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Tricks to Winning The Lottery – All Odds And Probabilities REVEALED!

Is there a way to trick the lottery system and win a prize?
Apart from buying tickets with all possible combinations for a particular draw, no other method can guarantee a win.

However, here is the good news – you can use specific strategies to improve your odds and play lotto properly. While you aren’t in charge of the results, you can ensure that you have the best chance of winning possible. 

Here is what you can do to find a suitable lottery combination for any game out there.

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Can You Use Math to Your Advantage?

The simple answer is yes, but allow us to elaborate. For starters, let’s cover some math basics. Let’s take Poland Mini Lotto and EuroJackpot as an example.

                                                                                     Poland Mini Lotto – 1:850,6

                                                                                     EuroJackpot – 1:95,344,200

It is evident that you have better chances in the first game mentioned. Yes, we put the reward sums aside since we are only talking about odds. 

We can also analyze the lotteries’ formats. 

                                                                                          Poland Mini Lotto – 5/42
                                                                                          EuroJackpot – 5/50 + 2/10

Poland Mini Lotto has a 5/42 structure, which means it uses a single drum with 42 numbers.
You pick five numbers in a single combination, and you need to have the winning combination to win the grand prize.

As for EuroJackpot, it uses a two-drum matrix with a 5/50 + 2/10 concept.

That means you will need two different correctly guessed combinations to win the jackpot.
You pick the first from a mix of 50 numbers and the second from the pool of ten numbers.

Do All Combinations Have the Same Probability? 

Here is what the theory says – in the game with odds of 1:850,668, you have 850,668 possible combinations.

That implies that each has the same probability of winning the grand prize.

Now, ask yourself if you’ve ever seen a 1-2-3-4-5 combination winning the jackpot. That didn’t happen in the lotto history, or everyone would be talking about it. 

Although theory indicates otherwise, not all combinations have the same probability. 

Why Is It Better to Diversify Your Combinations?

Here is a different take on observing your lottery odds. Let’s talk about the 6/45 lotteries, such as Austria Lotto, because they are a standard format. This lottery format has 8.415,050 combinations overall.

Imagine that you play all odd numbers in your combination – 1-9-13-25-37-45.

That selection type (all odd) is available in 74,613 combinations. If we do the math, every 100th combination contains all odd numbers, so we will see it every 100 sessions.

Now, let’s say you combine odd and even choices – 3-12-15-26-38-44.

This is one of 2,727,340 potential combinations that contain a balanced odd and even number mixture. The probability theory indicates we will see this combination type every three draws.
Here are the formulas used above:

P (all odd numbers) = 74,613 / 8,145,060 = 0.0091
P (equal ratio of odd and even numbers) = 2,727,340 / 8,145,060 = 0,3348

Our question is, what is better – playing a combination that has the probability of getting drawn every 100 sessions or those with a probability of appearing in every third draw?

The Difference Between Odds and Probability

The odds present the chances of a particular outcome happening.

If we are talking about the lottery, playing a single combination in a game with jackpot winning odds of 1:1,000,000 means only one of million combinations can secure you the grand prize.

Ultimately, the odds are nothing but the relationship between the desired outcome and the undesirable outcomes.

As for the probability, it discusses how likely a particular event is to happen. Now, a single combination might have the odds of 1:1,000,000. 

However, let’s imagine you played all odd numbers, which take around 10,000 potential combinations. 

But if you play an equal balance of odd and even numbers, those take 100,000 potential combinations. 

Here is an interesting formula that includes both odds and probability, and shows how they are connected:

Probability formula

Source: Towards Data Science

That means those have a higher probability!

Why Should You Trust Probability When Playing the Lottery?

Here is how probability works in the mentioned 6/45 format:

Odd numbers in the combination Even numbers in the combination Probability
0 6 0.0091
1 5 0.0743
2 4 0.2272
3 3 0.3348
4 2 0.2511
5 1 0.0908
6 0 0.1239

Here is what the above table says:

  • In 100 draws, 33 will have a perfect balance of odd and even numbers.
  • A total of 47 draws will contain four odd and two even numbers or vice-versa.
  • Only about 22 will have at least five from any group.

The similar rates apply to low and high numbers and even numbers from different decades.

If you stick to the highest probability, that means you have the best chances of your combination type appearing during the draw.

It is why experts suggest that you should combine all the potential number groups, so it’s best to mix low and high and odd and even numbers.

