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SuperEnalotto Results & Current Winning Numbers (01/10/2022 18:00 GMT​​)

If you are looking out for the latest and most genuine information about the current SuperEnalotto lottery results, you’ve landed at quite the right place. On this page, we are going to update you about the current winning numbers of the SuperEnalotto lottery, as well as the current jackpot amount. You might as well want to add it to your bookmark because the winning numbers do matter for the next draw. 

SuperEnalotto comes with an extensive jackpot amount and your chances of winning increases as it’s played three days a week, the next draw being on 04/10/2022 16:00 GMT​. We’d keep updating you with each week’s statistics about the winning numbers. So stay tuned and get started for the upcoming week. 

SuperEnalotto Current Winning Numbers 01/10/2022 18:00 GMT​​

The lucky numbers that turned out to be the winning numbers in SuperEnalotto last week are as under:

Italy - SuperEnalotto
01/10/2022 18:00 GMT
  • 3
  • 11
  • 14
  • 26
  • 67
  • 82
  • 75

The SuperEnalotto winning numbers depict a pattern. For example, some numbers are known for more frequent wins as compared to others. Again, there is a certain list of numbers that increases the probability of winning. So, you need to be wise while choosing your numbers.

The largest single-ticket jackpot to date is $248 millions. This was won by a team of 70 people, back in 2010. $205 millions is what another man won, single-handedly, during the latter half of 2009. If you are excited to become the next millionaire and win the lottery that’s worth € 282.4 Million​, it’s high time you collect your ticket today!

Why Go for Next Week’s SuperEnalotto Challenge?

There are ample reasons as to why people are crazy about the SuperEnalotto lottery. 

  • It is Italian’s best lottery that has attracted millions of players from across the globe. That means anyone, from any part of the world can play it, provided they are above the age of 18.
  • The glittery jackpot sum, which is € 282.4 Million​, is what attracts the audience. People are insane about making it to the top, and some have even made their dreams come true.
  • The 04/10/2022 16:00 GMT challenge is another opportunity for you to come one step closer to your dreams. Unlike other lotteries, it also has prizes for the runner ups as well.

All you need to do is simply put your mind to the next lottery ticket and hope that you land with those winning numbers of at 04/10/2022 16:00 GMT​.

Double Up Your Chances of Winning the Next SuperEnalotto Lottery

Out of several other lotteries, SuperEnalotto is the one that gives you a higher probability of winning. The chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 622.6 million. However, the additional prizes have a probability of as high as 1 in 327. The chances of winning increases when you play in a group as it makes it economical. Moreover, it increases the chances of the lottery falling in your bucket.

Looking Forward to the Next Draw

Pull out your luck for another turn of winning the largest lottery in Europe, and becoming that lucky person that you’ve been dreaming of. All you need to do is, head up to a local store and explore the endless possibilities these tickets can uphold. You may be the next SuperEnalotto lottery winner for the upcoming draw that’s scheduled on € 282.4 Million​.

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Next draw: 05/10/2022 01:00 GMT