SuperEnalotto Syndicates

SuperEnalotto is an Italian national lottery, but players from around the world like playing it. They are often joining in syndicates to improve their winning odds since the chances of winning a jackpot with a single ticket are slim. If you would like to learn more about SuperEnalotto syndicates, keep reading!

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€ 364.9 Million
07/02/2023 17:00 GMT
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Odds of Winning Jackpot for 100 Tickets


Odds of Winning Prize for 100 Tickets


Draw Schedule

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8 PM CET

SuperEnalotto Results

Italy - SuperEnalotto
04/02/2023 19:00 GMT
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SuperEnalotto Syndicate Pros & Cons

SuperEnalotto – Basic Overview

The history of this game goes back to the 1950s, but it uses the current name from 1997. Italians love SuperEnalotto, but the lottery is also popular beyond the country’s borders.

SuperEnalotto uses a simple single-drum concept. The drum contains 90 balls, and they are marked with numbers from 1 to 90. A single session involves drawing six numbers plus a Jolly number. It is a bonus number that only affects the second prize tier. As for the jackpot, you need to guess all the six main numbers right to win it.

What Lottery Websites Offer SuperEnalotto Syndicates?

SuperEnalotto is a national lottery, which is why you don’t see it that often among the syndicates available at online lottery websites. However, it shouldn’t be too hard to find providers that list this game’s syndicates as available.

For example, The Lotter always chooses exclusive offers for its players. The odds are you can find SuperEnalotto syndicates there. You can also check LottoSmile, Lottoland, and other reputable internet providers.

How to Join SuperEnalotto Syndicates Online

Here is a simple guide on joining a SuperEnalotto syndicate:

  1. Check lottery websites and look for available syndicates. Don’t hesitate to visit multiple providers to find an option that meets your preferences.
  2. Once you identify a suitable syndicate, register an account on that site.
  3. Choose the desired number of shares to buy and finalize the transaction.
  4. You can follow the draw live and see whether you won anything once the drawing session finishes.

Why it’s Better to Play SuperEnalotto With a Syndicate

Did you know that SuperEnalotto has jackpot winning odds of 1:622,614,630? Those are worse odds than in some multi-state lotteries like US MegaMillions. However, if you join a syndicate with 100 tickets involved, you change those odds to 1:6,226,146. That is an impressive improvement!

Additionally, the fact that you will be in play with more tickets makes the entire game more interesting. You might not be able to use lottery strategies, but it will be exciting to follow if you won anything with a huge number of tickets.

How Much Does It Cost to Join a SuperEnalotto Syndicate?

The great thing about SuperEnalotto is that a single ticket doesn’t cost a lot. It is set to €1, with the SuperStar feature costing €0.50.

As for the syndicates, they will offer a chance to bulk buy the tickets for this lottery. For example, you might be able to purchase 40 random selection lines for €10 – €15. The price might vary depending on the specifics, so make sure to check all the available offers.

What Prizes Can You Win When Playing SuperEnalotto Syndicates?

The guaranteed jackpot is €2 million, and it comes with a rollover feature. That means it will be moved to the next round if no one wins it. It is why the grand prize went over €200 million on multiple occasions, and it is often above the €50 million limits.

SuperEnalotto features a simple reward structure with six prize tiers.

Those include:

Jackpot (min. €2 million)6

Are SuperEnalotto Syndicate Winnings Tax-Free?

According to the current Italian laws, taxes are only applicable to winnings above €500. If you exceed that value, the tax will be harsh since it is set at 20%. Foreign residents should also consider potential taxes in their home countries.

SuperEnalotto Syndicate Rules

SuperEnalotto syndicates might apply a different concept for purchasing tickets. For example, a single share might have a different price, and the number of lines it secures could vary, too. Some syndicates don’t allow you to pick the numbers for the lines, while others will allow you to choose a one-number match.

Most syndicates to not restrict countries where players come from, but there might be an age restriction. Read all the details to ensure that you agree with the syndicate’s rules before joining.

Example of SuperEnalotto Syndicate Form

A form presents a document that lists all rights and obligations of participants. It can include the following things:

  • Details for prize distribution among the players (it can be based on the investment, or equally among everyone).
  • Choosing a syndicate manager. That person buys tickets, collects, and distributes the prizes. Online lottery websites can play that role, too.
  • Other details, such as if the syndicate is only for a single draw, what happens if a player doesn’t pay the entire sum, etc.

It is up to those who establish the syndicate to choose its specifics.


What is the deadline for buying a SuperEnalotto syndicate ticket?

You have time until 7:30 PM CET on the drawing days to join a SuperEnaLotto syndicate.

Can you join a SuperEnalotto syndicate outside Italy?

SuperEnaLotto welcomes players from around the world, and there are no country restrictions imposed.

When can you claim prizes won in the SuperEnalotto Syndicate?

Please note that your tickets are valid for 90 days from the session. If you don’t collect the prizes until then, they will expire.

SuperEnalotto Syndicates – Final Thoughts

SuperEnaLotto is a unique game that offers incredibly attractive prizes for a national lottery. That is why you should consider joining forces with other players to win those rewards. It is what SuperEnaLotto syndicates guarantee while securing a lot of fun in the process. Go ahead and pick a reputable website to join a syndicate today!