to take him off life support.

However, the family believed in him and rejected the doctors on a couple of occasions. And that’s when a whole new miracle started happening.

Waking Up from a Coma Alive and Well

Bill woke up from the coma, and doctors rushed to conduct various analyses. He passed them all as if he was a grade-A student in school. The only thing doctors could write is that Bill Morgan didn’t have any serious consequences from the heart attack, cardiac arrest, and being on life support.

It’s something that happens to one in a million people or less. That’s why Bill decided he needed to change things in his life. The first move he made was to propose to Lisa Wells. He was dating this girl for a long time, and he finally asked her to marry him.

Bill also had a plan to change professions because he didn’t dream about becoming a truck driver. However, that took time, so he needed to be patient. In the meantime, he passed the time by enjoying himself and playing the lotto.

Winning the First Prize

bill morganSource: Antarctica Journal

Morgan purchased a scratch-off lotto ticket and discovered that he won a car! The car was valued at around AUD17,000, which would now be about AUD25,000.

It’s a decent prize, especially since Bill needed a car. However, it’s hardly something why newspapers and media crews should take interest in this winning. Despite that, the local Melbourne crew wanted to do a story about Bill.

If we are honest, that’s probably because of his background story, and not the lottery win. The journalists recognized it as something that would be interesting for the public. No one could ever assume that what’s about to happen will be an even bigger story!

How It Looks When You Win $250K While a Camera Is Filming You

In the video news about Bill Morgan, the idea was for him to show the crew where he purchased the ticket, and recreate the scene of winning that car. Everything looked great – he drove to the facility in that vehicle and entered to purchase the ticket. The cameraperson was filming him as he bought another scratch-off ticket from the cashier.

Bill scratched the ticket and realized he won $250K! He couldn’t believe his eyes, and even mentioned that “he might have another heart attack.” Bill asked the cameraperson not to shoot him anymore, but it was clear his reaction is already destined to go viral.

Check out how Bill Morgan scratched a $250K winning ticket live:

What Did Morgan Do After Winning the Lottery?

Bill’s first reaction was to take a moment to calm down. The next thing he did was to call his fiancée and let her know the great news. The $250K prize was more than enough to purchase a house they’ve always wanted.

At that moment, Bill’s total rewards in lottery games climbed to $274K. While that’s still not comparable to some of the biggest jackpots ever, it’s the way Morgan won that made him famous.

You can’t help but feel glad about this lottery winner. Bill lived in a caravan up to that point, and he’ll now have a new home. Additionally, he’ll have a garage or driveway to park his car.

Is This Story Real or Fake?

There are some incredible stories about famous lottery winners. We won’t lie – it does sound a bit hard to believe when you read this story. Some people might have issues believing that this even happened to Bill Morgan, which is why we analyzed every detail.

The critical thing we discovered is that this wouldn’t be a great publicity stunt for the lottery. Indeed, you can’t think of a better advertisement than the one starring Bill Morgan. A guy who was clinically dead wins a car and house where he’ll live with his long-time girlfriend.

However, if this was a publicity stunt, the creators would never diminish western medicine. While the heart attack was already a serious medical problem, the story mentions Bill receiving the wrong medications. Additionally, we discovered doctors recommended the family to turn off his life support on two occasions. That’s not something that an advertising company would usually include in a publicity stunt.

Additionally, Bill’s reaction once he won the $250K prize seems genuine. It’s something that only a premium actor could pull off, and that’s not Bill. Also, if you take a look at the face of the journalist, you’ll notice the surprise. Everyone seemed to be genuinely stunned at what happened when Morgan scratched that ticket.

That’s why we can safely say that Bill Morgan’s story is authentic. It’s the best proof miracles happen and dreams can come true.

Where Is Bill Morgan Now?

bill morganSource: Inspire More

The reporters decided to resurface this story in 2020, and someone tracked Bill Morgan. He is now 60 years old and still living in Australia. Morgan revealed he was surprised that the story is still popular on the internet. Bill also told the reporters that he’s been buying scratch-off tickets all this time, but he never won another grand prize.

It’s interesting to mention what Morgan did with the prize. He decided to purchase a horse – it seems that was his dream all that time!

Bill was smart enough to hire an agent to help him with the finances. However, even that agent couldn’t convince him not to buy a horse. The good news is that Morgan invested the rest, and it seems he doesn’t have any financial problems now.

Unfortunately, you can’t say that for his personal life. Bill lost a brother-in-law and nephew, and his sister is permanently in a hospital with a chronic illness. Additionally, Morgan developed arthritis and certain heart problems probably caused by spending two weeks in a coma in 1999.

However, Bill managed to stay optimistic.

“I don’t feel great every day. But even if that’s not the case, I head for a walk, check out the beautiful Sun and smell the roses. It all reminds me that I’m lucky for the extra years I’ve head with Linda.

Final Thoughts

Bill Morgan is a special guy, and his story is wonderful and returns faith in miracles. In a time when bad news is everywhere around us, it helps to read a touching story about a lottery winner. But it’s not about winning a $250K and the car.

Morgan managed to win in a more important battle – the one he fought for his life. Furthermore, he used that event as inspiration to change everything for the better. Bill’s positive attitude is impressive, and that’s something he’ll always have, even if he doesn’t scratch a winning ticket ever again.

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