The Law of Large Numbers

The law of large indicates that the bigger the sample, the higher the chances of achieving the expected results. Although this law was established in the 17th century, it wasn’t proven until a century later.

Jacob Bernoulli offered proof for this theorem, which is now used in various industries. That includes everything from economics and finances to entertainment and gaming businesses. 

What Does the Law of Large Numbers Have to Do with the Lottery?

Do you remember the probability table for the 6/45 lotto mentioned above? 

It says that the estimated frequency for three odd and three even number combinations is 33 out of 100 draws. 

That means it should appear in 66/200, 333/1000, or 3,333/10,000 drawing sessions.

In reality, it might appear in 26 of the first 100 draws. However, the number will increase to 40/200, 322/1,000, and 3,330/10,000 sessions. 

The point is that the more draws are made, the higher the chances of the probability of achieving the expected rate.

Here is the estimated frequency for a 6/45 lotto draw:

Odd numbers in the combination Even numbers in the combination Probability Expected frequency
0 6 0.0091 1 per 100 draws
1 5 0.0743 7 per 100 draws
2 4 0.2272 22 per 100 draws
3 3 0.3348 33 per 100 draws
4 2 0.2511 25 per 100 draws
5 1 0.0908 9 per 100 draws
6 0 0.1239 1 per 100 draws

Are Statistics Always Accurate?

Here is what you should know – the statistics are always theoretically accurate if you do the calculations right. 

The question is how much they can help, and that only depends on your subjective opinion. 

According to the lottery strategies, statistics can provide pointers when choosing the desired combination. 

Some people like to play in favor of the statistics and include hot numbers in their combinations. Those are numbers that appeared in the last several draws or are the most commonly drawn in that particular game.

Others, however, choose to play overdue numbers. 

Those are numbers that weren’t drawn in a while, which means the probability of them getting drawn rises with every next session.

It depends on your approach, but statistics can’t guarantee a win. 

However, you can use them to your advantage to find the right combinations to play in the next sessions. 

Quick Tips to Improve Your Lottery Winning Odds

Would you like to discover more tips on how to improve your chances of winning the lottery?

Here are some expert insights to consider the next time when designing a ticket:

  • Don’t stick only to dates – most lotteries contain a matrix with more than 31 numbers. Facts tell us that people usually choose dates, which is useful if you consider them lucky numbers. However, don’t forget to diversify the combination to improve the odds of success. 
  • Stick to a combination – it doesn’t mean it will happen to you, but many lottery winners reported they’d played the same combination for years before winning the jackpot. The tip sticks to the law of large numbers, and you might consider trying it in your favorite lotto game. 
  • Think about lottery syndicates – joining a lotto syndicate is a way to improve the odds of winning in a particular game. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons, and always stick to reputable syndicates. 
  • Purchase more tickets – here is a simple tip – if you want to improve the winning odds, purchase more tickets. That will increase your chances theoretically, but make sure not to over-invest because playing the lottery should be fun first.
  • Don’t go for consecutive patterns – we already mentioned that, but it’s all about diversifying the combination. Although two successive numbers might have a chance to appear, three or more consecutive numbers occur exceptionally rarely.  

Tricks to Winning the Lottery FAQ

Q: Is it better to play lotteries with lower or higher odds to win the jackpot?

A: New York Take 5 Lotto has the odds of 1:575,757, while US Powerball has jackpot odds of 1:292,201,338. While Take 5 offers better chances, its average grand prize is $60K, while you can win $40 million in Powerball. It is all about choosing which game type suits you better. 

Q: Can the time when you purchase the tickets affect your winning odds?

A: There is no proof for this because winning tickets are bought at different times. However, if you plan on purchasing ten tickets, it might be smart to buy two per day or at least a couple of them per hour. That could ensure a better ratio of success over failure.

Q: Is it Better to buy more tickets for a single draw or a single ticket or multiple draws?

A: It ultimately comes down to luck, but the math says it’s better to purchase multiple tickets for a single drawing session. You have better odds of winning if you are buying ten combinations for a single draw than if you participate in multiple sessions with a single ticket.

Final Thoughts – Is There a Trick to Win the Lottery?

Here is another reminder – there is no guaranteed way to win the lottery! 

You cannot trick the system and identify the winning combination. 

However, you can use mathematics and statistics to get an extra edge and improve your winning chances.

If you are a regular player, that might help you establish a profit, even if it’s small, when playing lottery games. Remember that winning lotto jackpots requires the Lady Luck to smile at you because lottery draws are random events!

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