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How to Watch Eurojackpot (From Anywhere)

The fun in the Eurojackpot lottery doesn’t end when you pick your numbers. The live draw is also pretty exciting. It comes with a particular type of fun, excitement, and suspense, especially when you watch the balls roll out slowly from the drums, and if you are lucky to have a winning number, you may most likely shout for joy.

The Eurojackpot draw is a big part of the game. Following the draws will keep you informed about the outcome of the lottery and help you know immediately if you are a lottery winner. This article explains where to watch the Eurojackpot drawings live.

How Does the EuroJackpot Drawing Work?

The Eurojackpot is a transnational lottery involving eighteen countries, including Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. The draw takes place physically in Helsinki, Finland.

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Before we proceed, let’s briefly discuss how the draw works. The game requires players to choose five numbers between 1 to 50 from one pot and two euro numbers between 1 to 12 from the second pot. The pots are mechanically equipped to choose the balls, so no people are in the draw.

You win the Eurojackpot when you successfully match all seven numbers. There are also prizes in lower tiers for players who match fewer numbers.

Where to Watch Eurojackpot Drawing?

Currently, it is impossible to watch the eurojackpot draw in most countries. Only select countries can watch the Eurojackpot drawing. For instance, Eurojackpot players in Slovenia can watch it by 11:00 pm on POP TV. For other countries, you can only follow the drawing through a dedicated online streaming site or YouTube page.

Simply go to YouTube and type in “Eurojackpot drawing live” You will find various live streams where you can follow the draw.

Live Eurojackpot Drawing

You can also watch the live draw here at Lottery ‘n Go. However, you must watch out for the time zone. It may be necessary to add or subtract a few hours based on your location. Click the video below to start watching.

Country Time (Tuesday and Friday)
Croatia  20:00
Czech Republic 20:00
Denmark 20:00
Estonia 21:00
Finland 21:00
Germany 20:00
Hungary 20:00
Iceland 19:00
Italy 20:00
Latvia 21:00
Lithuania 21:00
Netherlands 20:00
Norway 20:00
Poland 20:00
Slovakia  20:00
Slovenia  20:00
Spain 20:00
Sweden 20:00

Can You Watch Previous Eurojackpot Draws?

If you missed the lottery draw, you could watch the previous Eurojackpot draws by visiting the lottery draw section of your lottery provider or the dedicated YouTube channel. You can also go to the Eurojackpot lottery results to check the numbers that appeared in the draw.


When Is the Eurojackpot Draw?
There are two Eurojackpot draws each week, held in Helsinki, Finland, at 21:00. You should watch out for the draw to know if you match the winning numbers.

What Time Is Eurojackpot Draw?
The Eurojackpot draw is held at 21:00 in Helsinki, Finland, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Players in other countries need to calculate the time for the draw according to their time zones.

Where Can I Watch the Eurojackpot Drawing Online?
You can watch the Eurojackpot drawing online via the website of your lottery provider or YouTube. These online platforms allow you to watch the draw when you can’t watch it on television.

What Should I Do If I Miss the Eurojackpot Drawing Tonight?
You can still go back to watch the eurojackpot drawing if you missed it. Most lottery providers usually post a recording of the draw on their result page. You can also find the results of the previous Eurojackpot draws on YouTube.

How Many Numbers Are in the Eurojackpot Draw?
There are seven winning numbers in the Eurojackpot Draw: five regular balls and two euro balls. The five regular balls are drawn from a pot of 50 balls, and the two euro balls come from a pot of 12 balls. You win the jackpot when you match all seven numbers in the draw.

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